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    Ball change in ATP tournaments

    Is it every 5 or 7? Google said 7 but I swear a lot of the matches it seems like 5, or am I mistaken? Oh and they use 6 balls at a time?
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    Gosen Overgrip?????

    What happened? Did they cancel it? It was the best, longest lasting overgrip I know, lasts 3x longer than Wilson or any other brand.
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    Ashaway MonoGut ZX Pro & ZX Playtest!

    String, gauge, & color received : 1.22, brownish wheat color Tension used for playtest: 56lbs mains, 54lbs crosses Regular string set up: MSV Focus Hex 1.18 mains 48lbs, Gosen OGSM 17 50lbs Racquet brand and model used for test: Wilson K.6.1 95 16x18 Power of test string: Good Feel: Excellent...
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    Ashaway MonoGut ZX Pro & ZX Playtest!

    Just got the strings in today, will string them up as soon as I have time!
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    Latitude Sports Club

    Anyone has played here before, if so how are the surfaces, lighting etc...
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    Ask me anything about being a professional tennis player

    A lot of people on this board suggest cutting out polyester strings after 4-5hrs of play, or that some hybrid combo become unplayable after 10hrs ect...Are you experiencing the same with your strings? (Sorry if this question has been asked before.)
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    Ask me anything about being a professional tennis player

    How often do you restring, what kind of strings do you play with?
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    Spinniest Synthetic

    Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17 (natural or crystal, stay away from black), you'll thank me later.
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    What kind of scale do I need for weigh racquets?

    Yea I ended up buying one of the food scales at Walmart for $20, it works really well, thanks for the help guys!
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    If two of the same racquets....

    Thanks for the detailed answer, the lead I put was at the throat to even the difference so I guess swing weight of both racquets should be similar.
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    What happens to the old model when new one comes?

    Hmmm, in that case is the Wilson K 6.1 line discontinued also? Its been out there on TW for years now.
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    If two of the same racquets....

    Well thankfully the 2 sticks I got was only 3 grams apart, one was more HH than the other so I used some lead tape to match the head balance.
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    If two of the same racquets....

    Well its the same brand.
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    If two of the same racquets....

    ...weigh the same, have the same balance, will their swing weight be the same? I have two K 6.1 95 at 12.7 oz, with similar if not exact balance. Of course they were not the same when bought, I had to use lead tape. By balance I mean head balance.
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    What kind of scale do I need for weigh racquets?

    Ok thanks guys!!
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    What kind of scale do I need for weigh racquets?

    I have a scale at home that displays 0lbs when I put my racquet on, I'm not too familiar with this kind of thing. Anyone know where to buy one?
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    Pure Drive 2012 VS Pure Drive GT

    So I ordered a Pure Drive GT but they had no more in stock so they offered me a Pure Drive 2012 instead for the same price. Now the specs are very similar, but not yet the same. (Not from TW but I can't say or else thread gets deleted.) Any of you have played with both, can you tell me how...
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    Adding lead under the grip can put lead tape inside the handle.
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    Gosen Polylon 17 for 14 year old???

    Her strokes are solid with good technique, my only concern is that it might be harmful for her arm. She plays with a Prince EXO3 Tour Team 100 and will Polylon 17 at 54 in the mains and Gosen OGSM 16 in at 55 in the cross hurt her arm?
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    Can I put K6.1 18X20 Grommet in K6.1 16X18?

    Not much of a racquet fanatic, but anyway my grommets are getting very worn and TW does NOT stock K6.1 16X18 Grommet for some reason. I have two K6.1 95s 16x18 and I don't know if you can put an 18x20 grommet on them after removing the 16x18 ones. (I've never removed grommets before and both...
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    Gosen OGSM Black

    Just to chime in on the issue, regular natural color of the Gosen string is clear, when you order it in black, white ect..all you're getting is the same string dipped in dye. Which means that yes..after a while you'll see the dye rubbing off, playability should stay the same. A large amount of...
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    Where do I find K 6.1 95 16x18 Grommet??

    TW doesn't seem to stock them :( , you guys think they'll be available soon? **** & Amazon is my last resort.
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    Wait...RG is blue clay this year??

    I heard something about many pros complaining that RG will be played on blue clay this year, not sure if true, but anyway Babolat is having all their APD people use the French Open paint jobs with the paint reflecting the RG red cl....oh wait its blue..?? Sorry just did some search, thank god...
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    Pro's that use head-heavy rackets?

    Yea I've seen people put lead on the head to make it more HH, but playing with an overall HH racquet especially Nadal-like style, just imagining it makes me cringe.
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    Pro's that use head-heavy rackets?

    I'm really surprised with Nadal, the way he plays it would be so painful swinging a HH racquet like that. Can you refer me to a source that said this? Sorry I'm curious lol. From what I know and been told HH adds more power at the expense of maneuverability, most beginners start out with HH and...
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    Pro's that use head-heavy rackets?

    Yea I believe you with Moya.
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    Pro's that use head-heavy rackets?

    I know they add more weight to make their racquets more HH than stock, but at most stray close to even balance I think.
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    Pro's that use head-heavy rackets?

    No pros that I know of uses HH racquets, not Nadal, Federer, Murray ect..