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    Replacement grip replacement when using overgrip

    Have A Yonex dr 98 for 2.5 years now, always used overgrips. Is there any need to replace the replacement stock grip? Heard that the grip might shrink over time, but its a leather grip so is this possible?
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    Babolat Pure Aero suitable for one-handed backhand?

    Right now i am playing with Yonex Ezone DR 98 strung with poly pro tour @ 53 pounds. I am playing with the racket for 2 years now. The racket is great. Racket before was the Head Radical Pro, i used that one 3 years ago when i started to play tennis again. At the time i was also lifting some...
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    Federer's ball toss position

    Maybe this has been asked a lot but i could nog find a clear answer. It is even hard to see in slow motion videos but what is the position of the ball when federer hits it? I mean if he would not hit the ball at all where would it bounce? In front of him? On top of this head? Slightly behind...
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    Alternative Asics Gel Resolution 6? (overpronation / wide feet)

    Currently I am wearing out my second pair of Gel resolution 6 shoes. Main problem is the inner side of the heel were all the fabric and the soft cushioning have worn off. I think the main problem is a little bit of overpronation with my feet. For example, the first pair of shoes (GR6) were...
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    New racket instead of Graphene radicale Pro -> Yonex dr 98?

    Hello, (Dutch, so apologies in advance for bad grammar!) I am playing for 7 months now with my Graphene radical Pro (GRP) and i think it is a great racket. It has the power, good spin potential, good slice ability, good serve and volley. Only there is one thinking what has been the dealbreaker...