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    Queens Slowed Down?

    Here is a comment from Djokovic after his first round win at Queens. "I always look forward to playing on grass because we don't get many chances and it's much slower this year which suits my game," Djokovic said. If this is true I have lost all respect for the ATP.
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    Is this an error?

    Santoro is tied for first place on the Roland Garros website for fastest serve at 228km/h (141mph). How is this possible? I never thought of him as a big server. This just another error from the radar gun?
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    So I decided on what to do with my life

    I finally decided that after I graduate this month from college that I won't to go into tennis coaching full time for my life. I currently have a ptr assistant instructor which I got about 4 years ago but I have improved as a coach and a player since then. I am planning on living in the Boston...
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    Guy trys to cash cheque for $360billion

    21 year old aspiring record label owner, Charles Ray Fuller, was arrested last week after he tried to cash a check for the amount of $360 billion at a Forth Worth Bank. Suspicious of the check amount, the bank called the owner of the check. The check’s owner stated that Fuller was her...
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    What's your favorite surface?

    Video of pros discussing their favorite surfaces.
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    Grip Question

    I currently use a Semi-Western forehand and a 2-handed continental backhand. I hit my backhand pretty flat and want to adjust to an eastern backhand to aid in more top spin and make the grip changing within points easier. I notice that if I use the same grip for semi-western and then put my...
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    Strained Muscle

    So I was diagnosed by a trainer with a strained muscle in my shoulder. I am assuming it is the Deltoid as it is towards the front of my shoulder. If my palm is facing down I cannot move my arm up very high to the side if I keep it straight. It only really hurts on overheads and serving. Once...
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    Players getting away with to much?

    Throughout watching Wimbledon this year I was surprised to see so many players getting away with racket abuse and on court coaching. I saw lots of rackets being thrown to the ground and the umpire said nothing on the issue. Only in very few instances did a player receive a warning, usually...
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    Tips for kick serve

    Ok at the moment I have had trouble with learning the kick serve. I used to have it a couple years ago, lost it, got it back and lost it again. My problem is that I come round the ball a bit so I am using a combination of slice and topspin when all i want is topspin. My toss is behind my head...