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  1. Pitti

    Six one team 95... still relevant?

    Hi: What are your opinions on the Wilson six one team 95? Would it still be a good racquet with a little bit of lead at the top of the handle or do you think it's better to get a more "modern" frame? I used one of those racquets (ncode version) for a long time (more than 10 years). I switched...
  2. Pitti

    Which is your playing style?

    Out of curiosity, how would you define your playing style? Which is your best weapon and your weakest point? In my case, I consider myself an all-around attacker. I feel comfortable attacking both from the back of the court and at the net. I like short points and usually alternate serve&volley...
  3. Pitti

    Three questions on WTA players

    I'm not really into WTA tennis, so I'll ask you here: - Which WTA players (if any) use a one handed backhand? - Which WTA players play most frequently at the net (or can be considered "all court attacking players")? - Which WTA players are the most technical and have the most aesthetically...
  4. Pitti

    First post-Covid match... and I got bagled in the first set!

    It was a friendly match, outside competition. But what a bad match I played. my opponent was guy I had won six moths ago. But today I lost 6-0/7-5. During the first set I couldnt get a first serve in, althoughI almost didn’t commit double faults. I was really slow in my reflexes and with...
  5. Pitti

    What is exactly the effect of lead at 7" from the buttcap?

    Hi. I'm experimenting and learning how to customize my racquets. I've been playing for a while with an Ultra Tour. Following suggestions of members from this forum, I put a very little bit of lead at 10 and 2 and counterbalanced it with the same amount at 7" from the buttcap. I've enjoyed this...
  6. Pitti

    What are the keys for high percentage and offensive tennis?

    The courts have been finally opened in my city after almost 3 months of quarantine, and my club will organize a tournament in a couple of weeks. Best of 3 set matches with random draws regardless of the level of the players. I joined the club a year ago. From what I've played, I can safely say...
  7. Pitti

    Help for choosing a backup racquet. Same frame? Different one?

    Hi. I'm a club player. I own an Ultra Tour. It's the only serious (over 300g) racquet I own. I have no serious backup racquet. It's comfortable and gives me great control, although it lacks a little bit of power. I can play well with it when my footwork is on. But almost 50% of my matches, I'm...
  8. Pitti

    Which are the best racquets of each brand?

    Hi. I have very limited experience with racquets. In fact, I've owned just three: a wilson six one team 95, a Babolat Drive Z lite and a Wilson ultra tour. Maybe because I learned to play with the first one, I'm kind of an all around player that hits flatter shots. Maybe one day I'll try the...
  9. Pitti

    Will you carry the Wilson Ultra Pro v3 97 at TW Europe?

    Hi TW. I own a Wilson Ultra Tour (L3). I’ve read that it’s been updated to the Ultra Pro v3 97. I’ve observed that you carry the new Ultra line racquets in your TW Europe store, except for the Ultra Pro v3 97. Will you carry it? If not, which would be the most similar Wilson racquet that you...
  10. Pitti

    Is the Blade 98L with some added weight a good racquet?

    Hi. I'm searching for a 2nd Wilson racquet. I own an Ultra Tour with a very little bit of lead. It is great, but slightly unpowered if I'm not at 100%, or my footwork is a bit off. The point is that somedays I have to play matches with a migraine and need something more lively and forgiving...
  11. Pitti

    Ultra Tour or Ultra Pro v3 97?

    Hi. I own an Ultra Tour and like it, although sometimes it lacks a little bit of power. I could add some lead and make it more powerful. Still trying things. I want to get a new racquet. Should I get another Ultra Tour (I can get it now for around €140) or wait and get the ultra Pro v3? Is it...
  12. Pitti

    Need some racquet advice

    Hi: I played lots of tennis at highschool. I just owned one racquet: a Wilson Six one team (290 gr. unstrung, 18x20 pattern, red racquets with white stripes at 3 and 9). I liked that racquet, and used it during 5 or 6 straight years playing around 6 hours each week. Whenever I couldn't use that...
  13. Pitti

    What clothing do you wear for cold weather (<32 F)?

    Hi. What kind of clothing do you wear for playing matches in cold weather (less than 32 F, some wind, maybe some fog)? I have a match tonight and I'm not sure of what kind of clothing should I wear, so that I'm not cold... but not uncomfortably hot or wet. I used a few days ago a climacool (or...
  14. Pitti

    Quick video of my ground strokes. Where could I improve?

    Here’s some video I recorded of myself practising groundstrokes with my friend. What do you think about them? Where could I improve? Do you see any clear flaws in my technique? Thank you!
  15. Pitti

    How to play against a much better player?

