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    Ball change in ATP tournaments

    Is it every 5 or 7? Google said 7 but I swear a lot of the matches it seems like 5, or am I mistaken? Oh and they use 6 balls at a time?
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    Gosen Overgrip?????

    What happened? Did they cancel it? It was the best, longest lasting overgrip I know, lasts 3x longer than Wilson or any other brand.
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    Latitude Sports Club

    Anyone has played here before, if so how are the surfaces, lighting etc...
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    If two of the same racquets....

    ...weigh the same, have the same balance, will their swing weight be the same? I have two K 6.1 95 at 12.7 oz, with similar if not exact balance. Of course they were not the same when bought, I had to use lead tape. By balance I mean head balance.
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    What kind of scale do I need for weigh racquets?

    I have a scale at home that displays 0lbs when I put my racquet on, I'm not too familiar with this kind of thing. Anyone know where to buy one?
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    Pure Drive 2012 VS Pure Drive GT

    So I ordered a Pure Drive GT but they had no more in stock so they offered me a Pure Drive 2012 instead for the same price. Now the specs are very similar, but not yet the same. (Not from TW but I can't say or else thread gets deleted.) Any of you have played with both, can you tell me how...
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    Gosen Polylon 17 for 14 year old???

    Her strokes are solid with good technique, my only concern is that it might be harmful for her arm. She plays with a Prince EXO3 Tour Team 100 and will Polylon 17 at 54 in the mains and Gosen OGSM 16 in at 55 in the cross hurt her arm?
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    Can I put K6.1 18X20 Grommet in K6.1 16X18?

    Not much of a racquet fanatic, but anyway my grommets are getting very worn and TW does NOT stock K6.1 16X18 Grommet for some reason. I have two K6.1 95s 16x18 and I don't know if you can put an 18x20 grommet on them after removing the 16x18 ones. (I've never removed grommets before and both...
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    Where do I find K 6.1 95 16x18 Grommet??

    TW doesn't seem to stock them :( , you guys think they'll be available soon? **** & Amazon is my last resort.
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    Wait...RG is blue clay this year??

    I heard something about many pros complaining that RG will be played on blue clay this year, not sure if true, but anyway Babolat is having all their APD people use the French Open paint jobs with the paint reflecting the RG red cl....oh wait its blue..?? Sorry just did some search, thank god...
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    How much strings do I need to hybrid

    I have a K 6.1 95 16x18, usually I cut out about 36ft, but I don't know how long the mains and cross needs to be if I want to hybrid. Obviously I can't just do 18, 18 each because you use more strings for the mains I'm pretty sure. Anyway anyone wanna chime in? Thanks! (This is in a set and I...
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    Gosen Polylon SP 17 vs MSV Focus Hex 17

    Where is it on the tenniswarehouse website? I can only find regular polylon, and not the SP anywhere, sets or reels... Anyway anyone knows how it plays compared to Hex? I use Hex right now but might switch to SP.
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    Quality: Klippermate vs $1000+ machines

    I know that Klippermate is pretty basic and takes longer than the more expensive one out there, but is the quality the same? I have a stringer that most likely uses an electronic one, because it takes her less than 20 minutes for a string job and they all have been exceptional. Then when I go...
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    Can MSV Focus Hex even be classified as a poly? Lol

    Its so soft and arm friendly imo, I've never played with a softer poly.
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    Truth about polyester strings

    I want to chime in on the restringing polyester string issue. A lot of people seem to think poly strings are only playable for 2-6 hrs, which to me is a bit exaggerated. I'm a fairly high level player and the most I had to restring was once a week, playing 5 hours a day, everyday (2.5 hrs in...
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    Is this even legal in tennis??? WTF?
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    MSV Focus Hex VS Luxilon BB ALU Power Rough

    I've played with both but sadly different stringer, the guy who strung my racquets with Focus Hex isn't quite as experienced as my usual stringer, that being said 58 tension on it felt like 50. Anyway the Hex died within three days of playing, (3hrs a day). The strings moved around a lot...
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    Paradorn Srichaphan My god, this guy is so good, why haven't I heard much about him until now? :O
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    About to kill myself...

    I cannot for the life of me find a place or a website that will sell a frowny face shock absorber, I know they exist but only in the Wilson Bowl o' Fun dampener combo that cost like $50.
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    Well this is embarassing..6.1 95 16x18

    I had this racquet for a long time, and just noticed the specs on the racquet were 11.7 oz and 12 pts HL, TW specs said 12.3 oz and 8 pts HL. Although I guess its possible TW took the strings into consideration, therefore making the racquet more HH and heavier overall. Anyway am I right...
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    String suggestion for a 13yr old girl

    She's a beginner and just learning tennis, any suggestions? No Walmart strings please..
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    Do not buy your racquets prestrung by TW

    I have bought two racquets so far, a Wilson K 6.1 95 some time back, and a Babolat Pure Drive GT, both with a string order of Pro Hurricane strung at 59 and 57 respectively. The 6.1 arrived swiftly, and credit to their quick delivery, I did not expect to receive it that fast, anyway the string...
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    Tennis Rituals & Superstitions

    What are your rituals and superstitions? I always forehand with one racquet face and back hand with the other, not vice versa, I always check my racquet to make sure I am holding it with the Wilson logo on the side of the frame facing up. I never bounce balls before I serve. I loosen my wrist...
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    Any experienced stringers willing to help?

    I spend quite a bit on restringing racquets, I'd love to be able to string my own racquet (competently)! Do you guys have any advice? How much does a good stringing machine cost? Any stringing technique tips and methods? What not to do when stringing? I mean obviously dropping 3,700 on a...
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    My take on polyester strings

    Ok, so after much debate having heard that polyester gives more spin with low tension, I decide to try it out. I strung my K six one 95 with the Babolat Pro Hurricane 17 at 58 (lower than what I normally string). At first the string felt dead, but after a few hits I found that you have to...
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    Do I have tennis elbow? :(

    Ok, so yesterday I was playing a guy, he was standing with wind and blasted every single ball out. Normally this isn't a problem, but he wanted to just rally, and we did so for 3hrs. About 85% of his hits are incredibly high and would smash on the fence or occasionally sticking to the fence...
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    Need help choosing a racquet

    Hi, I play with both eastern bh and fh, usually I S&V or Chip and charge, but lately I've run into too many net players who are much better than I am. Last match my opponent told me I'm not doing anything wrong its just I have a head heavy racquet and its not as quick. Can you guy suggest a...
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    String types & tension

    I play with eastern one hand back hand, and eastern forehand. I use Kirshbaum Spiky Shark strings strung at 59-60. For me I play worse on lower tension, more unforced errors (especially when the strings are 1 week old), with higher tension I can get those tight winners in a lot easier than low...
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    Different ways to vent your rage

    I think we can all agree that at one time or another tennis makes us rage, share how you vent your rage here. For me I only rage once in a while playing in 15mph+ wind or random and inconsistent wind gusts that messes up my strokes. Usually I bring three cans of balls and in wind they roll...
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    What's the official call in this?

    During a point me and a friend ended up both at net exchanging volleys, I see the ball coming and hit it right at him, he's a big dude and was positioned very close in front of me, so that was the only option, anyway he tried to move out of the way and hit it at the same time but the ball hit...