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    Head Graphene Radical MP grommets

    @TW Staff Redish frame clear bumper which model can I use 16 x 20 Thank you
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    O3 Tour 100 Grommets

    @TWE Staff Are there plans to stock them as I don't see any listed ? Thank you
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    Prince Legacy

    @TW Staff Will the Legacy models be added to the Racquet Recommender Tool ? Thank you.
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    HEAD 3 in one machine

    Any chance you will have this machine or one with similar functionalty for sale ?
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    Prince O3 110 in 2020

    I was wondering if a Premier O3 110 update is in the pipeline ? I have a trio of 104 O3Beast, but I miss the feel of the 27.5" ported frames I have used all these years. Thank you
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    Sales Tax on clothes & shoes shipped to PA ?

    Why does TW have to charge a sales tax on items of clothes & shoes that when I purchase from an in state retailer there is no sales tax ? Stuff that can be worn as everyday attire I never have been taxed on. Granted cleats, track spike, are taxed as you wouldn't wear them as street wear.
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    Taylor Thompson's Nike Top

    Is the racerback top she wore in the match vs Halep on 29 Aug 2019 available ?
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    New Beast 2020 in Japan I use CHROME browser to auto translate the page. Hope this doesn't run afoul of any rules
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    Did Jaziri Switch ?

    Watching the Cordoba Jazari vs Berlocoq match seems like he is using a Yonex; with only a Solinco stencil
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    Is Fast Four the future of MxD ?

    Watching the Hopman Cup lead me to think about the format. Tie Break at 3 all, what do you think the chances are USTA pushes this on League tennis.
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    Novak's new shoe

    Does anyone kow which shoe Nole is wearing in Abu Dhabi ? Bone white,including the sole.
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    Hall of Tennis Fashion . The International Tennis Hall of Fame is launching their first digital featuring fashion. Exhibits with rackets & trophies to be added in 2019.
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    Tennis Industry Association Opposes New Tariffs

    Well the trade war may hit home -Racquet String Synthetic Monofilament (Subheading 5404.19.10)
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    Demos in are out in Japan July 5: Takanawa Tennis Center July 8th to the Mori tennis center in Showa Will it see the light of day in the USA ?
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    Andy's Queen's club UA shirt

    Shockingly, two toned, dark blue shoulder irregular cut to the body. Rather nice.
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    In Japan...Prince New Standard in the future ?

    Interesting look, but it reminds me of the MORE frames, which were not string friendly for some players.
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    Bob Bryan injured retires in Finals Madrid

    Mettic/Peya get a 1st set retirement when Bob hurts his right hit on a serve
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    Po Jen Cheng, formerly of Wilson Rackets Sports

    One engineers recollections of his time at Wilson, over an hour of general information
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    Solane to NIKE

    She is wearing the Swoosh. UA retrenchment makes sense as they do not sell tennis clothes.
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    Premier 110 replacement

    I wonder if a 110 27.5" Prince O3 frame is on the horizon. Thank you.
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    O 3 Beast stringing instructions

    @TW Staff On the product page the skips are listed as skip 7T,9T & 8 H. The image shows skip 7 H & 9 H ; 7T & 9 H which is correct ? Thank you,
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    New Prince soft goods

    There is a new line of Prince clothing released by Publish, a lifestyle brand. A short video .............
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    Textreme Premier 110

    Any chance this frame @ TW Europe makes it to the U.S.A. ?
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    About frames from history

    From the 6.0 page ProStaff Original 6.0 Review Classic. How many racquets introduced in the last 30 years can rightfully claim this distinction? For wood racquets, candidates would be the Wilson Jack Kramer and Dunlop Maxply. In the aluminum category it'd be the Wilson T-2000, Prince Classic...
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    Yonex REXIS

    Heard that Naomi Osaka is using this as a cross. Has anyone used this multi ?
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    Will Wilson offer Tennis players a chance to design...

    On the Golf Channel Wilson has a show were outsiders develop a piece of golf equipment. What do you think ?
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    10 Facts about Carbon Fiber...........

    An article about carbon fiber frames. Bikes I know, but it seems that if a company wanted that old school layup, one of the big six could do a limited run. If global demand gets soft enough it might generate a thirst for smaller batch lay up to make sense economically for all involved.
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    Even Roger

    Keeping up with what Fed wears is trying even for Roger. http://www.**************.org/Space-problems-for-Roger-Federer-Too-many-trophies-No-too-many-tennis-outfits-articolo22657.html
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    Cipolla's frame

    In the qualies, vs Steve Johnson, on cbs sports the string spacing looks like a Steam S. Does anyone have a closer veiw ?
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    SwedenVs Isreal

    On they have a stream of this tie.