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    Marcelo Rios vs Tim Henman , SF Lipton 98

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    At what time the final is ???

    I readed that gentlemans Wimbledon final its on Saturday. Somebody knows , at what time is ??? Thanks
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    June 24 2008. Sampras v/s Rios in Chile

    June 24 at 21:30 they will play the exhibition match. I will upload the higlights and post some pictures in this thread :)
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    Bjorg - Vilas Roland Garros Final 1978 VIDEO !!!!!!!

    Click on picture Saludos. :cool:
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    Does Gonzalez has any chance with Federer ?

    How do you see this match ????????? :confused:
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    Pete Sampras got injured

    %$#%#$%#$^%$%^ ,,,, he wont play this weekend versus Marcelo Rios ,,, may be the match will be in June ,, I dont know , we just have to wait for him , but I was ready to go to see him this weekend :(:(:(
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    Marcelo Rios starts his training thinking in Sampras

    Marcelo Rios was training hard this morning (February 28 ) , for the match versus Pete Sampras in Chile (May 18 ). Pobre gringuito va a perder
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    Massu is Back

    He Beat Carlos Moya 6-4 6-2 in Acapulco. Massu has been losing all his matches in the last year ,, i Hope this victory could help him to play well again :)
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    Fantasias 2

    Fantasias 2 "Thats one of the best touch have seen in your carreer" La segunda parte del primer y más popular video del maestro en Internet Disfruten Click aca para descargar Click aca para ver mientras descarga...
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    360 FREAK SHOT - GOD RIOS (Video)

    Enjoy it Click in the picture to download in youtube
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    Marcelo Rios - Michael Chang USOPEN 1997

    Marcelo Rios v/ Michael Chang USOPEN 1997 More than 65.000 views in youtube. Anyway I post it here in case that someone doesnt have this match. Saludos Partidazo a 5 set en los Cuartos de Final US OPEN 1997. Michael Chang era 2 del mundo favorito y local y se enfrento al otro...
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    Marcelo Rios destrozando a Jim Courier

    pobre gringuito el chino rios lo saco de paseo :twisted: click aca para descargar click aca para ver mientras descarga
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    Amazing Gonzalez

    Thank you Fernando ,, you play an amazing tennis today ,, amazing backhand and a huge heart to fight all the match Thank you Gonzalez ,,, the Australian Open should had been yours ,, doesnt matter , Shanghai will be yours CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE VIVA CHILE...
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    John McEnroe v/s Marcelo Rios , Portugal 2006

    While the Master Rios was stealing some money on the senior tour , he also had fun and interesting things results from that. Like this match betwen 2 leftys and carismatic players. The 17 years of difference did not allow us to see a real competitive match, but a lot of great points results from...
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    Marcelo Rios oficial Index "Enjoy it"
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    Rios - Agassi Stgo 2007 (Highlights Video)

    Enjoy it on picture to download
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    Rod Laver v/s Bjorn Borg (VIDEO)

    Dallas World Championship Tennis 1977 Rod Laver v/s Bjorn Borg click on picture (special thanks to the best latin forum video in the web)
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    Marcelo Rios - Andre Agassi (Miami 2002)

    Semifinals en Miami 2002. Rios ranking "38" v/s Agassi "8". Rios played absolutelly lame and got medical atentios 6 times on first set. But he show his magic tennis anyway CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM RAPIDSHARE THE FIRST SET 6 minutes y 30 seconds and 90 megas. PD 2: in...
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    i want to play in 4.0 , how can i do it ?

    Hi : Im living here in Usa in Reno NV, since a year. I have been playing tennis and i think that im a 4.0. I want to play tournaments this year , and a dude recommend me that i have to subscribe in , but i can not find the right link to do it help me please ;)
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    Sampras Flying

    Sampras Flying Double Sampras Flying
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    Rios - Chela

    very high quality, nice points click on picture
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    Vilas - Connors USOPEN Final 1977

    Highlights of the fourth set that VIlas beat Connors 6-0 and achieved the Championship (High Quality) Click on picture
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    Is hard court more technical than other surfaces ?

    Just forget about players with powerful services and volley and think in amateur players. Im from Chile, there we play just in clay , and now im living in Reno and i have been playing just in hard surface. I think that play in hard surface is more technical , because is faster and you can...
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    Chela - Davidenko

    Do you think that the record 6-0 that Chela has over Davidenko will be important for the Copa Davis match on friday ????????
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    Boris Becker begging a game to Marcelo Rios (Video)

    Please Marcelo , one game , is my home just one minute video
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    Rios - Chang "Full Edition Video"

    Marcelo Rios v/ Michael Chang Partidazo a 5 set en los Cuartos de Final US OPEN 1997. Michael Chang era 2 del mundo favorito y local y se enfrento al otro Chino, al chileno que era 10 del mundo en ese entonces. Partido muy parejo que se definio a favor de Chang con un quiebre a finales...
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    Vilas - Connors Final USOPEN 1977

    The best moment for the 4th set, which Vilas defeat Connors 6-0 and become the first and unique lathinamerican to win the USOPEN Click on picture
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    Roger record

    Sorry for this question ,, i know that you have been talking about this in other post But What have to win Roger to get all the records in tennis ,,, i mean Grand Slams and Master Series and different kind of records regards
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    Rios-chang II

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    help to see fed-nadal in Pacific Zome

    Hi ,,, I live in Reno ,, I have Charter comunications ,,, Tennis Channel , Espn, Espn2 , Espn news ,,,, but i have not seen any match of shanghai What channel is showin the matches ,,, at waht times played the semifinal on saturday,,, i allready saw the info in the web page , but was not...