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    *HOT TAKE* Unless you're planning to go pro, forget "modern tennis" (my experience)

    ^So Timothy Gallwey - talking about how kids learn to walk.
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    Prince Beast 98

    Yes, that's definitely the way to go as it cures the flutter experienced on occasional high off center hits. It's also the reinforcement provided on the newest version available in Japan.
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    NEED FEEDBACK: Prince and Hydrogen Collaboration

    It's just too retro punk: If your going to do retro, why not go this direction with it: Give me a psychedelic magic wand, I could rock that.
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    Donnay Xenecore Fan Turbine

    Yeah, so in reality I traded a couple of PT280s for these Pro One GTs. I traded because I'd recently gone to a lighter tweener frame (in my 60s) - the Beast 98 which has a 16/20 string pattern and I liked the access to easy spin and wanted something in the same ball park (the 280s are 18/20, the...
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    Donnay Xenecore Fan Turbine

    No complaints here. My Pro One Gts are such a unique ride, big juicy sweet spot, comfortable yet touch sensitive, dare I say Plush, and that loud satisfying thump upon contact - easy power. I can see this frame someday getting the kind of afterburner attention that the PT280s got cause they is...
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    The new solid core Donnay

    Took a couple of Pro One GTs (97) in in a trade recently. Not sure the year actually, probably 2014-2016 based on what I've read. It's the silver and black model -quadcore. I gotta say that I'm impressed with these frames. I picked them up as insurance for some Prince Beast 98s I picked up on...
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    *HOT TAKE* Unless you're planning to go pro, forget "modern tennis" (my experience)

    Poly was a big one, no doubt about it. Much bigger than most people realize I believe. But I do believe that the "oversize" and "graphite" revolutions were just as significant in changing the direction of the game and the way it was being played...and taught. Disciples of Borg benefited...
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    *HOT TAKE* Unless you're planning to go pro, forget "modern tennis" (my experience)

    Agassi was the beginning of the modern game in my book. McEnroe was the end of the classic game and not surprisingly, more than anyone else, it was Agassi that sent him packing. Borg showed the world that tennis could be won from the back court by incorporating unorthodox whippy topspin strokes...
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    *HOT TAKE* Unless you're planning to go pro, forget "modern tennis" (my experience)

    ^See to me, that's an example right there. When I was taught to hit the forehand with the continental grip in the early 70s, the racket head was never supposed to finish over the top of the ball (facing down after contact). All groundies and volleys were to be hit with the arm - with no wrist...
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    *HOT TAKE* Unless you're planning to go pro, forget "modern tennis" (my experience)

    Back atcha! After playing my entire life with a one handed backhand including Junior College tennis, in my mid 50s I learned to hit the two-hander with the objective of using it to return big spinning serves to the backhand more efficiently. This was primarily prompted by something that Jose...
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    What is the "plushest" racquet that offers the most "free power"?

    I recently did a trade with 2 Donnay Pro One GTs coming my way for 2 Pro Tour 280s. I didn't realize it at the time but on the website it currently says that the Pro One Hexacore 97 (no more GTs) is Donnay's version of the PT57A. Specs are pretty identical between that model and the GT though...
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    *HOT TAKE* Unless you're planning to go pro, forget "modern tennis" (my experience)

    That being said, I know some players that have developed quite effective serves using the frying pan grip and moreover can replicate it over and over with absolutely no deleterious effect on their shoulders or arms. Perhaps learning the correct mechanics could help them improve that aspect of...
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    *HOT TAKE* Unless you're planning to go pro, forget "modern tennis" (my experience)

    Yeah, it's difficult for me to understand seniors that already know how to play at a competitive (league) level, investing in weekly (sometimes multiple) tennis lessons, believing that this is the only way to improve when what they really need are just reps and a belief in their own abilities...
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    *HOT TAKE* Unless you're planning to go pro, forget "modern tennis" (my experience)

