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    There are currently no male Grand Slam winners under the age of 30

    I was born in 1991 and some ten years back I thought that by now there would be someone born in 1991 who would go on to win many grand slams (since Sampras and Federer were born in 1971 and 1981 respectively). As it turns out, no one born in the 90s has even won a grand slam. How did this happen?
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    Why hasn't Nishikori qualified for the WTF?

    According to he's ranked above Cilic in the race. But Cilic has qualified but Nishikori hasn't. Why is this so?
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    What is this ball boy for?

    I'm just curious... Was watching the replay of Federer v Granollers and this ballboy caught my attention You can see him sitting next to the umpire, and he's holding this black cylinder tube like thingy, and he turns it towards the side of the...
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    Paint or structural crack?

    I just got a pair of Biomimetic 200s from TW and there seems to be this small little blemish on one of them: Is this a sign of a paint crack, or is it a structural crack? I live in Asia so I was hoping it's just a paint crack so I won't need to send it back (though it's kind of a downer...
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    Replacing BLX 6.1 95 buttcap?

    Hi, I was wondering if this was possible? I accidentally dropped my racquet while serving today, though thankfully it didn't crack, it seemed to sustain some scratches in the buttcap area. Now whenever I grip near the end of my racquet it feels kinda rough and I would like to replace the...
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    Wow what a historic year

    Finally four different men to hold the four different majors. And all of them held the respective majors that they won their first Grand Slam in. Djokovic--2008 AO 2012 AO Nadal--2005 FO 2012 FO Federer--2003 W 2012 W Murray--2012 USO 2012 USO It's like completing a full circle!
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    Is Federer naturally blond?

    I'm just curious, because his twins are blonde, his sister apparently has blonde hair... and in his younger days he had blond hair.
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    The biggest mystery about the Murray game

    He hits serves faster than Roger Federer, in the high 120 range and 130 range sometimes. Yet his other aspects of his game, especially his groundstrokes was clearly much slower than Federer's (who isn't that fast by any means), but somehow he still manages to hang in there. So, clearly he...
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    Six.One 95 grommets?

    Hi, is TT planning to restock grommets for the non-ProStaff Six.One 95 16x18 grommets? It's been unlisted for a few weeks now :(
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    Will Federer breadstick his son today?

    Just an interesting observation... First round: 3 breadsticks Second round: 1 breadstick Third round: 1 breadstick Fourth round: 1 breadstick QF: 1 breadstick Arrogant Federer has handed out 7 breadsticks so far in 5 matches. Will his breadstick streak continue today, win or lose? Will...
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    Nadal the NCYGS stopper?

    He's done it three times, in 2006, 2007 and now 2012...
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    Asian blx six one 95 bumper guard?

    Any idea if the US version of the grommets as sold here will fit on my Asian version? Was told the drill pattern was the same but the diameter of the grommet would be too big to fit the grommet holes? Is this true or the US grommets should fit just fine? Thank you.
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    Grommet diameter too big?

    Hi all, I have a blx six one 95 Asian and am looking for replacement grommets for the racquet. I was told that the normal blx six one 95 grommets have the same spacing but because they have a slightly larger diameter they won't fit. I thought I would give it a try anyway, but before I order...
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    Has any grand slam crowned two career slam winners at once?

    As above. If Djokovic could do it tomorrow...
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    Re-molding a bumper guard?

    Okay, so I dug my racquet accidentally on a ball on a clay court, causing clay bits to enter my racquet (plus numerous scratches :() and now about 5 inches of my bumper guard doesn't sit flush with my racquet. As you can see above, there is a visible gap running about 5 inches long in the...
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    Fugly strokes?

    Over the past month I felt as if I achieved a breakthrough. I was hitting with power and consistency (plus accuracy) on my forehand, I'm trying to lag my hitting arm on the serve, etc etc. Basically, I became more hardworking with my footwork and split steps and it paid off. When I played, I...
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    Getting a grommet guard back into shape?

    While playing on clay today, I accidentally dug a little too deep and as a result my racquet ate into the clay a little. Thankfully, all I had was one or two paint chips, but some clay did go inside the grommet guard. I managed to take the clay out, but now one part of the grommet guard is a...
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    Are paint cracks normal on the BLX 95?

    Hi, I have a BLX 95 which I bought last year. While inspecting the racquet today, I found two tiny hairline cracks at the bottom of the throat, where the Y narrows down to the handle. It's on the outer edge to the middle, about 1cm long at most; there's one on each outer edge of the...
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    What shoe to wear on clay courts?

    Okay, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right forum... But this weekend I'll be playing on clay courts for the first time. In my country, there's only one such facility so in the four years I've been playing tennis, it has always only been on HCs... So my question is, I have a Nike CB 2.1...
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    Lost confidence all of a sudden?

    Well, at the start of the month, somehow I started being able to hit almost every single ball at the sweetspot and hard, sometimes hitting the corners at will. Even when I miss, it's usually by a bit. Sure, there are the occasional homeruns but I never lost my cool. This continued over the...
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    Why is the French Open so late this year?

    It seems that the French Open this year is one week later than usual? Usually Nadal celebrates his birthday during the course of the FO itself but not this year. Any idea why?
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    If Federer is God and Djokovic is the Son of God

    Does this mean Djokovic is Federer's son?
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    Barricade 6 durability?

    Well, I live in Singapore and the Addias factory outlet here is selling them for S$97 (1USD=~1.25SGD). I thought it was a great deal but I am wondering whether is this shoe much more durable than the Courtballistec series? I am currently wearing the Courtballistec 2.1 which sells for S$70 if...
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    BLX 6.1 95 Asian vs Prostaff BLX 95

    Hi guys, I currently have a BLX 6.1 95 Asian version, which is 10.9oz unstrung, 9pts HL with a 16x18 pattern. I'm now looking for a second racquet, and am unsure whether to stick with the asian BLX 95 or try the Prostaff BLX 95. Initially, (before it came out) I leaned towards the latter, but...
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    Graphite crack or paint crack?

    Hi all, just discovered a few 'cracks' on my BLX 6.1 95 today. It's about eight months old already. The first one was this: The second one was also similar, just that it went horizontally near the PWS. My curiosity was piqued and I decided to scrape the paint open, resulting in this...
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    Hairline crack on Prokennex Ki5

    Well, I found a hairline crack on each side of my Ki5's throat, and am wondering if it's any cause for concern... I first noticed it when I broke my latest set of strings. I managed to re-string it without any problems though, although when hitting now sometimes I feel the racquet bend...
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    Buzzing sound in strings BLX 95

    Hi guys, Just purchased an Asian BLX 95 earlier this week. Haven't got the chance to hit with it yet, except for bouncing some balls in my room. However, I noticed that whenever I bounce balls with it, I hear the string area vibrating. It has a metallic kinda sound, sounds something...
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    Tennis serve for someone with a herniated disc?

    I have a herniated disc at L5/S1, according to my doctor it is still at an 'early' stage. I can play tennis normally except for some occassional pain shooting down my legs, which is rather bearable. However, serving is another issue. I tried playing a one set match with my friend, and for...
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    Slicing high balls?

    I often have no problem slicing balls that are low or within my strike zone, but I am unable to slice properly balls that are at shoulder height. It's not that the ball doesn't land in, but it often becomes an unintentional lob. How do I slice high balls while trying to keep them low?
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    Losing strength?

    Previously I was studying for a major exam and I abstained from tennis for about two months. When I returned however I find that my performance would fall after like ten to twenty minutes of hitting. The problem is that I feel weaker now when wielding my racquet after a while and can feel...