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    FS: 2x Head Graphene 360 Speed MP Lite & 2x Angell TC95 18x20 V1

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Angell TC95 18x20 27.75 V1 Grip Size / Size: 1 (4 1/8) Feels more like a 4 1/4 Quantity:2 Head Size (if a racquet): 95 Condition (x out of 10): 7.5 *Specific Time Used: 4 months *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): scuffs on head guard and...
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    Difference between TFight 305 XTC vs TF40 305

    Question is for Troy, Chris and Julie, What is the difference between these two racquets? Worried about the random off day that happens in tennis as well which would be a little more forgiving. Thank you, Paul
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    Tecnifibre TF40 305 vs Blade v7 18x20 vs Pure Strike 18x20

    Hi, This question is for Troy. We would love to hear from his input as we just asked for these three demos. Thank you
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    Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Tour

    Hi TW, I was wondering if you guys have any play like recommendations for the Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Tour. I know its not releasing until the end of the month but we were trying to find someone close to it to demo. Thank you
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    Gravity Tour Vs Prestige Tour

    Question is for Troy. My son is between two different rackets heading into next season of tennis. He's between both these two rackets and we have heard some horrible stories of the Gravity tour coming overweight, no where near its specs. What are thoughts about both these rackets?
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    Head Radical 360+ Release Date?

    Does anyone know when the release date is for the Head Radical 360+? Trying to find specs of the 360+ normally we would see leaks by now.
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    Poly Strings going dead a little faster when strung lower

    I was looking for a little input on this as I noticed this when I string my son's racket at 40/38 lbs, he kills his strings in 6 to 8 hours compared to stringing it at 45/42 lbs which lasts about 12 to 14 hours. Its almost double the time, has anyone come across this?
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    Head Hawk Touch 17 vs Volkl V-Square

    Hi TW, My son is currently using Hawk Touch and a friend was suggesting he try Volkl V-Square. He was wondering how do these two compare on feel and power? Thank you
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    Head Lynx Tour

    Has anyone play tested this yet and know how it plays like? We received two sets but haven't had the chance yet since my son has had tournaments lined up and doesn't want to mess with his setup until after.
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    Aftermarket Insoles

    My daughter has been complaining about foot pain lately from practice and matches. She wears tennis socks but I'm guessing it's the insoles in her shoes. Do you have any recommendations for her she has pretty flat feet (low arch)? Thank you
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    Head Lynx Edge Stiffness?

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me what is the most comparable string to Head Lynx Edge? I have been thinking of trying it but wanted to know how stiff it was and its not on the string comparison tool so I can't check. Any help would be grateful. Thank you
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    Yonex Junior Sponsorship

    Could anyone please give me the contact information of the Yonex marketing team responsible for giving racquet/string sponsorships to US junior players?
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    VCore Grommets vs VCore Pro Grommets

    Hi TW, I was wondering if the VCore Grommets fit in the VCore Pro and vice versa. Thank you
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    Vcore and Vcore Pro Grommets

    Hi Everyone, I was wonder will Vcore grommets work on the VCore Pro?
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    For Troy, adding weight

    Hi Troy, I wanted to add weight to the grip of the racquet. Would I just pop the cap off and add weight in there or put lead tape under the grip? Trying to make the racquet a little head light in the process. Thank you
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    Question for Troy. Prince Textreme Tour 100P vs Phantom Pro 100 18x20

    Hi Troy, I'm kind of stuck between the two right now and have demoed both of them. I feel like the Tour gives me a little more power while the Phantom has been giving me that classic feel and a little more control. What is your experience if you had to compare the two?
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    Static Weight VS Swing Weight for a junior

    Hello TW, This came up recently with my son as he is currently using a Yonex VCore 98 (285g) with a leather grip putting its static weight roughly 11 oz. His favorite racquet was the Head Graphene Speed Pro but our local pros say it is too heavy for him since its weight is 11.6 oz. He is...
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    Question about Hybrid Setup

    Hello, I'm curious on hybrid setups. Why would you string your mains tighter than your crosses or even the other way around? Say your mains are a gut or multifiliment and your crosses are poly. Thank you
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    FS: Babolat Pure Strike 98 16x19

    Grip Size/size: 4 1/4 Quantity: 1 Head size: 98 sq in Condition: 9/10 Gen Description: No paint chips only minor scuffing. Email me for pictures Price: $130 Shipping: Free within Continental USA Seller contact info:
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    Comfortable Shoes

    Hi, My son has complained about his feet hurting after being on the court past an hour. I'm looking for a more comfortable shoe for him. He's only 9 and I don't want it to prolong the pain. Shoes he has tried are the following: Nike Cage Babalot Propulse Adidas Barricade Thank you
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    What is the string life 4G Soft 16L

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the average string life of 4G Soft 16L. I currently string it in a hybrid with syn gut at 55 lbs. Normally with other polys I could hit for about 20 hours before the poly becomes unplayable. I'm about 44 hours in now with 4G soft and the strings are not moving...
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    Hybrid Partner Suggestions for 4G rough

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out a good hybrid setup with 4G rough. I'm to maximize the string playability life so I'm not sure if Synthetic Gut or Multifiliment would be better. I know Natural Gut would be best but it's out of my price range.
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    Transitioning from Junior to Adult Racket

    Hello TW, My son is transitioning from a junior racket to an adult racket. He has been swinging with a junior pro staff. His cousin is lending him a 97L Pro Staff for the past 2 weeks but is finding lack of power in it. He's looking for more free power. He can easily swing up to 11.2 oz...
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    Durability Tennis Shoes

    Hi TW, I'm looking for junior tennis shoes for my 10 year old son more on the durable side. He's gone through two pairs of shoes in the four months. What would you recommend?
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    Need Help picking Extended Length Rackets

    Hi TW Forum, I need help picking extended length racket for my daughter. She is a 2H user on both sides, she likes to model her game after Seles. She is currently using the newer Yonex Ezone DR 98+ but she liked the regular Aero as she said it provides more plow through. She does understand...
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    Traveling with Rackets

    We were planning to travel to Nashville then to Florida in August. Can anyone give me advice on traveling with rackets? I have never done it before.
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    What hits like Luxilon ALU Power 125/16L

    Hello, Recently my daughter took my Pro Staff with Luxilon strung up at 59 lbs and my Pure Strike also strung up with Luxilon ALU Power 125/16L. She was finding more depth/power/accuracy per stroke. The string is a little too expensive for us so I'm wondering if there is another string we can...
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    What hits like Luxilon ALU Power 125/16L

    Hello, Recently my daughter took my Pro Staff with Luxilon strung up at 59 lbs and my Pure Strike also strung up with Luxilon ALU Power 125/16L. She was finding more depth/power/accuracy per stroke. The string is a little too expensive for us so I'm wondering if there is another string we can...