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  1. BGod

    How would USO participation be affected if USA went their own way on policy?

    There are already murmurs the United States could attempt to forego the big lockdowns the rest of the developed world is undertaking for economic reasons. Assume it's just the USA that does this, deaths are worse than Italy but events start coming back because there isn't the same federal...
  2. BGod

    Could hiatus prolong Novadal's dominance? (and other career considerations)

    With their aging bodies a long hiatus could only benefit and extend their careers right? On the flip side I look at a guy like Wawrinka who might just retire as he was seemingly going hard for his last season. How would this affect Murray's plans of return? Ivo Karlovic said a break was what...
  3. BGod

    Covid-19 after Miami?

    The USA is taking a very different approach on the virus so IW & Miami seem to be unlikely affected in March but after that you have the clay season in Spain-France-Italy all countries already taking steps cancelling public events. Unless it just goes away somehow I don't see how the ATP tour...
  4. BGod

    Has Novak dominated Wimbledon?

    Most top all-timers had periods of dominance at 2 Slams. Novak has done this in Australia without argument but what about Wimbledon? Winning twice back to back in a 6 year span. Or is 3 in 4 more akin to dominance? Trying to clarify this. I lean on yes.
  5. BGod

    All future generations will have is pursuit of CYGS.

    I don't really think this is debateable. The total Slam count will almost surely be unreachable by any future great for at least a long time. So the only window left open is none of the Big 3 won all 4 Slams in the same year although Novak has a chance this year and held all 4 at the same time...
  6. BGod

    2010 USO SF. Biggest OE turning point?

    This was the match that turned Novak into the GOAT and the most clutch player of all time. Down double match point he shocked Federer the 6 time defending finalist. From then on he had 2011 and we all know the rest. Maybe a Roger win sees him losing to Nadal anyway but does Novak go on his...
  7. BGod

    Novak is the GOAT.

    Provided he finishes things off with the title Sunday and here's why: Ties Fed with 8 titles in a Slam being 8-0 in finals Adds weeks at #1 till at least Wimbledon coming closer there Too many embarrassing victories against Fed Overall at the Slams: 4-1 at AO 1-1 at FO but took Nadal to a 5th...
  8. BGod

    Will Tennys Sandgren win a Slam?

    Despite the odds on paper to be insanely low he ever does, by holding 7 MPs in a Slam Quarter (his 2nd) against a still world #3 and the coming years, that question is far from ludicrous. He is currently 28 who will turn 29 in July. For the current time period, that age does not exclude him...
  9. BGod

    Most likely change in a Slam by 2030?

    I said A because all 4 are different now not just in tiebreak but lighting, roof, etc. They all have their own authority and some Slams like the French and Wimbledon are clearly maintaining a more traditional standard (like all-white dress code lol) So the poll presents a few reasonable...
  10. BGod

    Foreign Invasion for Slams in OE

    The pre-open era had a lot of nationalist victories at the Slams, whether it was travel or funding that was the reason, it wasn't a rarity to see a local citizen claiming the national title. Those days have long gone but I've tabulated the real interesting tales here: Australian Open 4...
  11. BGod

    [7]Zverev vs. Rublev[17] 4th Round

    Surprised nobody had started this yet. The fun fact here is Zverev going for 3rd Slam Quarter and Rublev his 2nd. Even if you hate these guys one of them is getting another notch on the ol belt.
  12. BGod

    2017-2019 without Fed contending

    Many including myself didn't expect Roger to come back and contend in any serious way. He won 3 more Slams. I'm interested how people see the 12 tournaments playing out without Fed being a factor beyond 4th Round and let's say he just retires after 2017 altogether. I've taken the liberty of...
  13. BGod

    What exactly does Nadal need to pass Federer (VOTE!)

    Finally with a proper poll attached. There are certain caveats that can be assumed with regards to weeks at #1 which is why I didn't write weeks at #1 and YE because if he got more weeks at #1 he's probably got 1 more YE as well while having another YE doesn't mean he has more weeks, etc. The...
  14. BGod

    [7] Zverev vs. Verdasco 3rd ROUND

    Due at 3:00am Eastern Standard.
  15. BGod

    Novak's chances at 2020 Calendar Slam?

    Hey it's a new year, gotta get those votes in before they become cheats. Though I'm holding the poll open past the AO. I think like last year, he needs to win the French Open and I think it'll look good. Roger can't be looking better going into Wimbledon and I get the feeling his best shot is...
  16. BGod

    Djokovic 19 consecutive sets won on hard.

    Against Nadal. I don't believe Nadal had that streak against either Nole or Roger on clay.
  17. BGod

    The Value of an Olympic Gold Medal?

