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    Racquet most similar to Andy Murrays?

    Hey all, I am a huge Murray fan and I just wanted to start a discussion on how to build a racquet most similar to Murrays. We all know he uses the pt57a, but that is just out of the budget for me and most tennis enthusiasts. So, what frame would you recommend? The prestige pro, radical pro...
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    Who is your least favorite type of hitting partner or set partner?

    There are many different types of players we all meet on our tennis escapades. I am curious to hear the types of characters you all loath the most. For me, it has to be the ones that overestimate their skill - I used to be guilty of this one and I wasn't even aware of it. But basically, the type...
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    Backhand slice help

    Hey everyone, Ive been struggling a lot with my backhand slice recently. May any of you please maybe post a video or explain how to hit a solid backhand slice? It can be one or two handed, My slice just floats or I accidently hit drop shots, I have a continental grip but I cant hit that low...
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    Left hip pain on forehand

    Hey everyone, happy 2018! Im having a little issue with my left hip being sore on my forehand (right handed). If it helps I hit open stance between semi and full western. Should I change my technique? Or do any of you guys have any stretches or tips on what to do? Thanks a lot in advance!
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    Give me some tips please

    Hey everyone, I'm 18 and play at the club level in college. I'm having trouble developing a play style that maximizes my strengths. My strengths are my semi western forehand and speed (athleticism). My weaknesses are my backhand and my serve at times. I have neither good nor bad vollies, and...