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    Head youtek prestige HELP!

    Hey TT, it's been a while since i've been on here. Got a quick question for ya'll. I currently use the Head Youtek Prestige Pro and i was wondering if I can switch the grommet out and replace it with the Head youtek Speed Pro grommet? Any reply is appreciated. Thanks
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    FS: Wilson Prostaff 85 4 5/8

    Hello Tennis people. I got me a Wilson PS85 grip size 4 5/8 China edition Condition: 8.5-9/10, original leather, new grommet 175 shipped or BEST OFFER I got pictures, shoot me an message e-mail:
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    WANTED: Head Youtek Prestige Pro 4 3/8

    The title says it all get at me
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    What's New TT?

    Hey guys, been MIA for a while now. Any new strings out there that are worth giving a try? Before I went MIA, I remember that genesis were the newest strings out which was a while back. Also, I know that Topspin has some new strings out. Anybody that uses them compare them to Topspin cyber...
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    kblade tour VS YT prestige pro VS MG prestige pro

    i currently use kblade tour and am looking to switch to head rackets. Can anybody compare the following rackets from each other?
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    tennis balls change due to weather?

    lately the weather's been changing up, and it's been a lot colder at night, and that is usually when i play. do the balls get softer in the cold? and harder in the heat? i remeber someone telling me, but i just wanted to make sure. so i don't go buying a new case of tennis balls cuz they...
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    soft poly's high tension = crisp

    Due to wrist sprain and being a busy college student, i didn't play tennis 3 months and recently have been catching up. so i've been playing w/ concept pure at 64lbs or 64/63, like i always have, and have been breaking them a lot lately. During my 3 month break, i was lifting a lot of weights...
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    gamma string performace guarantee

    i remember seeing a gamma string commerical and said "guaranteed to change your game" or something like that and said they would give you your money back guaranteed if it did not. anyone get their money back?
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    TOPSPIN red & black

    i just saw the red and black line. Has anyone hit w/ the topspin red or the topspin black? from what i read it seems like the red is a bit stiffer to the black. can anyone compare them to the topspin concept pure??
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    UPDATE tennis stringsssss help

    Sup guysss, it's been a while since i've been on this forum and i was wondering what i've been missing out on. the latest thing i remeber coming out is the genesis strings. I would love to know what knew (polys) are out! thanks
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    tretorn micro x balls??? BAD BATCH?

    i just got my bucket of tretorn micro x balls from the mail. opened it up and squeezed the balls with my hands and they are flat. i thought it would be hard, but these are easily squeezble with my hands. did i get a bad batch?
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    FS: PRINCE POG mid plus 4 stripe 4 3/8

    1x POG 4 stripes 4 3/8 grommet-less, comes with wilson leather grip that i had left laying around. and pretty beat up. My coaches old racket that he used when he in the juniors. condition 5-6?/10 PRICE: 75 shipped video: E-mail...
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    FS: wilson 6.0, POG 4 stripe

    I have a couple rackets for sale 1x POG 4 stripes 4 3/8 grommet-less, comes with wilson leather grip that i had left laying around. and pretty beat up. My coaches old racket that he used when he in the juniors. condition 5-6?/10 PRICE: 75 shipped 1x Wilson prostaff 6.0 85 4 3/8, comes...
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    cyberflash/maxim touch HYBRID?

    Has anybody done this hybrid? or concept pure/maxim touch hybrid I'm currently using full concept pure 17G @64lbs and i love everything about it but i want a more power(no i will not lower my tension) I remember when i used to use cyberflash/gosen micro hybrid i has a lot of control but...
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    msv/concept pure review!!!

    strung up msv hex 1.10mm @64lbs/topspin concept pure 1.24mm @ 63lb. Hit with it for 20 minutes and it freaken exploded(msv hex) 3 mains not snapped but exploded. it had exceptional power and spin, but i had a hard time controlling it. when hitting the ball it feels very weird, like a warped...
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    Msv Co-focus & Focus Evo???

    has anyone tried the two strings? and how are they in terms of softness, power, control and feel
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    Msv Users!!!need Your Help!

    hey im thinking of buying a reel of msv hex and im wondering.. How the tension maintence on a full poly job? How does the softness compare to topspin concept pure? How about the durability (1.18, 1.10)?
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    Msv String Help!!!

    i currently use topspin concept pure 1.24mm, and im looking for something more spin friendly. i love concept pure because it's so soft and give me great power for full poly, however its lacking in spin. so i was wondering which MSV string and gauge would be best for me to go full poly that is as...
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    Dropping Rackethead Help!!!

    I need help dropping my racket head before i make contact with the tennis ball. i have the same take back as roger federer but i fail to drop the racket head right before i make contact with the ball, so my shots are rarely flat. I am consistent and confident with my flat shots but i want to be...
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    Hi guys im looking for some insoles that help ur posture or something i remeber reading it on here but i forgot what it was. thanks for anyhelp
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    Hi guys im looking for some insoles that help ur posture or something i remeber reading it on here but i forgot what it was. thanks for anyhelp
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    ADIDAS feather IV

    Anyone use this shoes? i usually wear the barricade V's but im looking for something more lighter so im thinking of trying out the new feather IV how does this compare to Barricade V's?
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    UP TENSION on MULTI = crisp???

    Had some bad experiences with xr3 with only raising the tension 1lb higher than my mains my set up was blue gear 16G @64/xr3 16G @ 65 my xr3(crosses were moving like crazyy!!!) So now i got a reel of topspin concept pure in 1.24mm looking to hybrid it with head fxp power 17G. my tension...
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    need a CRISP multifilament!

    Ok so i just ordered a reel of topspin concept pure and im looking to hybrid it with a multifilament im looking for something CRISP and NOT TOO POWERFUL like gosen micro and NOT looking for anything that is MUSHY at all i tired technifibre xr3 and i hated them! (maybe becuase i strung it only...
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    Polyester Stringssss

    OK, so i've been testing out a lot of poly strings this past 4-5 months. ANd liked them only when using then only in hybrids. i've tried premier ace and cyberflash17G and i hated the sound it makes. So i was wondering if i should try either a softer poly like concept pure or cyber blue in...
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    Wrist Injury Help!!!

    OK, so about 2 weeks ago, i played a doubles tournament with my dad and i got a short overhead (im 6'2") so i ran up to hit but it was right above so i used my wrist, but hit it out. And from then on my wrist started to hurt, but didn't hurt that bad. and then on the following tuesday i had a 3...
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    more overgrips for less $$$$$$

    I'm trying to buy a BULK/Bucket of overgrips for very cheap. can u guys name me some brands or link me??? i can get yonex supergrap 30 packs, wilson 30 pack, and tournagrip 30 pack for about 24-26 dollars. so im looking to get a lot more for my buck generic over grips can work. as long...
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    Energy Bracelet/necklace????

    I was wondering what are some good energy bracelets???
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    Best Bang For $$:poly Reel???

    WHat is the cheapest but GOOD polyester reel??? looking for really CHEAP! like 20-35ish and only 660ft reels
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    POLY STAR turbo VS energy

    I'm thinking of buying a reel but i don't know which ones is good. btw im looking to buy the 1.25 in terms of the following which string would u rate: spin feel power control durability tension maintenence softness/stiffness??