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    Nadal is better than same age Federer at USO

    If Nadal and Federer were the same age Nadal would still win 3 titles but Federer won't win 5 in a row Nadal 2010 USO> Federer 2005 USO(Elite serving Nadal vs Fed who was being broken at will by Grandpa Agassi) Nadal 2013 USO > Federer 2008 USO(Beating gluten free experienced Djokovic> beating...
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    Tsonga has a higher peak than Federer at the Australian open

    Federer can only dream of playing like this, especially against somebody like Nadal Since a match or two is good enough to define peak, which is why Soderling has a higher clay peak than Murray. Logically the same applies here Tsonga has a higher peak than Federer at the AO If anybody...
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    Djokovic has a high chance to surpass Federer's slam count

    Djokovic only turns 32 in 2019 Let's look at Federer's slam losses since 2014 in semis and finals, the season he turned 33 AO: 2014: Nadal SF 2016: Djokovic SF Wimbledon: 2014,2015 : Djokovic F 2016 : Raonic SF USO: 2014: Cilic SF 2015: Djokovic F Federer in 2014-2016 lost 5 times to...
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    Peak Federer is overrated

    This is peak federer vs 35 year old 11 year older agassi Look at how much federer is struggling against grandpa agassi He was down a break in the third set and barely edged it out before agassi became tired Peak fed was struggling with agassi's ballstriking This is despite agassi being 11...