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    Access to Slamtracker data

    Does anyone know if there is any way to get accesss to the Slamtracker data collected by IBM? I feel like there has to be some valuable insights that can be gained from manipulating that data.
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    String hole inserts for ESP rackets?

    Any chance that these are coming soon? The tour in particular is of interest.
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    Anyone near Disney Orlando want to hit?

    4.0 here all week. Respond and I will PM you my cell number.
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    Gut Mains

    Can you get 2 sets of mains out of a pack of gut? In a 16 by 20 racket?
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    Expensive but awesome, natural gut and rpm

    Someone at my club gifted me with one of the packs that contains VS mains and RPM crosses. I was really hoping I would hate it but I do not, it is awesome. Is there any way to replicate this feeling for cheaper?
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    Forest City Open

    If any of you guys are in or around Cleveland you should consider playing in the Forest City Open this weekend. It is a cool venue downtown, they have a bunch of divisions available and the guys who run it are really great. Registration closes tomorrow.
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    Ltec sample?

    Apparently TW decided that I want to try the ltec strings. I only do hybrids right now so I am going to toss them in a pair of exo3 tours and give them a whirl. Any recommendation on tension for the 5s in a hybrid with thunderblast? Right now I am doing Scorpion and blast at 48/52
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    Talent vs training

    This is a pretty good breakdown, if anyone is interested.
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    Central Ohio Grand Prix

    Has anyone played in any of these tournaments? What is the competition level like? I am considering playing a few this summer.
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    Short Hybrid Review Addiction and Scorpion

    I strung up my three ozone tours with Scorpion in the mains at 55 and Addiction in the crosses at 58. This is truly the best, longest lasting setup I have ever used. All three were put together 3 weeks ago one week before a 3.5 tournament. I practiced with one stick for the week leading up to...
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    USTA State tournament in Cleveland Ohio

    My club is hosting the tournament, anyone coming down?
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    A few groundstrokes in slow motion

    I am a 3.5 just to get that out of the way. I am competitive at that level. I play 4.0 also but generally get beat. The backhand is newly reworked( 3 months) the forehand I am working on using different follow throughs for different types of shots. My timing is off, I played on clay for 20 hours...
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    Disney Tennis July 24 - August 1st

    I will be in the Orlando Disney area during the aforementioned dates. I would love to play some tennis, anyone interested? timholt.holt(AT) we can figure out the specifics via email. REplace the (AT) with @ avoiding spambots.