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    FS: Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT Std.

    Hey Wassup Guys! I have a PDR GT for sale -Its only been used a few times -9/10 rating -comes strung with Gosen OG Micro -Looking for around: $110 I can send you links to the pictures :] Thanks!
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    People with Little Pressure

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    The Tsonga Serve

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    Taming the APDC

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    does head just have to lie?

    we all know that djokovic's racket is not even close to the Speed Pro... but this racket right here, is very similar. The weight might be a little heavier, but the string pattern, length, balance point, and swingweight are very...
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    Heavier Upgrade from Radical!

    I was wondering what rackets would be good heavy-weight upgrades for the Head Liquidmetal Radical Mid+? I personally don't like using lead customization and like stock rackets for the most part. Could anyone give me some suggestions? I would say heavy around 11.7-12.5 oz?
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    APD Leaded?

    I was wondering what thoughts you have on leading a APDC to the weight of a Pure Drive Roddick? The Stock weight of the APDC is 11.3 and the stock PDR is 11.7 Their stock balances are both 5 pts head light. Therefore, if i put the lead at the bottom of the hoop in order to maintain the...
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    Prince EXO3 Rebel 95

    Alright guys, what's the final verdict on this stick? I see bad reviews, good reviews, and mediocre reviews. I've demoed O3's many times so I kinda don't wanna demo it for a few reasons, but it looks great other then the damn holes. So hows the stick. 1. Does it play like a Midplus...
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    What Keeps Someone Set on a Racket?

    I've always thought about how some people can just play with a racket for over 2 to 3 years? I mean i haven't changed that much, but i'm wondering how does someone stop the thought of trying something newer? I don't ever blame my racket, but i definitely wonder if there are even better things...
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    Fear of Losing

    How does one just get over the fear of losing even against people you can probably beat? That's my problem. I play matches, but man i can never rid of the fear of losing, and i feel like my whole entire dignity is embarrassed if i lose to anyone. Confidence issue? Probably. How do you...
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    Ballistec 1.3 a Joke?

    Thank God I didn't listen to a bunch of posts about how much the Ballistecs suck. Cause they don't. And the black, green, and turquoise is so SICK! Since i've had them, every comment has been "those are fresh". Anyways. Onto actual "review of the shoe". Fit: 5/5 (For the narrow footed)...
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    Protein Supplements. Drink please!

    Hola! I need some help regarding protein intake for Pre/Post Work Out, and Before Bedtime. Recently i've been taking some Muscle Milk, that my bro says "It tastes great!" Quite frankly i was like "okay", and it does taste great, but now I want to know the science behind all this "protein"...
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    Groundstrokes and Serves

    Hola, I am here to present two videos of my mediocre self. Some info about myself? -I would say i probably play a mid 4.0 match with 3.5 strokes (an opinion highly self-imagined). Yes, i am coached. -Started playing around 2 and a half years ago; during my freshman year in high school...
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    Getting Rid of that Last Inch

    I was wondering what are the best tips for really getting that last i would presume 5-10 lbs. of fat? Recently, starting around September i've been lifting weights and other gym normal stuff, and of course the weekly hours upon hours of tennis. I'm overweight by the BMI standards, but uh i...
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    LM Rad MP----MG Prestige MP

    I was wondering, right now i've been really into my LM Rad MP slightly leaded up in the upper areas of the racket. I was wondering if the MG Prestige MP is much like the LM Rad MP except obviously heavier, more stable, and better feel? Or are these two rackets not in relation at all?
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    Woah? Amnesia?

    Two days ago, I played a match with the coach and lost 4-6. Anyways, around the last two games of the match, my forehand was a bit loose/tight, ultimately alternating between mildly suck to extremely suck. Anyways, yesterday i go out for a hit, and omygod. I feed my first ball with my forehand...
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    Big Ace Gauge Comparisons

    Can anyone help with a comparison between the 16 and 17 Gauges of Big Ace? I've been playing with the 17 for about more then half a year now, but i'd like to know how 16 plays out. :D
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    Broke a Racket!?

    Anyways I managed to slightly crack open my old Pure Storm that i bought for like 35 dollars. I leaded the thing to a good 11.7oz? With relatively small headlightness, and soft polyester strings. The thing is that after playing with this and my APDC for awhile, i've come to like this mores...
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    Solid Volley Strikes

    Alright I was wondering if some of you wonderful posters could give me some suggestions on a new racket. Im looking for: -Solid Mass to Not get pushed around -Solid Volleys -Great serves -Almost PS 85 feel but not a mid-size (although PS 85 is incomparable) Groundstroke-wise can be...
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    Way Behind

    I find that i play most comfortably a few feet behind the baseline, due to i feel more relaxed and less rushed. Is this a bad habit to continue? I mean i move my opponents around too, but i do alot of running because even a good shot loses its aggressive "mood" if the ball has to make a...
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    Reverse Forehand.

    I was wondering if anyone could help me develop the reverse forehand? I know i'm gonna get alot of "LOL NADAL FANBOY!". Well whatever. Anyways. Does anyone here have a good technique with it? The few things i've realized after watching a few videos and personal testing is that: 1) The...
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    Imitating Safin or Berdych?

    I was wondering if someone wanted to imitate big hitting players such as Safin or Berdych, or even Ivanesevic. Do you think you can only play like their style if you were just as tall as them? All three tower others in the 6'3-6'5 area. They each very flat strokes off both sides, and have...
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    Mac in a Movie

    Okay if any of you watched "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" Theres was this like "Hacky-Sack Mania" which is like the movie's racist gesture of a world cup-like sport in the Middle East. And basically Johnny Mac is in there complaining about people hating and blah blah blah, and how he...
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    Oh. Hai. It's a Serve.

    hello there. anyways these are some random serve videos i decided to film outside of my house. pretty much the first video is my old one from iono when, and then other two are the ones i just filmed today (very short). The first one was mis-filmed, but gives a nice zoom on knee-bend so you can...
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    Yonex Players with Shoes/Apparel Brands

    How come many great Yonex players don't have big-bucks Clothing/Shoe Brands signing them? I mean Nalbandian? This guy is amazing, one of the greatest ball-strikes of all time, and can single-handly eliminate the "Top 3 Gods" in two consecutive tournaments. And he signs with Yonex? Too Fat...
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    Adidas CC Ultimate Edge

    Has anyone tried these new shoes that Adidas just released? Spec wise is very light, and the description says it's for hardcourts. Look promising, has a nice design. Playing-wise, any good?
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    how to generate a 2hbh of heavy topspin

    i was wondering since im a little shabby on this two-handed back hand stuff, is how do i generate really HEAVY loopy topspin. I'm kind of tired of my flat driving backhand, when clearly my forehand is a westernized loopy shot, with lots of loopy topsin. But the problem is that i can't...
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    Head MG Rad Pro vs. MG Prestige Pro

    Can anyone compare and contrast these two new "Tour" Microgel series that Head has released? Are they similar? Spec-wise, only their head-size is differentiating, and weight is close. Does one have more spin? More Feel? More Control? More Power? More Forgiving? any thoughts would be...
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    Net "Competing"

    I was wondering if you guys have any tips for net playing. My volleys when i do drills/rallies do fine, i hit deep, and get good contact. But volleys are good, doesn't necessarily mean my net play in matches are good. I play alot of pushers, who short balls, and i usually follow that up...
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    POG Longbody

    are you guys expecting anymore new shipments especially new grip sizes?