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    Ivo Karlovic

    I was looking at the ATP's MatchFacts and I realized that Karlovic is averaging over 21 aces per match. That's over 5 aces per match more the the second highest. (Johansson with 15.76.) I've never seen him play, but 21 aces a match sounds amazing.
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    X-One Biphase vs. SuperNatural Phenom (Closer to gut)

    These are the two strings that I have heard are closest to gut. (I didn't include SuperNatural Pro Stock because it costs more than some gut.) For those who have tried both, which in your opinion is closer to gut. Also, I heard that Phenom is getting reformulated or something. Could someone...
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    Klip Contender

    Did you ever get Klip Contender natural gut? I remember the naming contest, but I have never seen it.
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    Roddick's Serve Breakdown

    I was wondering if anyone has seen this site: I don't know how good it is (I didn't read it all), but I thought it was interesting.
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    Leather Grips

    I just tried a leather grip and love it! Which leather grip is better (in your opinion). I have heard Babolat and Volkl are the best. What is the contour like on Volkl? In the description, I says it has a contour, and I usually don't like contours on my grips. If you say other, please...
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    Priority One Article

    Could I have a link to your article about Priorty One. I thought it was interesting, but I can't find it. You should put it in your learning center.
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    CAP Grommets

    Are the LM Prestige grommets you sell the CAP grommets that come on it, or are they different.
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    Hybrid Advice

    I am planning on doing a hybrid with natural gut mains and synthetic crosses. I don't break strings that often, so the strings can be pretty thin. For natural gut I am considering: BDE Performance 17, Babolat Tonic+ Ball Feel, and Klip Legend 17. I haven't decided if my budget is going to be...
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    Head Prestiges

    Does anyone have the specs of Head's old Prestige racquets. Also, how do they compare. The ones I have heard of are: Prestige Classic 600, Classic Tour 600, Prestige Tour 600, Prestige 600, and Premier Tour 600 (not really a Prestige). Basically, I would just like to know more about them (and...
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    Private Messenging

    Why is private messenging disabled?
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    Leather Replacement Grips

    Will you be getting anymore leather replacement grips? (Especially Fairway) Also, why don't Volkl leather grips show up on your Volkl replacement grip page, even though you have them in stock. (
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    Slazenger Viking

    Has anyone heard of this racquet? I have a friend who bought one at an antique shop for $3. It is the first wood racquet I have hit with, and it feels really nice. I would like to know more about it.
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    Kevlar and Fiberglass

    Both these materials are used in many classic racquets. I was wondering exactly how they (and other materials) affect the racquets and how they compare.
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    BDE vs. Bow

    How to the two BDE natural guts (Rally and Performance) compare with Bow Brand Natural Gut?
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    Racquet Review Format

    I was reading the review for the Babolat Pure Drive Zylon 360, and was wondering why you didn't stick with that format. I think it is interesting and maybe better than the current format.
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    Gamma Live Wire vs. TNT

    I was wondering how Gamma's Live Wires compare to their TNT. I am currently using Gamma Live Wire XP, but hear that alot of people like TNT. Could someone compare them and give their opinion on what is better. (More gut-like.)
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    Best Tennis Periodical

    What in your opinion is the best tennis magazine. It can be about anything. (I just put it here, because the majority are about pros.)
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    Can you lower swingweight?

    I hear people talking about lowering swingweight, but don't see how it is possible. Could someone explain to me how it is possible and how to do it.
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    Connection Problem

    I recently got the following error and couldn't acess the message boards. It lasted about 15 minutes. Warning: mysql_connect(): Too many connections in /Library/WebServer/Documents/tw_talk/db/mysql4.php on line 48 Warning: mysql_error(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource...
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    Why are these pages on your website? I assume they are from your racquetball website, because of the racquet. I am just curious as to why they are on the tennis website, and who those people are. (Pro racquetballers?)
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    Monfils Is Out

    Gael Monfils failed his quest for the junior Grand Slam, losing in the third round to Viktor Troicki.
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    How much does weight matter...

    compared to swingweight. I mean if you are looking at racquets, why do you need to look at weight, when you can look at swingweight?
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    TW sold me old string?

    I ordered two packs of Bow Brand Natural Gut from TW about a week ago. Yesterday I brought it in to get my racquet strung. Today, I got a call from my stringer and he said, that he was almost done stringing, when the string snapped. He said the string was old (he said it looked two years old)...
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    TW Stringing Instructions

    I am curious as to where you get your stringing instructions.
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    Pro Overgrip vs. Super Grap

    Which do you prefer? Please vote only if you have tried both. Also, which would you like better if durability wasn't a problem. (The poll includes durability, though.)
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    Bow Pronounciation

    How do you pronounce "Bow" in Bow Brand Natural Gut. Is it "b" as in what archers use to shoot arrows, or "bou" as in to bend over.
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    Best Racquet For My Brother/Head i.Extreme

    My 11-year old brother wants a new racquet. He has only been playing for a year. He is probably a 2.5-3.0 (I have no clue. Probably 2.5.) and is pretty good for how long he has played. Right now he is using a Head i.S2 that he got really cheap prestrung. He is very fast around the court and is...
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    Natural Gut

    I am planning on getting Bow natural gut. I am wondering if it is worth it, because I heard you are supposed to take care of it. (Wipe it off, oil it, etc.) I don't think I want to do any of those things, but I don't think I will break it too quickly. BTW, what are some things I can do to...
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    PC600 Grommets

    I have a Head Prestige Classic 600 and I was wondering if there is anywhere I can get grommets for it. Would LM Prestige Mid grommets work? Thanks.
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    Gonzalez-Dent (Bronze Medal Match)

    This match is pretty good. Dent leads 4-6, 6-2, 11-10.