    From a career point of view for you, the fan. When the ATP awarded points, it was 750. Less than a Masters but also with the perspective that a player would lose all those points without the ability to defend them so it couldn't be too high. I think there's something to be said about the draw...
  18. BGod

    Intriguing numbers for all-time Top 20 players

    Generally speaking, winning a Slam among a heap of nothing will still get you a borderline Top 10 ranking. Consistency outside the Slams may also get you inside the Top 10. But the Top 20 is a good indicator of generally consistency where a player might lose a tremendous amount of points but...
  19. BGod

    Kafelnikov vs. Roddick (Singles Career)

    I can't believe a direct comparison hasn't been made although there was the Hewitt-Roddick-Kafelnikov thread this is a direct comparison between these two (Hewitt was clear ahead at #1 in that discussion). THIS IS ONLY SINGLES, as Kafelnikov had a solid doubles career and Roddick didn't really...
  20. BGod

    Sentimental Slam Runs YOU want to see?

    Watching Goffin today really made me feel for him. And despite him not having any Big titles to his name he has the WTF Final, a recent Masters Final and the Slam Quarters are spread across 3 surfaces. He strikes me very much to a Thomas Johansson who can muster a magical Slam run given the...
  21. BGod

    Stich vs. Ivanisevic

    Hey one is in the Hall of Fame and the other ain't but I think it's pretty damn close honestly. Stich is simply the more surface versatile player but overall: Stich 1 Slam in 3 Finals (3 additional SFs) WTF Title 2 Masters in 3 Finals (6 additional SFs) YE #2, 4 & 9 Ivanisevic 1 Slam in 4...
  22. BGod

    Players you're surprised are not retired?

    As of the start of 2020. Tommy Robredo, ranked #207 recently played a challenger in Hamburg in October. Hasn't played a Slam main draw since 2018 USO and it was 2017 French before then and 2016 AO before that. Hasn't played a single Masters main draw since 2017 either. I honestly don't know...
  23. BGod

    ATP Cup predictions

    Less than a month ago starting January 3rd. Group A France Serbia South Africa Chile Group B Spain Japan Uruguay Georgia Group C Belgium UK Bulgaria Moldova Group D Russia Italy USA Norway Group E Croatia Argentina Austria Poland Group F Germany Canada Australia Greece Group winners plus...
  24. BGod

    More likely to happen in the 2020s?

    I think after watching Thiem perform in Indian Wells (live) and WTF, he's got enough to branch out on hard courts if conditions are right and will absolutely dominate clay post-Nadal. That said, guys like Tsitsipas, Felix, Shap and yeah maybe Zverev have time on their side. But I pose the...
  25. BGod

    #3 Male Player of the Decade? Federer vs. Murray

    At first I thought the Novak vs. Nadal debate could be interesting but after running the numbers there was a clear gap that put Novak at #1. However at #3 I feel it's way more of a conversation, take a look: Federer 5 Slams, 5 Finals, 11 Semis 1 Olympic Silver 12 Masters 2 WTFs 48 weeks at #1 1...
  26. BGod

    More Clutch? Federer vs. Wawrinka

    Okay, I swear this is my last thread for at least a few weeks. I just can't get over how Wawrinka seems to take big matches and comes out ahead despite being the underdog I believe almost every time. Overall his record in Slam SFs is 4-5 but he was only a slight favourite in 3 of them. Of the 5...
  27. BGod

    Best Value Final for Fans Last 20 Years?

    When I say value, that means the price for tickets and what players and quality match was received. At Slams this is practically impossible, you will more often than not overpay or like Wimbledon Finals, it's a lot about lottery not open to general buying. This 250 title in Belgium will see a...
  28. BGod

    Nadal's #2 Ranking (Incoming Records)

    So it's not being talked about but Nadal will soon surpass Federer for most total weeks in the Top 2 (1 week behind right now) and will tie Federer with most Top 2 YE finishes at 11. Of course I have to make mention of Nadal's recent extension of his time ranked exactly at #2, which because of...
  29. BGod

    The American Quad.

    But seriously, the United States is home to the most big14 titles, as in the 9 Masters, WTF and 4 Slams. Indian Wells, California Miami, Florida Cincinnati, Ohio New York, New York Now with IW & MI only coming into the big times there hasn't been as much time to attempt, just over 30 years...
  30. BGod

    Wawrinka & Murray next 2 Seasons?

    Wawrinka is 2 years older but for all intents and purposes we're looking at the next 2 seasons for viability reasons. I start this thread based on Wawrinka & Murray being on opposite semifinals for a 250 event. Neither man has won an ATP title since 2017. For Wawrinka I think he's inching...