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    Help figuring out what grips i use

    the best grip is the best grip that works for you. Where it goes wrong is when people try to use the wrong stroke with the wrong grip. As long as you are hitting up on the ball every time that BH should be just fine if it has always worked for you.
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    Need a string change, breaking too often, suggest good poly for hybrid

    poly will not feel as good after playing with it, but you may or may not really care all that much. I personally would love to have a new set of poly every hit, but its just not financially viable and so I end up leaving it far longer than I should. Kirshbaum poly stings last a good long while...
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    Lead tape customizing

    When i use lead i always put it right up against the grommet.
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    Which racquet is this? (video included)

    depends how picky they are.
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    Racquet specific string tensions

    what matters is the tension that the person wielding the racquet wants to play at. The number on the frame is merely what the company wants to print. If what you want to string at falls within the numbers on the frame, its fine. If it doesn't, its fine too.
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    The Kygrios Touch Drill

    DINK! yeah I like that game.
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    HS coaches how do you determine your doubles line-up ?

    careful with 4 games or round robins. odd numbers are better to discourage ties, and often round robin style play can lead to inconclusive results. They can take a long time as well.
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    Hybrid spin potential

    Poly mains with either gut or multis is not very spin friendly, contrary to belief. if you have gut and multi put the multi in the mains and the poly in the cross. Spin is good, but durability is pretty poor.
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    HS coaches how do you determine your doubles line-up ?

    That said I'm not a coach, but I have played hs varsity tennis, and helped assist a few coaches. Keeping it simple is by far the best solution I have seen, everything just runso and pans out better.
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    HS coaches how do you determine your doubles line-up ?

    One often important overlooked fact in doubles is communication and player knowledge. Let the boys pair off into teams. They will tend to pair off into teams that will work together well, play well, communicate well together. Following this create a basic pre-determined ladder and have the teams...
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    Which poly string holds the tension and elasticity best?

    4g is supposed to hold tension well. I have used it and I'm not really sure if it's the tension that stays well or if it's just that the string is so so stiff. probably a combination of the two really.
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    String recommendation for a filthy casual who plays intermittently?

    try natural gut. If you dont break strings it is a very cost effective setup since it stays playable pretty much until it breaks. decide if gut lasts long enough to warrent its higher cost. prince synthetic gut/duraflex is good. Cheap to. (1/8) the cost of many guts) the major cost of the will...
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    Good Multifilaments in Crosses With Luxilon ALU Power in Mains

    I have tried nrg2. Comfortable. But spin is not good.
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    NEW BURN???

    burn 95 is just a continuation of the tour line. Its not completely terrible because it has essentially been around for a long long time. The rest of the burn line though? not my cup of tea.
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    durable 15g poly

    4g s is pretty good in those frames.
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    Poly/Gut vs Gut/Poly

    same type of string, different brand. Try them both out.
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    Poly/Gut vs Gut/Poly

    Usually crosses saw mains but x1 is such a soft string that it could and probably is fraying.
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    How high do you "pat the dog" for FH

    Remember to keep contact in front.
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    Leaving my blade

    Dr 98 is excellent frane
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    Solinco Outlast

    Could have twisted at a grommet during stringing.
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    Wilson Poly Pro

    Nope, completely different strings.
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    What's the best CURRENT tweener?

    I think aero pro should be on, since you can still buy new, likely for a while still, and is arguably better than the pure aero as a base to customize from. its more versatile of a frame.
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    how tight should we hold the grip

    hard to quantify, if 10 was hardest i could possibly squeeze probably a 2,2,and 3 you really dont hold it hard as it begins to stress your arm, you let the grips tackiness hold the grip. I probably hold it about as hard as steering wheel during "spirited' driving
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    Volkl Cyclone 16g Stringing

    keep the string moving up and down when pulling to lessen friction.
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    Poly/Gut vs Gut/Poly

    breaks within a couple hours at most. seriously breaks fast
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    Best Practice for rotating 4 rackets?

    2x2 will give you more similarity out of the two racquets used at one time. if you like the playability of the racquet in general, Going to two new ones when the older two wear out should not be an issue. they might even feel "better" even if they are different.
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    Poly/Gut vs Gut/Poly

    gut crosses... the same thing can be achieved with a multi cross. Gut mains with poly cross is very nice though.
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    I need a 20 hour Poly!

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    I need a 20 hour Poly!

    most poly strings dont play as well when they are not fresh, i.e. past their few hour point, but at the same time most people don't have a consistent enough game that this cant be compensated somewhat. You feel it if you really pay attention, but you can still play decently. Top juniors are...