    Hi everyone. I’m playing in a few hours a friendly match against one of the best guys at my club. I don’t know him and don’t know how he plays. Just that result-wise, he’s better than me. What can be some generic tips for playing against these better rivals... or at least not getting bageled?
  16. Pitti

    Doubts on stringsavers and multifilament strings

    Hi! I play with an Ultra Tour (with a little bit of lead) and multifilament strings/synthetic gut (since my elbow is pretty sensitive). Lately I've been using full beds of TGV (1.30) or XR3 (1.30) and they've lasted me around 10 hours of play. I'm not normally a heavy topspin hitter, but I've...
  17. Pitti

    Any tips for playing on artificial clay court?

    Hi everyone: On next Saturday, I'm going to play a match at an indoors artificial clay court. I have played once at that court, and it is like playing on some kind of sandy carpet that doesn't let you slide. The bounce is slower than on hard courts and the court seemed comfortable and easier...
  18. Pitti

    Need help developing a singles strategy

    Hi everyone! I've joined a local amateur tournament, and I find I have no main strategy, so I need some help. Here's an abstract of my technique: - Serve: It's ok. Not the most powerful serve, but not weak either. I tend not to hit a very powerful 1st serve. I can vary its placement and spin. I...
  19. Pitti

    My first two matches... and a little rant on competitive parents

    Hi! I joined my local amateur league, in which there are players of all kind and all ages. The rules state that regular matches will only consist on 2 sets. So here are the two first matches I've played since 15 years ago: I played my first match against a random pusher/slicer foreign guy who...
  20. Pitti

    Advice on adidas shoes?

    Hi. I've been using a pair of black&red Adidas Barricade for a year and a half. I've played just one or two days each week in indoor hard court, but the sole is starting to wear off (the pattern is completely "erased" at the points where I'm more aggressive when I run or change directions). I'm...
  21. Pitti

    Ultra Tour - How to customize?

    Hi. I'm thinking of customizing my Ultra Tour. I've been playing it in stock form for a year with a FB of multifilament, and I've enjoyed it very much, but I find that it lacks a little bit of power. After reading TW recommendations on how and where to put tape, I've decided that I will get some...
  22. Pitti

    Some silly racquet matching questions

    Hi: As I've told you in some other posts, I own an Ultra Tour 97 and a nSixOneTeam 95 (old red version). Both racquets are 18x20, and have a similar swingweight (319 and 320) according to TW measurements. These are the only two acceptable racquets I own, and whenever I've broken my UT strings...
  23. Pitti

    Wilson Pro overgrip alternatives?

    Hi. I've been using the Wilson Pro overgrip in white. It has a great feeling, and I like it. The problem is that when the weather gets warmer or slightly more humid, it tends to slip a bit. I don't have very sweaty hands and I live in a cool and not very humid climate. I'd like to try some...
  24. Pitti

    Any tips for playing in an amateur league?

    Hi! It's almost been a year since I came back to tennis, hitting in an informal way with a friend, but doing so consistently once every single week. It's almost been the only sport I've practiced through the year, working 8-10 hours a day at an office. I'm around 30 yo, not very strong or fit...
  25. Pitti

    Six one team - How to increase weight and make it more HL?

    Hi. I own a Wilson nSix One team 95 (290 grs unstrung, 18x20 pattern, red paintjob). Although I’ve been recently playing with a Wilson Ultra Tour I still like that racquet, but after using the UT I find it head heavy and lightweight. I’m not a very strong guy, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be able...
  26. Pitti

    Random questions on tennis balls

    Hi. I have 3 random questions about tennis balls: How are Wilson US Open balls different from these other Wilson Tour Premier balls? Has anyone tried the latter? Are the tennis ball savers useful? Would they be worth for someone who just plays once or twice a week? Out of curiosity, how many...
  27. Pitti

    Favourite hard court balls?

    Which are your favourite hard court balls, and what do you like about them?
  28. Pitti

    Can you recommend me some technique videos to regain basic technique?

    Hi. I've been out of tennis for a decade, and I've been playing again a bit (once/twice a week) during last year. I've lost some technique. Can anyone recommend me some series of videos to improve my current technique and my footwork, so I can regain a bit of it? Additional info: I play with...
  29. Pitti

    I need some racquet advice

    Hi. I own two racquets: (1) A Wilson Ultra Tour (in stock form). (2) A Wilson nsix one team 95 18x20 (289gr unstrung), from many years ago. It's one of these: I'm currently a recreational player who is playing once or twice a week, so I haven't matched the racquets. I just carry both of...
  30. Pitti

    Racquet advice for a 65 year old

    Hi. I'm searching some advice on a new racquet for a family member. Relevant information: My relative is around 65 years old. He is in good shape for his age. Not athletic, but not overweight either. He enjoys playing and has some kind of a pre-intermediate/late beginner technique. He knows...