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    Who makes worse line calls?

    I don't play seriously with lower level players, but as a former college player and a long time tournament player now playing 4.5, I find the lower level players I have played are worse on line calls, while the better players generally are more generous with their calls. I once played 8.5 mixed...
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    Prince Phantom 93P 14x18 vs 18x20... let's discuss.

    I feel your pain donnayblack99. Wow, if I tried synthetic gut at 45, I might hit forehands OVER the backstop! I was ready to order a demo of the 93p 14x18 until the feel of the old 90 14x18 last night. Still need to give it a try, but nothing like making your current frame feel better than...
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    Prince Phantom 93P 14x18 vs 18x20... let's discuss.

    donnayblack99, I am in the other 10%. I have a top 30 national age ranking, was a former college all conference player, former teaching pro, tourney win over a top 100 ATP player in the early 1980's, etc. I'm still a pretty good athlete, but have a lot of mileage on the body, 4 knee surgeries, a...
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    unwritten code that deems underhand serve not sportsmanlike.

    Last year in a match at the senior national grass courts I played a guy who hit nothing but underhand serves. He was a strong player, but who had a shoulder injury. He won several rounds before I played him. Balls don't bounce well on grass, and he had perfected his underhand serve to have a...
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    Prince Phantom 93P 14x18 vs 18x20... let's discuss.

    I have a question about the comfort level for the 93P 14x18, and if it feels like the old Prince Graphite 90 14 x 18? I currently play with the Yonex Ezone DR 98, but was very tempted to try the new 93P 14x18. I have alot of mileage on the arm and wrist, so there are lots of frames I can't use...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    I hit the Clash Tour demo last night. Had both poly and multi. I'm a 4.5 nationally ranked senior who hits hard, but more through the ball, and not alot of topspin. I was pretty disappointed after all the hype. I only hit a few shows with the multi, too much power. Spent the workout with the...
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    F/S (2) Boris Becker Delta Core London 98 inch Frames 4 3/8

    Rackets still available. If interested, make me an offer for both frames.
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    F/S (2) Boris Becker Delta Core London 98 inch Frames 4 3/8

    I have two Boris Becker Delta Core London rackets for sale. Both are 4 3/8 grips, and both are strung with hybrid poly/synthetic strings in the mid 50's. The rackets were played with a few months, and are in good used played condition. I would rate them as 7.5/8.0. Just normal signs of play...
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    The creation of NTRP?

    I remember when NTRP and team tennis first appeared. I had been playing college tennis, and open division in tournaments. In our area they also offered A and B. A was probably 4.0-4.5 now, and B was probably 3.5-4.0 now. There was not restrictions, anyone could enter any division. When NTRP...
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    Question for users of Isospeed Cream - tension?

    I had tried a full bed of Cream at 48 in my Yonex Ezone DR 98. Gave it several tries, and did not care for it. Did not feel like I was getting enough spin. Spent a couple of weeks trying out some demos, so Sunday went back to the DR 98's. Took the full bed of Cream, and replaced the crosses with...
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    Question for users of Isospeed Cream - tension?

    Thanks Cisco, I'll try that. I hit about 30 minutes yesterday with the Cream at 52, before moving back to the V-Pro at 46. The Cream seemed like it would be okay backing off on the tension, so I will go that route. I'll probably try 48.
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    Whats the worst surface you have played on?

    Tom, I'm not a big fan of grass, but I had pretty good results in Sept at the national seniors in Michigan. We actually have two grass courts at our university, available for play at a fee. I worked out on them to prepare for nationals, and it helped alot. That said, I don't really care for...
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    Whats the worst surface you have played on?

    Grew up in a small town with 2 concrete courts that slopped sharply down on each end, and then had some loose gravel at the back behind the baseline. Chain-link metal nets that were C shaped. Local college had 3 courts that had grass and dirt behind the baseline going to the back fence. So you...
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    Question for users of Isospeed Cream - tension?

    I strung the Cream yesterday and overreacted to how soft it felt out of the package. Did not feel like a poly, so I wimped out on the tension, and strung it at 52. I've been hitting Volkl V-Pro 18g at 46 for the past couple of weeks. Hit last night, trying the freshly strung full bed Cream, and...
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    Question for users of Isospeed Cream - tension?

