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    question about working out

    Ok, here's just a general question. I feel that early in the morning biking for 1.5-3 miles usually tends to wake me up, and I don't sweat even when trying my hardest. So, if I plan on doing a workout routine where every other day I at around 3:00 PM lift weights and then run, would it be...
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    Just putting this out there - heard from many people that this is actually the best, fastest, and most efficiently possible way to burn calories. Is this true? I mean it seems to make sense...
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    Improving Forehand Aim

    I've been searching for eons. But is there any specific muscle group, any specific exercise, and specific cross-training activity, and specific home workout that I can do to improve my forehand. This may sound like a simple question with a simple answer, but for some reason almost always...