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    Wilson Ultra V3 TWU data

    TW Staff / Doctor: Will there be datas from the new Ultra V3 (100, 108) in the TWU in the Future?
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    TWE stock

    And many actual Rackets from various Brands like Yonex, Völkl, Prince are Not in stock.
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    Yonex VCORE series 2018

    Germany will get the Limited Edition in August/September! So I think other countries too.
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    Why did Chang fall off a cliff after 1997?

    It is simple: Changs playing style was overtaken by a more and more developing game. Happened to many other Top Players.
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    Becker world champion racket

    Photos and Tests but I can not upload Pictures here, ask TW why, i don't know.
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    Paint Cracks on Babolat Pure Drive Upper Hoop?

    The paint should always be more elastic than the frame. So no cracks in the paint without crack in the frame in most cases. Looks like the reason for that is false stringing.
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    Why doesn't Prince sell racquets through local tennis shops?

    In Europe you can get Prince in all Shops.
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    Becker world champion racket

    The Puma Problem was the PCS of the Super, the different Winner system was okay. Later many Pumas got the complete grip of the Adam rackets, G. Adam made rackets with an own brand in the early 90s which had an development of the PCS.
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    Becker world champion racket

    Yes, same grommets Puma Style as the World Champion Racket. But in his personal Racket all grommets are boozed like Puma. In the retail only the double holes.
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    And Corona for shure...
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    Think January 2021. Because there will be a Limited Edition of the actual Vcore later this year:
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    Yonex Astrel

    Its strange, same as TWE. It is available from Yonex distribution in the countries so in other shops already but TW does not know...
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    Becker world champion racket

    I had one of the personal frames in my hand many years ago, it had no silver painted markings, Barcode, etc. Only small writing Made in Austria by Head.
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    Wanted: Prince Speedport Black Port Insert

    Looking for new Prince Speedport Black Port Inserts in Red or Pink. The open ones for whole O3 effect.
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    Prince 50th anniversary re-releases

    Shame, was the best of the three. May be license issues with Chang name?
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    Novak's father to Dimitrov: He did great damage to the relationship between Croatia and Serbia

    Father Djokovic has mental problems, would be the best to lock him in a psychiatry.
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    Becker world champion racket

    Beckers personal frames did not have the silver painted pieces , that was only for the retail Version to imitate lead.
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    Prince 50th anniversary re-releases

    Brittany, anything about the Chang Graphite at TWE?
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    Worst Grand Slam Finals in history???

    Wimbledon 90 Navratilova - Garrison. That was Coffee Tennis.
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    Racquet lifespan?

    Weight does not matter for durability. Effektive is the construction and the right materials in the right place. A 800g Road frame can last longer than a 1200g for example.
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    Racquet lifespan?

    As I said.
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    Racquet lifespan?

    Thats wrong, by time there are more and more minicracks in the resin so the strength of the Material is reduced over time. I have good contacts to bicycle carbon frame development and production, this problem do have all carbon fibre products. The last years the resin technology has improved...
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    Greatest Rackets of All time?

    Roland Garros 90
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    Boris Becker: From Wunderkind To World No. 1

    One loss to Sergio Casal 1987. Was three times close to number one Ranking at the end of the the year. If he had won Stockholm 1989 but lost to Jan Gunnarsson. Second Chance was the Bercy final 90 with the surrending to Edberg. Last chance was winning the Masters 90 after Edbergs win over...
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    Anyone try Yonex Astrel 105?

    Played two years the Astrel 105, for me one of the most under radar Rackets today. Plays not like a typical recreational Racket. Its not stiff, very nice feeling at Impact and not to fast. And fantastic control. Also an ideal basis for additional weight. Reminds me at the SRQ 300/500. This was...
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    Mizuno Lendl

    Watch the Lendl McEnroe. Excellent Match!
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    Mizuno Lendl

    There is also Becker Lendl Tokyo 93, Lendl Harhuis Tokyo 93, Lendl McEnroe European Mixed Masters 93, Lendl Sampras Sidney and Australien Open 94.
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    Mizuno Lendl

    Look at Lendl 93 in YouTube.
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    Mizuno Lendl

    Lendl played so exceptional well with the Bosworth Fox in Tokyo and Saarbrücken 93 and in the beginning of 94. Heaven knows why he changed back to the old one for the rest of the year.
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    Mizuno Lendl

    German Tennismagazin issue 1/92