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    Some interesting facts and trivia

    1. The last two times Nadal and Kyrgios have met in majors, the scores have been identical, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, 7-6, for Nadal, at Wimbledon 19 and Australian 20. 2. Federer's record vs Top 10s over the previous three years: 2017---14-2, 2018---4-6, 2019---7-7. The 18-19 results, along with his...
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    What do you believe will be the final outcome...

    at this year's ATP Finals?
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    Federer at Shanghai 2018

    Here's your chance to impress everyone by accurately predicting how far Federer goes in this tournament. Based upon his disturbing defeats at Wimbledon and the US, I'm sadly of the opinion that he'll fall n the 3rd round to Canadian star and former world #3 Milos Raonic.
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    Big 4 majors Head-to-Head stats after US 2018

    Here are the current stats for matches at majors involving the Big 4 after 2018: Nadal: 25-10. Has lost his last three. Djokovic: 22-17. Has won his last 11 (Murray-5, Federer-4, Nadal-2). Last loss was to Nadal at French 2014. Federer: 14-19. Murray: 5-20. Has lost his last eight...
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    Which US Open outcome would you prefer?

    Which of the following US Open men's event outcomes would you most like to see happen?
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    Baseliners in 50s and 60s

    Would any of the members knowledgeable about tennis in the Gonzales-Rosewall-Laver era be able to identify any strong players who could be considered to be primarily baseliners during that time? Were there any who preferred to stay back on surfaces other than grass (I'm assuming everyone served...
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    Nadal and great 5-setters

    Nadal played in two epic 5-setters in three days, against Dimitrov and Federer. He also did that at the 2009 Australian, against Verdasco and Federer. Can anyone think of any other players who have done that? Ivanisevic at 2001 Wimbledon? Were those considered to be great matches?
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    US Open scheduling

    Can someone explain the logic behind the scheduling of matches at the US Open. Today, for example, there are some men playing their 2nd round matches whereas some women are already through to the 4th round. Earlier, there were men playing their first matches on Wednesday, while some women were...
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    Trivia Question

    Name the active male player who has suffered the fewest losses of sets by scores of 6-2 or worse at the majors (considering only those players who have played at least 60 matches at the majors). I'm not certain of the answer but I'd be very surprised if I'm wrong.
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    Quiz Time II

    Here are some tennis trivia questions to challenge you: 1. Who predicted that Boris Becker would win Wimbledon 85? 2. What is Paul-Henri Mathieu's unique claim to fame? 3. a) What is unique about Roger Federer's 2007 (going back to the beginning of the Open era, and probably earlier)...
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    Women's game prior to Chris Evert

    What was the women's game like prior to the period of Chris Evert's success? Did most women serve and volley?
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    Were there any great baseliners...

    ...prior to Borg and Connors, going back no farther than the 1950s?
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    Sampras-Federer Myth Part 2

    Those who say there is no debate are correct. The case is actually closed. In fact, even had PS and RF been tied at 14 majors, the honors, in my opinion, still go to RF for several reasons, the biggest of which is his amazing streak of QFs or better in majors. But the many PS advocates who...
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    The biggest myth in the ongoing Sampras-Federer debate....

    is that PS faced considerably better opposition during his reign than RF faced during his. The standard tactic of the PS advocate is to exaggerate the quality of PS's opponents and to minimize that of RF's, and to someone who hasn't done much research on the subject, it can be fairly...