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  1. M

    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    I'm 4 sessions (approx 8 hours) into my experiment with this string combo. Strung kevlar mains at 60 and Zyex crosses at 40 Lbs (in my Angell 95). Wow!!! Easy spin, with proper technique. Extreme control. Absolutely 0 discomfort. I can't recommend this combo highly enough. There were a few...
  2. D

    Switch from 17 to 18 gauge

    I'm going to try changing from 17 Volkl Cyclone strings to 18. Would you recommend that I add tension to compensate the the higher gauge? I have a pretty extreme western grip so I was thinking I could adjust with more spin, but maybe not. If you recommend I increase tension, what do you think...
  3. S

    verdict on wise tension head?

    looking to pick up the latest wise tension head to pair with my alpha revo. saw quite a few positive statements on these forums in the past 12 years or so regarding the Wise, but is there anything negative about this?
  4. T

    Crosses for Natural Gut (non-poly)?

    Looking for some recommendations for cross strings in a nat gut hybrid. Currently have VS 16 X Ghostwire 17 in my TF40. Love the way it plays and feels...until the poly starts to die. Still plays OK but feel and sound have definitely dropped off, along with a bit of control. Plenty of life...
  5. W

    Blank frames

    Is it possible somehow to buy blank frames? I mean a frame with no holes and no grommet to it. Then you add your holes, the way you want them and use Teflon tube for keeping the strings safe. This way you could customize your frame the best possible way. You could try combinations of...
  6. C

    New to stringing, using klippermate

    I just strung my second racket with the klippermate, so far so good! Just a few simple questions. The directions from klippermate recommend a double hitch for the mains, start of the crosses, and the final tie off. Is it appropriate to use this knot for all tie offs? What other knots are...
  7. Tennis sprew

    Best string experience you had?

    What are some strings you hit with that felt absolutely amazing? For me, it was VS touch and BBO in a hybrid, great power and good spin. Another string was RPM blast, but I haven’t tried it ever since lockdown. I’m hoping to try kirschbaum pro line evolution, volkl cyclone and tourna big hitter...
  8. Zaerop

    Why do none of the pros use kevlar?

    I don't understand why you never see it on the pro tour. Control and spin oriented strings have been becoming a trend for a while, and kevlar is great for both of these.
  9. U

    The "feel" of Zyex

    I have tried Ashaway Monogut ZX recently. First time out, full bed 60 lbs. I felt like it is uniquely crisp and resilient(powerful). 2nd time, i've tried as a cross with nylon mains. I gave good manual pre-stretching + 5% machine pre-stretching. initially it felt super crisp and underpowered...
  10. G

    New to Tennis

    Hi Im relatively new to tennis age 35 5ft8 but have a muscluar build. I have purchased 2 pure aero 2018 models and have had them strung with 1: rpm team at 53lbs 2: rpm blast at 55lbs Is this a good starting point should I have gone for a diff string? Currently play 2 times per week for...
  11. F

    Yonex VCore Pro 97 HD review...

    Yonex VCore Pro 97 HD Whoah, this is a pretty special racket Strung with Yonex poly tour pro 125 at mid tension Easiest for me to compare it to last years Vcore Pro 97 330g since I played with the 330 g all weekend. This is a special racket because it feels much much lighter than it really...
  12. B

    Pre-stretching poly strings

    Dear stringers community, as you know, I am looking to come back to stringing, or to continue my journey from where it stopped quite some years ago. with the increased availability of instructions, tips and tricks one can learn a lot. so, I wanted to check, whether you ladies and gentlemen are...
  13. The_Racketeer

    The Official Angell Users Club

    This is the place for all of us who have embraced the superb custom racquet experience that is Angell. Unlike every other "official members club" we don't all have the same racquet or specs, but that is exactly what makes Angell so great; custom tailored racquets to each of our needs. It seems...
  14. Radical Shot

    That sinking feeling when doing a ATW 1 piece job that you're running out of string....

    You know the feeling. Each cross that you pull is getting shorter and shorter. You start noticing it, yet remain cautiously optimistic. You cross again, and it's getting shorter...too short....something is not right. 3/4 of the way, you measure it out and accept the fact you're not going to...
  15. T

    Babolat Pure Aero Strings Breaking Quickly?

    So I moved from the old Pure Aero to the new one in January. If I didn't cut the string out on the old one, my two racquet rotation would last 3-4 months. Now, the same strings at the same tension are lasting about 3-4 weeks. In both racquets, I was putting RPM blast 16 gauge at 55 pounds.
  16. T

    Arm comfort: Stiff strings strung loose or flexible strings strung tight?

