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    Most oppressive weather conditions you've ever played in?

    Back in high school I played a tourney match with temps in the low 30s/high 20s. Worst part was I had a first round bye and had to sit outside for 2 hours waiting. Match was super quick 6-0, 6-0 thankfully. The last couple games it was snowing decently but we played on.
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    Prince Textreme Tour O3 100 Looks like it won’t be coming to the US site anytime soon.
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    Prince items on TW Europe

    No problem, my wording wasn’t very clear. Thanks!
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    Prince items on TW Europe

    Specifically this frame: My question though was if the racquet or boomerang tool would be coming to the US site.
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    Talk about your most discouraging moments in tennis. How did you respond?

    I played varsity singles my sophomore through senior year of high school. Going into my senior year I was 1-1 in the state finals and had lost only 3 matches my whole high school career. After a grueling 3+ hour semi I only had a 30 minute break till I had to play in the finals. We were the last...
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    Prince items on TW Europe

    Will the boomerang stringing tool or o3 textreme racquets be coming to the main site anytime soon?
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    I’m confused but excited
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    Release date is May 20
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    Men's M1540V2 Running Shoe

    Running shoes lack lateral support. Unless you want to sprain an ankle I would not reccomend.
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    Nike Cage 3 Warranty Card

    Bought 2 pairs of Cages 3s within the last 4 months and both came with cards.
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    Pro's shoes slicker?

    Sliding just like your forehand or serve is all about technique. I don’t know when I started doing it but I can slide into or through any shot if I want to. It’s honestly a bad habit to get into though at least for me.
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    Bye bye Nike enough is enough.

    Huh I’ve been a nike guy for 10 years and haven’t run into any durability issues. This is across training, running, basketball, and tennis shoes.
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    Rafa Aeroreact tee's price

    Yes you’re the only one
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    Nike Air Zoom Zero (summer 18 release)

    The burnt orange colorway has to be one of the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen. What was Nike thinking?
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    Nike Air Zoom Zero official release

    Fingers crossed, the men’s colorway is ugly imo but the white womens shoes is cool. Too bad I wear a size 12.5 :(
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    Nike Air Zoom Zero official release

    Damn I really liked the white colorway. What size do they go up to? I’m guessing 12.
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    Nike Fall 2018

    Can’t decide if I’ll pick up a pair of Rafa’s Wimbeldon cages or wait for the US Open ones. Anyone seen pics of those?
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    Prince Beast 98

    Just like @emm8 I’ve recently hit with both the 98 O3 as well as a Phantom 100. For a bit of context I’m a 4.5 level aggressive baseliner with a good but inconsistent serve. In the past I’ve used a Rebel 95 as well as a Pure Aero. Groundies - Both frames are good if you like to sit back and...
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    Nike Cage 3

    There was a pair up on the auction site the other day
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    Racquet Review Scoring

    I was looking at Chris's scores for the Pure Aero and Beast O3 98 and noticed that even though he rated the Beast equal to or slightly better in every category the PA got a higher overall score from him. I always thought overall scores were based on an average but looking at other racquets it...
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    Prince Beast 98

    Wonder how long they'll be on sale. Tempted to buy a pair before I even get to demo one.
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    Prince Beast 98

    @TW Staff Any guess when the written reviews will be up?
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    New Zoom Cage 3 Colorways

    Looks like May 14th based on their response in the Nike Summer 2018 thread
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    Prince Beast 98

    @TW Staff Any idea when the written reviews will be out? The anticipation is literally killing me.
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    Nike Cage 3

    Pics of Nadal's RG cages (all blue) up on twitter
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    Which is the most commonly disputed Federer vs other ATG comparison?

    Lol, all Nadal fans are irrational so their opinions don't matter. Do you seriously believe that? There are far more Federer fans than Nadal fans as well so I have no idea what you're trying to say.
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    Is Tiafoe the most likeable US player today?

    He has to be. His backstory and demeanor make him extremely likeable and unlike Sock, Querry, or Isner he's young and can only improve. To top it all off he doesn't have the one dimensional game of many American players, serve + forehand, making him more watchable.
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    Prince Beast 98

    How's the control?
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    Prince Beast 98

    Well looks like I have another racquet to demo
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    Prince Beast 98

    Nah, I fell in love with the 95 back when I demoed it. I'll look into them but at first glance they seem a little light plus they don't make them anymore so demoing is a no go. Honestly I'm just looking for a frame with the same control I get out of the 95 but with a little more pop.