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  1. Nadal_Monfils

    Twisted Logic vs. Occam's Razor

    Nadal got more work done on future changeovers but didn't have to take a medical timeout. If the injury was gamesmanship why would he do that?
  2. Nadal_Monfils

    Nadal going for his 16th Master's Series title in Shanghai 2009!

    Damn that's lame. Is it on the tennis channel? I guess I'll just check the score when I wake up. :(
  3. Nadal_Monfils

    Nadal going for his 16th Master's Series title in Shanghai 2009!

    What time is his match going to be in eastern time?
  4. Nadal_Monfils

    TWMAC's Indie/Alt/Folk Music Forum

    Does anyone here like Rogue Wave or The Helio Sequence? Rogue Wave is probably my favorite band right now. Rogue Wave: Helio Sequence
  5. Nadal_Monfils

    What book are you currently reading?

    I just finished The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac. I'm starting Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut now.
  6. Nadal_Monfils

    "I Wouldn't Have Federer Play A Match For My Life" - Skip Bayless (ESPN)

    I would pick Rod Laver if it was a random surface that I didn't know.
  7. Nadal_Monfils

    What book are you currently reading?

    I just finished The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson and I can't decide whether I should read Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald or The Republic by Plato next.
  8. Nadal_Monfils

    Which two players would you most like to see play on grass

    Murray vs. Federer. Roddick shouldn't be in any of the combinations, his game is so boring and he isn't a contender to win a slam anymore.
  9. Nadal_Monfils

    The lets hope Rafa recovers fully thread.

    My first time going to Wimbledon and Nadal might not even be there! And Nadal Federer matches are always the best.
  10. Nadal_Monfils

    SPOILER: Is this the First FO between two Non Grinders in modern tennis history?

    Maybe Nadal fans should start complaining that the clay is too fast, just like Federer fans complaining that the grass is too slow.
  11. Nadal_Monfils

    Players that don't get along

    McEnroe hated Gilbert. He's not a player but Chris Fowler seems to hate Brad Gilbert, he always makes fun of him when they're announcing together.
  12. Nadal_Monfils

    TWMAC's Indie/Alt/Folk Music Forum

    Some of my favorites are the Dodos and Phoenix.
  13. Nadal_Monfils

    Madrid faster than US Open?

    It's basically red grass!
  14. Nadal_Monfils

    I'm going to be a dad!!

    How do you know it's yours? ;-)
  15. Nadal_Monfils

    APUSH Test (ty to meowmix)

    I'm taking AP Biology on Monday. That is the worst class ever. I can only read a paragraph at a time in the book before I become so bored that I can't read it anymore and have to do something else. I just took the AP Euro exam today and it was alright except for one of the FRQ's that I didn't...
  16. Nadal_Monfils

    Rome Final: Djokovic vs Nadal

    Has Nadal lost a set on clay on this year? I think Nadal will win in two close sets, something like 7-6 6-4.
  17. Nadal_Monfils

    Why don't more players drop-shot Nadal?

    I also think people should drop shot Nadal more often. Nadal gets to most of them, but even when he does he doesn't do much with them and usually has to resort to just bunting it over the net.
  18. Nadal_Monfils

    What book are you currently reading?

    I'm reading Island by Aldous Huxley, which so far is better than Brave New World. I also have The Doors of Perception by Huxley and I'll read it sometime soon.
  19. Nadal_Monfils

    IW SF: [1] R. Nadal (ESP) vs [7] A. Roddick (USA)

    Does anyone know where we can watch this match? For some reason FSN isn't showing this match or the Murray-Federer match. Nice of them to completely stop coverage during some of the most important matches.
  20. Nadal_Monfils

    would karlovic win wimbledon back in the 90's

    No, he is too tall to bend down and hit low balls and his shots besides the serve are not good enough to compete at a high level with the best players.
  21. Nadal_Monfils

    ATP 500: Rotterdam Feb 7-15, 2009

    Agreed, I don't know why he is even playing here.
  22. Nadal_Monfils

    Why aren't there more live ATP matches on the Tennis Channel?

    They should show more classic matches too, like some with Borg and McEnroe and Sampras.
  23. Nadal_Monfils

    Who else can't wait?

    I think it will be a Djokovic-Nadal final this year. Djokovic was more impressive at the French last year than Federer, even though he only made it to the semis. This is assuming that Djokovic rights the ship during the spring hard court season of course.
  24. Nadal_Monfils

    Is there anyone in tennis history who could have been Nadal's worst nightmare?

    I think Pete Sampras too. Nadal's return of serve is not all that impressive (although it was in the final) and usually has pretty high net clearance which Sampras would be able to put away with his volleys. But honestly, who wouldn't have problems facing Sampras on grass and hard courts?
  25. Nadal_Monfils

    Awesome video: Roger Federer vs Tim Henman - Basel Final 2001

    Sounds good to me. Keep up the good posting.
  26. Nadal_Monfils

    Nadal stands up for Phelps: 'Sportsmen are just not machines'

    Maybe Phelps can get an endorsement deal with a bong company.
  27. Nadal_Monfils

    How Old are you? (age distribution of posters)

    Yes, and I won a bet on the Steelers.