    Concerning the OP, cool as I learned to play back in the Dark Ages and have resisted reinventing the wheel by learning new techniques. This doesn't mean that I don't use a semi-western forehand grip or hit open-stanced shots from both sides when necessary. I've seen too many folks games...
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    Control Frames with large and plush sweetspots

    I don't know why but the Donnay (Xenocore) Pro One GT has the largest sweetspot I know in a 97" head. Also, the Prince Beast 98 has a fairly ample sweetspot IMO and is priced to sell right now in the clearance section. (They say the ported 03 version has an even bigger sweetspot.)
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    Prince Beast 98

    It's just insane what these Beasts are going for right now. I mean not only are they less than 1/3rd the price of comparable frames, I honestly could have gotten more $ out of my twenty plus year old PT280s. Just a quick update on my Beast 98 experience. So I'm back to playing them first call...
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    Why doesn't Prince sell racquets through local tennis shops?

    How could you possibly make any money as a Prince dealer when people see that all they have to do is wait until the end of the season and get their racquets at TW on clearance for up to 40% of retail.
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    Prince Beast 98
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    Prince Beast 98

    Watching the Eastern European Championships today and I've got a new favorite player in the WTA. Her name is Katarzyna Piter (29 and currently ranked 367) and she's a frickin animal out there playing with her 03 Beast 98 (or 100). She had been undefeated in the roundrobin tourney but when the...
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    Prince Beast 98

    Yeah, kinda going through the same thing with my Beast 98s vs my newly acquired (trade) Donnay Pro One GTs. My doubles partner told me today that he thought I played better with the Donnays. Doesn't really matter as I'm winning with both sets of racquets and they are all close enough in spec...
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    Prince Beast 98

    How about performance-wise? Did it play well for you? To me that's the big-ger question. I'd put it up against anything out there in the performance column. And it's not like it automatically hurts my arm to use it either, it's something that builds over time. If it did I'd be playing with a...
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    New Prince Beast

    Trying to envision Isner with a bed of pro red code - red on red.o_O I think I prefer the cosmetics on the current version (which you can score for peanuts right now if you act fast).
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    Donnay Pro One Gt's- They're Back! Xenecore

    You guys that are complaining about Xenocore prices should check the Forum's classifieds once in a while. Snooze you lose. Got a couple of Pro One GTs in a trade after he dropped his price from $100 for two to $90 for two and still no takers. Easy 9 out of 10 condition. (If Fleabay prices are...
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    Help with secondary racket

    Not sure about your logic with having two very different sticks to play with. I've found that I can only play my best tennis if I establish some familiarity with a racquet's playing characteristics, i.,e., play racquets with similar specs. For that reason, I have two Prince Beast 98s and two...
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    Over 50 Using Control Racquet effectively

    I'm almost 66 and I play quite a bit with the senior crowd but also with the younger crowd. I do notice a lot of the seniors (mid to late 70s) still using player's frames (midplus). I use a 12 oz 97 or 98 (PT280, Donnay Pro One GT, Beast 98) myself, same as the last 25 years or so and I intend...
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    Prince Beast 98

    Price match on the one day sale? Noice!! Yeah I love it. I know that Isner plays with the 100 LB, watching him on the Draft Kings ReOpen - does anybody win matches as easily. There's not a shot I can't hit easily with that frame. That being said, I have played with more arm friendly frames...
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    Perfect trade with PT280 Fan

    Thanks DLW, definitely likewise! Nice to know there are still well-intentioned, honest folks out there.
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    unpopular opinion: Head's RECTANGULAR grip ****ty on forehands

    So let me start by sharing this video which was the inspiration for the way that I did it: I've tried some variations of this method and that my thumb resting bevels were not quite as prominent as I would like so I went a different direction with the splicing tape. I just went to Lowes and...
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    dlw doesn't mess around (excellent seller, trader)

    Real straight shooter. Frames were everything and more as he described!
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    Decline of Prince?

    You make some interesting points but I feel like Prince is on the rebound and not in decline. No question that Prince has made a few mistakes along the way, particularly in the shoe department and I hear they went through a bit of a shoddy QC period for a few years as well. Just look at how many...