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    rolled ankle-should I go to my group lesson?

    so 9 days ago I rolled my ankle pretty badly. I can walk fine now but it's a bit stiff and still has some pain but no more visible bruising. A new session of group lessons begins tonight, should I start and just not run down back hands as aggressively(left foot)? Or should I take another week...
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    mucho props to GiveMeGut

    I bought his M-Fil 300 last week. I asked for pics, he sent one immediately, I sent money, he sent tracking; 2 days later the racquet was delivered, condition was exactly as described. Why can't everything be this easy?
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    my old racquet, will it hinder me?

    I've never played much tennis and I have a Dunlop Superlong from the early 90s(I think). It's 1.5 over and oversized, am I okay running this for a bit while I work on getting my stroke consistent or am gonna groove something funky? Could I get a recommendation for a current model maybe 100...