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    Player Resemblances (pics)

    How to upload pictures If the image is on your computer... 1. Go to 2. Click "Browse..." and select the image. 3. Copy the link in to the left of "Thumbnail for forums (1)". If it's not there, use "Hotlink for forums (1)". 4. Paste the link in your post. If the...
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    Your Favorite Player ?

    I remember when you posted a link to your site a week or two ago. I was the first person to vote. :) Go Marat!!!
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    WTA under skirt question.

    They have a pocket on the inside.
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    explain your username

    I had no clue what to name myself, thus the boringest username in the TW Message Boards. I guess I just stuck with it. I think it might've been because I had just read McEnroe's book and he talks about how everyone at his school used to call him "The Tennis Guy."
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    Firefox Browser Users - Help

    I use Firefox and prefer it over Avant.
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    Most memorable match

    I agree with that.
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    What string does David Nalbandian use?

    Luxilon Big Banger Original at 64 lbs. This should be in the Pro Equipment forum.
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    Pros that string thier racquets?

    I heard that Tim Henman enjoys stinging racquets and often does.
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    Safin is my hero

    Yay Safin!!!
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    Suggestion to TW.

    I agree. Managing to enter the top ten, while fooling the ATP rankings into ranking him 11th is an incredible feat.
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    What is my rating

    A comparison chart is on page 7 of this doccument.
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    top spin

    you can get it at suprnova.
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    Is it just me or are these new Wilson ncodes horrible?

    That's why he's not talking about it.
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    Similar racquets as Prestige Classic with lower swingweight?
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    Similar racquets as Prestige Classic with lower swingweight?

    It's flex is like 60 anyways.
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    Roddick dumps Reebok?

    He should get a contract with UnderArmour. :D
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    Sampras the one who benefitted from weak field, not Federer

    Great post! I agree that Federer is better than Sampras. (If that's what you think.)
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    Low-Grade Encryption

    What browser do you use?
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    Overall rating 83 or more?

    You mean in TW reviews? The Estusa Power Beam Braided got 85:
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    Agassi actually using Head LM Radical!

    and it's not even funny
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    Hello Chris of TW - Can you help me out here?

    I remember that contest! Contender's a good name. :D
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    HEWITT vs RODDICK in the Semis!

    Even if it isn't on, Roddick's serve is deadly.
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    Roddick just broke Safin, and leads 4-2.
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    Guess That Racquet!

    The LM's stiffness is 61.
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    Carlos Moya Racquet Pics

    Please start a website with pics of all of the frames.
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    Favorite Video Gaming System?

    IMO, the PS@ has the best tennis game (Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2). I've played Top Spin, but Smash Court is much more realistic.
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    My votes for rackets to reissue.

    Definitely the Prestige Classic.
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    Laver on Federer

    Yep. Also see They really help prevent spam.