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    Do i need a heavier racket?

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    FS: Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT Std.

    grip size 4 1/4 here are the pictures: $110 shipped: enjoy!
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    FS: Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT Std.

    Hey Wassup Guys! I have a PDR GT for sale -Its only been used a few times -9/10 rating -comes strung with Gosen OG Micro -Looking for around: $110 I can send you links to the pictures :] Thanks!
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    Better for semi-flat hitter? open or closed pattern?

    a racket like the Prestige Pro is a good one The open pattern gives more liveliness. While the smaller headsize and thin beam, does it keep it in check. It just comes more in the package, instead of taking any regular racket and trying to affix your game to it.
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    Babolat 2010

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    U.S Open mens semis- Del Potro vs Nadal

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    People with Little Pressure

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    \\\\ Microgel Prestige Pro Club ////

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    The Tsonga Serve

    sigh. so true. i wish i was a beast.
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    The Tsonga Serve

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    Pro's Signature Shots

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    Taming the APDC

    Alright i switched a touger synthetic gut, to increase feel, and increase thickness. Also, stringing at 62/60. And bought some lead tape. We'll see on tuesdayy
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    Taming the APDC

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    John Isner's cool Wristband !!!!!!!!!

    probably a basketball shooter sleeve that many shooting guards in the NBA use.
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    2009 US Open Quarterfinals

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    Andy Roddick picture for poster??

    i know. 10char
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    Rafa back to training.

    haha i saw the news off of Sportcenter And guess what the female anchor says: "Wait who?" The male anchor says: "Rafael Nadal..."
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    "Federer's 15 slams way easier to achieve in tennis than golf..." - Skip Bayless

    well, honestly it kind of supports the other side. where golf is extremely difficult is the mental game; an aspect whose difficulty is even greater then tennis. it is so hard to follow up for 3-4 days in just ONE tournament with solid mental stability and then be expected to do the same in...
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    "Federer's 15 slams way easier to achieve in tennis than golf..." - Skip Bayless

    Actually his claim is true. Golf is just harder to play then Tennis. It just is really.
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    Why Nadal’s 5-2 head-to-head Grandslam record against Federer is misleading!

    It's absolutely not miserable. The point is that no one ever examines the age issue. Although i think physically, at the knees, Nadal is in his 30s haha
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    Need help with high topspin bounce and one hand backhand

    back-up and rip or step-up and blast or get-ready and cut
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    Why oh why is the POG mid unpopular??

    i like it. just i dont play that well with mids. that's alll
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    Does pushing really win?

    all i know is that. no matter whether if a player is good or not. everyone hates someone who changes up the pace of their shots. everyone loves short balls, but not everyone likes really short balls. everyone loves sitters, but not everyone likes really high sitters. i guess i am...