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    Is Yonex supplying like 75% of the WTA now?

    Watched Battle of the Brits Team tennis last week, mostly Blades for women except Dart (Yonex), Konta (Pure Aero), and Watson (Dunlop).
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    Seeking Racquet Recommendations - 16 Cross Strings

    How about Wilson 6.1 95S? Will need to find it in 2nd hand market of course.
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    Introducing the Tecnifibre Triax

    Waiting someone to post review on HDMX / TRIAX hybrid
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    Best Tennis Instruction Channel

    Turn on closed caption (it's in English) and you can understand all of it! Edit - actually only the videos with English titles have their closed captions in English.
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    I really need a Pure Drive Team Plus or Pure Drive Aero Team Plus

    Try Angell. You can get your tweener spec frame in a few different extended lengths.
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    Who would win?

    Also, the 2 guys (and a guest coach?) from RacquetFlex
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    Who would win?

    How about the two chaps from Time Value of Tennis?
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    Worst day since awhile

    Sorry to hear that. Are you on the road to recovery? Any physio therapy required?
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    Federer Uniqlo Signed Shirt

    Does it have Roger's smell? Asking for a friend.
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    Worst day since awhile

    What injury have you sustained?
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    Ask Us Anything & Your Question Might Be Answered in the Next Episode!

    Would love to hear an interview with a former grand slam ball boy / ball girl and how the experience has helped in his/her game. We all know the famous one from Basel... On a side note, absolutely floored by how good Bethanie Mattek-Sands's strokes in the TW video on her customised Pure Aero...
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    Racket recommendations, switching from a Yonex DR98 2015 version

    Try the Phantom Pro 93P. Maneuverable and stable at the net, and excellent feel.
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    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    I shall dust off my prized IG Prestige Mid and join the fervent fad, even if just for the year!
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    MaxTennis Tournament Thread

    "Wakanda Forever" a la Monfils
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    MaxTennis Tournament Thread

    Tap racquets instead of shake hands with opposition after match.
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    Need advice for new Racket

    Angell TC100
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    Just picked up an IG Prestige MP

    Love the IG Prestige MP and Mid paint jobs.
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    London Indoor courts?

    There's also Westway sports centre around Latimer Road station that has Pay-and-Play sessions:
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    Low Tension Club under 40lbs

    Has anyone tried syn gut main / poly cross in the < 40 lbs club?
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Is it not possible get a few sticks from Tecnifibre to demo? I would have thought that would be logical thing to do for the manufacturer if they offer sponsorship contract.
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    Synthetic gut Mains / Polyester Crosses Club

    Not yet. Haven't had much chance to play over the xmas / new year period. Will update here when I do.
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    Prince Phantom Pro 93p swingweight?

    Yup, guts on main. No, have not tried it other way round simply due to fear of wasting the gut string.
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    Guillaume Diard is Putting a New Spin on Babolat!

    What's that new shoe model that you guys are discussing? How do you write its (French) name? Babolat Jet ___?
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    Racket help!

    Yonex VCore Pro 97 330
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    I have a new found respect for pure drive users

    Isn't Dustin Brown known for stringing his Pure Drive @ ~80lbs full poly? Or has he lowered it since?
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    Why did you switch to Yonex?

    Another reason for Babolat's rise in popularity, despite being a newcomer in tennis racquets, is they used to give out free natural gut strings with their racquets in the early days of their racquets. Can't remember where I heard or read that from, probably from one of the tennis podcasts I...
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    Prince tapping into the Chinese market through teen television show on Netflix

    10 posts in and no mention of the model of Prince racquets used? You lot fail as racquetholics.
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    Why no new Prince racquets?

    You're using it wrong. It's for that smoother in between points spinning / twirling motion. See Federer, for instance.
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    Companies should make extra low powered racquets for beginners.

    Aren't "player's racquets" already low powered (like Head Prestige etc)? So they are already made, only marketed to non-beginners.