    Hi, Had a bit of a problem forming the subject line for this question. For "arm comfort", is it better to have stiff poly strings strung "loosely" (less than 23 kg/51 pounds) or to have flexible poly strings strung tightly (+ 24 kg/+53 pounds). I normally use Volkl Cyclone (1.25) at approx...
  17. graycrait

    Stiffest most durable syn gut?

    I don't care if I have to cut it out at the 2hr mark if it is cheap enough. But I don't want soft/deft/arm friendly in the description. I have a reel of Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 but it is too soft. I do have a reel of 15L Gosen Perform Tough and although durable enough/price it could be crisper...
  18. Doanasaur

    Wilson Six One. 95 (18x20) string setups

    Hi all! So i was just curious about the string setups that people use on their Six One. 95 18x20. Like do you have a favorite setup, spin-friendly setup, volley setup, or a HORRENDOUS setup you regret stringing and asking yourself, "why did i do that?" I currently use a 17G Lux ALU Power 50/...
  19. mxmx

    I hit very flat around my body...which is best: spin vs smooth strings?

    I mostly play with Wilson blade rackets strung with grey solinco strings at 55 and have a prince tour strung with solinco barb wire. I have used many strings in the past and used to be a string breaker. Either strings got better, I have lost power or I'm hitting cleaner but I do not break...
  20. J

    Tier One Sports

    I just got an email from tier one sports saying that I won a $50 gift card in the giveaway that was on their website. It's $50 off their string reels. Is it worth it to buy a reel of the string? It would be around $79
  21. E

    Speed options on electronic tension head

    Quick q - the pulling speed options on the electronic tension head, what speed do you use with which type of strings? Thanks.
  22. M

    Volkl C 10 Pro shoulder issues

    I have been using volkl C 10 Pro 358g 10 ptsH/L and have been noticing pain in the frontal part of the shoulder. Has anyone else had these issues. i am wonderingif the reason has to do with the weight of the frame or the SW or both may be too high.
  23. Izzy Gainsburg

    Crossfire ZX (Kevlar/Zyex) question about ESP setup, tension options, racquet options

    Hi all, I'm curious to hear about people's experiences using Crossfire ZX and what tensions to use (either in a traditional setup or an ESP differential setup) to avoid trampolining effect or too much power. For the past 18 months, I've been playing with the Crossfire ZX setup. First with a...
  24. nCode747

    Crazy Hybrids That Work

    What are unorthodox hybrid combo's which work well? Poly Main's and a totally different poly cross? Kevlar crosses with gut mains? Thanks
  25. J011yroger

    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    Swings like a feather, hits like a truck. Spin monster. J
  26. Tennis sprew

    Why don’t I like gut?

    I’m serious, I can’t find a reason why gut feels comfortable. It actually feels dampened. I use a gut hybrid with what may be the cause of my frustrations. It is hybrided with 4g, and one with BBO. At 51 in a gravity pro it feels still like, idk, stiff? It’s soft, but it doesn’t feel responsive...
  27. Alexar

    HEAD Ti.S5 Comfort Zone Custom Challenge

    HI! This message is for Troy & Chris and custom & polys experts at TW. I want to customize the Head TI.S5 Comf Zone in to a more control oriented monster. I was able to add weight at the grip and now the racket is HL (like 6pts HL). I bought Gamma lead tape (No TW tungsten tape were available)...
  28. D

    Durable Cross with Poly Mains?

    I use rough poly strings for the mains (Luxilon Big Banger Rough or Element), and typically a soft synthetic gut (Babolat Addiction 16) for the crosses. This results in the crosses fraying and breaking quickly, while the mains don't even have notches. Any suggestions on soft, feel oriented...
  29. H

    Very High Tension

    I have noticed certain pros use very high tension - of particular interest to me is Dustin Brown - pushing something like 70lbs with full poly. What is the advantage of this? I assume a pro rarely mishits, has perfect form so injury from tension is minimized. Perhaps for the control on volleys...
  30. nCode747

    Best Strings For A Hipster

    Hi, I like to use brands which are unknown to average club players. I played with Tour Bite and Hyper G before Solinco blew up and now everyone has Solinco in their frame. I hear Mayami is a good string which is unknown; might get reel. Any other good brand of strings that are great but fly...