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    FS: Wilson Prostaff 85 4 5/8

    Ya'll slept. SOLD
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    FS: Wilson Prostaff 85 4 5/8

    no more ps85 lovers?
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    FS: Wilson Prostaff 85 4 5/8

    still no reply??
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    Head youtek prestige HELP!

    I've been looking at other rackets that are similar to the Head Youtek Prestige pro and I came found a few. So would any other following racket grommets fit my Head youtek prestige pro? Dunlop Aerogel 4D 3Hundred Volkl Power Bridge 9
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    Head youtek prestige HELP!

    prestige pro has a 98 head
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    FS: Wilson Prostaff 85 4 5/8

    Here is a video of the racket. Just e-mail me if you need additional pics
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    Head youtek prestige HELP!

    Hey TT, it's been a while since i've been on here. Got a quick question for ya'll. I currently use the Head Youtek Prestige Pro and i was wondering if I can switch the grommet out and replace it with the Head youtek Speed Pro grommet? Any reply is appreciated. Thanks
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    FS: Wilson Prostaff 85 4 5/8

    I guess nobody wants the PS85. Price lowered 150 SHIPPED
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    FS: Wilson Prostaff 85 4 5/8

    Where everybody at? Alright people's Throw me some offers! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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    FS: Wilson Prostaff 85 4 5/8

    Hello Tennis people. I got me a Wilson PS85 grip size 4 5/8 China edition Condition: 8.5-9/10, original leather, new grommet 175 shipped or BEST OFFER I got pictures, shoot me an message e-mail:
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    have: mini reel of topspin cyber red 17G reel of eagnas perfect spin 16G reel of gosen micro 16G and 2x sets of 17G reel of topspin concept pure 17G 2-3 sets of psgd 16G and 17G 5x 1/2 sets of fxp power 17G Want: Topspin concept pure 17G email-
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    WANTED: Head Youtek Prestige Pro 4 3/8

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    WANTED: Head Youtek Prestige Pro 4 3/8

    still looking for this racket. Not really looking for new rackets preferably 7-9/10
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    WANTED: Head Youtek Prestige Pro 4 3/8

    The title says it all get at me
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    What's New TT?

    Hey guys, been MIA for a while now. Any new strings out there that are worth giving a try? Before I went MIA, I remember that genesis were the newest strings out which was a while back. Also, I know that Topspin has some new strings out. Anybody that uses them compare them to Topspin cyber...
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    FS: YT Prestige Pro

    email me please
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    kblade tour VS YT prestige pro VS MG prestige pro

    i currently use kblade tour and am looking to switch to head rackets. Can anybody compare the following rackets from each other?
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    New Poly wanted

    topspin concept pure, a little bit softer than the cyberflash, but not too soft like big ace, idk concept pure has its own type of crisp. i've been using it since it 1st came and i tried using other strings and for some reason i cannot switch to any other string anymore.
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    new babolat string

    is that 23 euros?? whoaa
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    soft poly strings

    topspin cyber RED is REALLY SOFT
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    Any thoughts on Pro Supex Blue Gear ?

    used to play w/ this for a while and it started giving my elbow problems, so i quit using them, but i had a good 2-3 months w/ it, veryy good spinn
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    best strings

    topspin concept pure 17G best strings i've used so far
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    Polystar Energy 1.25 review

    sounds a lot like topspin concept pure, you should give that a try.
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    Control Strings?

    stiffer strings will give you more control and man that's a lot of lead tape, how about an inch at those places? 2.5 inches can result to uncontrollable power?
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    Full bed- one piece or two piece job?

    i always string 2 piece cuz it's a lot safer; however, the knots will ruin your grommet :\
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    Good Techno songs?

    look up some of the following artist (genre) - songs deadmau5(house, progessive house)- i remember, move for me, you and i, toga me, brazil 2nd edit, moar ghost and whatever, reward is cheese kaskade(progessive house) - 4 am soha and adam k remix, angel on my shoulder edx remix EDM is all i...
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    Good Techno songs?

    Well there are different genre to EDM(electric dance music) Electro House Trance dubstep Fidget Well if you want to listen to some of these types of music go to
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    I am sad

    Go in with a game, and play YOUR game, not your opponents. and believe you can win
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    blackberry battery life

    perhaps you have too many apps running at the same time?
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    How many screw-ups before you go to someone else?

    when i used to get my rackets strung i would get a post it and clearly note what i want on the mains and crosses. because when you tell them they say you told them the wrong thing, but if you put a note, they have no excuse