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    McEnroes signature Nike line of clothing 85

    You are a total badass, beyond impressed. Thank you for jumping in on the chat and doing this work! Do Pete next! Then Roger!
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    McEnroes signature Nike line of clothing 85

    Abosultly, from 2000 onwards it was pretty bland. There were two seasons in a row (01 & 02) with the butter colored button down, yikes. Not much clothing from 99-05 really does much for me.
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    McEnroes signature Nike line of clothing 85

    This dude is cataloging all the annual clothing lines for Agassi starting in 1986 and the first few hears has overlap with the McEnroe/Checkered stuff. Seems to have all the different variations of the checkered shirts. Not sure if this guy is doing the art himself, but pretty cool...
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    Nike Turbo GP Information

    Had a chance to try on two pairs around my size to see what works best, 9.0 and 9.5. For reference I wear a 9.0 in Lunar Ballistecs and current VC4, and most Nike’s in the past years; during the original run of Vapor Tour 9s/9.5 I wore size 9.5; never owned the VX (I feel Nike’s sizes have...
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    Do you miss any shoes from the past?

    I just finished a project where I cataloged all my shoes I ever used or owned since I was about 9yrs old, mostly Nike Tennis shoes from late 80s until today, and for sure it made me miss/want all of them again. Mostly the late 90s->2005 era I miss the most, each season had a completely new...
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    How many pairs of the same shoes do you have ?

    Currently just have my LB 1.5 stockpile: Legend Grey/Black (USO 2017) x2 Team Red (US 2017) x2 (one is almost bare soled) Black/Green/Blue (USO 2016) White/Blue Lagoon (2015?) (almost bare soled) About to recycle the Red and Blue Lagoon. Need to start using the USO 2016 model before any glue...
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    Nike Turbo GP Information

    Agreed, its the full on circle shapes, bright colors, and the "paper-craft" look of the lace holders; all very Toy Story. BUT, I dig them and eager to try. I've been complaining about not having full zoom air for years.
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    Last shoes you "stocked up" on?

    At the time it was the most durable Nike with a 6-month guarantee. I usually get 5-6 months out of a part with playing 4 times a week. This model always worked better for me than Vapors and newer Cages, and never irritated my shin splints. Training in Vapors gave me pain; Cage 3 felt unstable...
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    Last shoes you "stocked up" on?

    Nike Lunar Ballistec 1.5, grabbed all the size 9s I could.
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    Nike Tennis Shoes with React Foam

    Nike does make Flyknit variations in more supportive upper styles. LeBron 15s came with "Flyknit Battle," similar knit breathability with more structure; the KD 10s had "zoned Flyknit," that had variations in the weave to provide lateral support. Both have since moved away form these materials...
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    Nike Tennis Shoes with React Foam

    The closest thing I can think of is the Nike Hyperdunk 2017. I tried it on and it definitely had the same cushion as the REACT style runners, but also supportive with the way they sculpted the mid and outsole. They didn't carry this through to the later years, when back to zoom. On the running...
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    Does Nike do re-issues of classic tennis shoes?

    It defining lacks a punch to it, looks like a midrange shoe they slapped hot lava on as on opportunity rather than a 'designed from ground up modern tribute.' But if they have some decent forefoot cushion it could be alright in a CB 4.3 way??
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    Uniqlo WTF 2019

    I got the blk/whi/blue Nishikori shorts and think they are great. Great fit and feel. I'm a big Nike fan but found their shorts can vary greatly in their horizontal width, a few of the more recent Nike I've purchase have felt very wide and ballooney than Nike shorts of say 5 years ago that were...
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    Shoes for Flat Feet/Shin splints

    I had a really bad bout of shin splits in 2016, had to do constant PT before and after I played for about 6 months to really get rid of it. Shoe wise, I found only one shoe that allows me to play 4-5 times a week and not feel anything: Nike Lunar Ballistec; doesn't help much as the shoe is...
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    Tiafoe's shoes Australian Open?

    Excuse me for possibly being a dummy, but what does GP mean in the NikeCourt world? For basketball there was the GP for Gary Payton shoes in the late 90s, but not sure if the GP name on a tennis shoe is supposed to link it to anything else Nike has put out? Just curious.
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    Woah, uh, what’s a air max vapor wing?

    Reminds me of McEnroe's custom V9s he used. He must like that classic feel of the basic sole.’s-shoes-ao18.608893/
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    New Tiafoe Nike Air Zoom Zero B/W colorway

    I hope so, but have 5 pairs of LBs to get through first!
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    2019 All TT Team - 4.5 Men

    Got the bump up to 5.0, not sure I'll make the TT 5.0 team next year o_O
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    Week 3 of Nationals is a big one - 18+ 4.0 and 4.5, 40+ 3.0 and 3.5

    Had fun, it was a long season starting in January, we had some rough match ups this weekend and lost a lot of 3rd set TBs. Personally, went 1-1 with one of my best friends and co-Captian; happy to get a win here and have the experience, (TX 4.5) Cheers and good luck to the guys playing Sunday!
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    Nike Air Zoom Cage 4 Release Date ?

    Agreed. I hated the rounded heel, it felt very unstable at all times. I have big hopes for the VaporThing.
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    FS: New Balance MC 996v3 Grey/Green Men's size 9 D condition 9/10 - $40 (free shipping)

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    New Nike kicks?

    I think Nike/Jordan should stop doing tennis collaborations, if I remember correctly that three high profile USO shoes and three relative flops: Sampras 1997 R4, Federer 2017 QF, Sloan R1. Stop the #jordancurse ! I still like all those shoes though.
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    Nike Fall 2019

    Bummer, thanks though!
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    Nike Fall 2019

    Is this Nike Court Logo T-shirt on the guy to the far left available retail or is it a PE? I can't seem to find it in the latest few seasons on TW, but maybe I missed it? (From Kei's Twitter)
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    Calling out the score

    Most 4.5 I play against consistently call the score, but seems like 5.0 and above almost consistently don't. Not sure why, but I also think they find it annoying and uncool to call it per point, then I enjoy asking before the points to interrupt their flow. (but not like mid-toss or anything...
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    No RG commemorative loot from Nike for Rafa?

    I had to get the Nike shirt from the first 9 RG wins and create my own shrine with the RG19 shoes :)
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    Federer: Nike shirts look like a truck drove over it

    Been thinking about this since it came out, and thing the best part of the "truck" comment is how many shirt in the last 3 years this applies. I was trying to figure it out which one specifically and each shirt of the ones posted was like, "yeah it could be that one..." From the AO17 multiple...