    NuBas, my comments about spin relate to what stays in, while swinging all out, with my normal stroke. I have played for years with a hybrid poly main/ synthetic cross. Pretty good spin in that I can swing hard with my normal strokes, which don't have huge topspin. What I've found with all poly...
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    Question for users of Isospeed Cream - tension?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've historically played poly mains, synthetic crosses, and strung the poly in the 52 / 53 range, and the synthetic in the 55/56 range. Just the last month I've been trying (again), all poly, and 46 was my starting point with the V-Pro 8g. The wrist and elbow...
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    Question for users of Isospeed Cream - tension?

    I play the Yonex Ezone DR 98 and have ordered some Isospeed Cream after reading about it's positive elements. I would like to know what those of you that play Cream string it at, compared to a standard poly? I assume I may need to string it a few pounds tighter than I am stringing a more...
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    String setup for Yonex Ezone DR 98

    Yep Bagel, that's what I meant, but not as extreme as your example. Singles, center mark of the singes court, but then bombing a lefty forehand back to my forehand side singles corner. With my traditional hybrid, I can blast cross court, but with all poly, I can also have that slight inside out...
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    String setup for Yonex Ezone DR 98

    I am interested in this question as well. I had been using a hybrid of Volkl Cyclone Tour poly mains, usually 53 or 54, and then some synthetic gut cross (Head, etc), usually 56 or so. Have been trying all poly for the past few weeks. Also using the DR98, and have arm / wrist issues. Have been...
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    Pacific Racquets Wanted

    I have 4 of the Pacific X-Feel 95 frames, 4 1/2 grip.
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    Is the USTA system hurting American tennis?

    From my point of view, current USTA junior tennis is a very expensive process that burns the kids out, and most quit the game. All the kids train in some academy setting, in which it seems a pro is being paid every time a kid hits a ball. I never see these kids just hitting with each other, or...
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    PS or Yonex EZONE 98?

    I'm also a lefty, and play the DR 98. I've always played a poly/synthetic hybrid, but put a set of Pacific guy at 60lbs in one last week. I've played with it a few times, and it is okay. Not really enough spin on my forehand, and if i had it to do again, would probably have strung it at 57 to...
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    how a leather grip saved my life..

    I use Yonex Ezone DR 98 frames, and generally string them with a poly / synthetic hybrid. Decided to put a set of gut in one of them, and then thought I would try a leather grip on it. I liked the change it made to that gut frame, so I put leather on the other two hybrid models. The poly is...
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    Good Tennis Balls for Practice

    When my son was in juniors and high school, I was his coach and every day hitting partner. We did what someone else suggested. We would have a can of good balls, and would use them for 2 workouts for our actual playing. We had a ball hopper that had balls a little older, and would use it for...
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    FS: Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (310 g) 4 ½ 9/10

    Hi, This is the new model VCore Pro 97, 310 that sells new at TW for $219?
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    Every ex-D1 player I've met wants nothing to do with tennis....

    This is not just an issue for D1 players. I've noticed most of the top juniors stop playing once they finish their career, along with college players. As someone mentioned, this was different back in the 70's and early 80's. I played NAIA college tennis from 76-80, and almost all the area...
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    What is the most tennis you've played in a single day?

    I played a men's open tourney when I was in my mid 20's and they forced me to play 3 singles matches in one day. This was in the days of playing full third sets. Also had to play one round of doubles that day. I think I split sets and had a close win in the second singles match, and then had a...
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    Jack Kramer Autograph Vs Dunlop Maxply Tournament

    So, I'm trying to decide if I rebuild the carb in a Ford Model T, if I can then out run the young whipper snapper down the street with one of those new fangled Ford Model A's.... ! Just kidding. I brought out some wood rackets a couple of months ago and hit with them for a week or two. Actually...
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    T-huggers on serve

    I run into various combinations of strange formations. Opponents hugging the center service line to try to take that corner away from you. Or the returner lining up way left of center to try to avoid getting a backhand (I am a lefty). If you play enough tournaments and leagues, you will see all...
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    Hitting with an Arthur Ashe Competition 3

    The main positive with the Evert was it was not too much heavier than what I am used to. Plus it has some pretty good strings. I never hit with the Prince mono shaft Connors used for a while. The wood rackets are so different than your modern frames that determining if it relates to the mono...