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    Unreplied email?

    Hello there. I sent you an email 2 days ago (May 4th) asking info about how I proceedo to buy a matched pair of the new Head Pro Tour 2.0. But I got no reply yet... Please make sure if you got my email and tell me something, ok? Fernando
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    Dead Strings (poly)

    Hey guys. Simple question: how long does it take for an unused string (strung) to go dead? BT
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    Head Graphene (Touch, XT, etc..) Prestige MID X Prince Textreme Tour 95

    Hello guys Can someone please provide any input regarding this comparison? I´m a former Prince Textreme Tour 95 player and it´s a terrific frame. But I´m kind of a Head guy so the want factor is knocking on my door... Tx a lot. BT
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    Visiting TW Retail Store

    Hello all! Maybe I will be in California soon and also maybe I intend to visit the store. So I have a few questions for you. I tried the online chat but it did not work for me. - Do you have all the racquets sold online also in stock at the retail store? - May I try the racquets on a wall or...
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    Flex of Prince TX220P-95 CT4 EXO3 Rebel 95

    Hi racquet specialists. I have a possibility of getting 2 of these and am wondering about it's flex index... Can someone help me on this? Thanks. BT
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    Midsize for the baseline hard hitter - Help pls

    Hey guys. I play arround 5.0 NRTP level and mostly like to hit bombs from the baseline. I am an old school player and already tried to play with larger headed racquets, but always come back to the mids. My last try was a Prince Rebel 95 - and it still felt too big... I am traveling to the...
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    Pacific X Feel Pro 90 Vacuum - Someone?

    Hey all. I am interested on feedbacks about this frame. It seems, there is not too much love about it, but, anyway I am curious... I usually play with an YT Prest MID, with Spin X @ 58. So if someone can compare them, I'd appreciate a lot. Thanx. BT
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    Help with posting

    Hello. Why can't I post in the racquet session anymore? Thanks BT
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    Typhoon - my take on it

    I’ve heard so many good things about this stuff so I decided to try. I think of myself as solid 5.5 player who likes to blast from the baseline and eventually go to the net (no formal rating where I live). I played with most polys (like Lux ALU, Lux TiMo, Lux Ace, nearly all Kirschbaums...
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    Grommets for Wilson 6.1 Classic

    Hey, pals. Which actual gromemts will fit this racquet (16M)? Tx BT
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    MG Prest Mid grommets will fit in PC Classic?

    So? And where to get them? Tx BT
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    Topspin X90 Racquet - Any feedback?

    Hey guys. Since I seem not to be able go get more PC 600´s, I´m trying to find something similar... So I´ve heard of this frame and wondered if any of you has any experience with it. Thanks BT
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    2 PC 600!! Luck of the draw!!

    Hey! Just got 2 Pestiges. One is mint and the ohter is 9/10. I never thought I would get these, cause they are so hard to find. And the price was $150 (both). So happy and wanted to share this with you all. lol BT
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    My Poly Ranking

    I´ve quoted from somewhere else and updated it. Maybe it is useful for someone. CONTROL - Tension Maintenace (1= best, and so..) ------------------------------ 1-1 PSupex BA 2-16 Lux TiMo 3-2 Pacific PFO 4-9 Kirsch PL II 5-15 Bab Duralast 6-10 Bab PH (18 and 17 - The 16 is...
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    My oppinion on the Pro Supex poly line

    Well, that is it. Big Ace - Excellent, best poly ever imo. Control is there and is also long lasting. Nice touch and bite. Blue Gear. - Hum... All right. Good. Nothing special though. Premier Ace - Poor feel. Low powered and poor control - did NOT like at all! BT
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    MG Prest MID X KBlade Tour - Help please

    Hey, folks I am traveling to the US in november and intend to buy one of these.. Please may I have your oppinions, feedback, comparison, pros & cons..? I am a strong baseliner and a poly user. Would appreciate any reply. tx for your time. BT
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    Durabillity of unused shoes?

    Hi you experts. Last week I had a chance to buy 2 nikes (1 cage, 1 Vapor) real cheap. The thing is I got already an Air MaxII in very good shape, so I am wondering I will start using the first new one in 6 months and the other... who knows. So my question is: unused new shoes will have the...
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    Unused poly going dead ?

    Hi. I usually use to string (poly kirsch PL II) two racquets each time. I use one of them and the other remains unused for around three weeks. The question is simple: will the unused poly go dead after these 3 weeks? What´s is your experience on it? Feedbacks welcome :) ! BT
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    My "From - To" story. How´s yours?

    Well, there it goes. FROM Wilson Hyper ProStaff 5.0 (good control, too stiff, hurt my shoulder) TO Babolat Pure Drive (too light and poor control, needed to string too tight) TO Volkl C10 Pro (great, but after many string jobs it became too mushy - or it´s just my mind?) TO Slazenger...
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    Buenos Aires - Tennis Pro Shops ?

    Hey, wrong forum I know. But many pals access it everyday :) Will be in Buenos Aires next week and wonder if any of you guys has a tip on Tennis Pro Shops there.. Tx BT
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    Pacific Strings - Question to Rabbit

    Hey, Rabbit. Maybe I will be in the States soon so I would like to know how is your experience with the Pacific Strings going. Are you still playing with it? What about the playable life? How does it compare with TiMo? Thanks a lot, man Best.
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    TW Retail Store?

    Hey guys. I live in Brazil and probably will take a trip to California next November and am thinking of dropping by your retail store. So I have some doubts – may someone help me with them? -Is there such retail store I am thinking of? -Those products sold online are all in stock in the...
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    Pro Hurricane 18 --> not the 16 or 17 !!

    Hey all! I have been switching from poly to poly these last two years. Tried many of them (Alu, Ace, TiMo, Super Smash, Competition, TTurbo, Plasma, Pro´s Pro, Hurricane, Hurricane Tour, Big Hitter, RedCode, ... to name some). I am a poly lover and a big baseline basher. I like the Lux´s...
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    Question to Rabbit

    Hey Rabbit. It´s been a long time I don´t mail you. Things are great here in Brazil. Everything fine. Much tennis, much rock and roll and when I have spare time -> work !! I read your reference about Pacific Poly Xtreme and became interested in it. This is because you were responsible...
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    Real Tension ??

    The guy who strings my racquets works with 2 diff machines. He owns 1 Blue electronic Babolat and 1 old weight drop. He says the Bab one strings 10 lbs tighter, if you select ther same tension... It´s hard for me to buy it, but... He is a very experienced guy and has been stringing for decades...
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    Tension on the K90 - Sugg please

    Hey there. I´ve strung one at 55 (poly) but felt TOO loose... What´s the tension you pals string yours at? Tx BT
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    Question to Craig Clark (or anyone who cares..)

    Hey Craig. I read you like polys, but they go dead soon... So you have to cut off the strings, right? Well, my doubt is, considering one changes strings every week, do you feel the the diff in the frame´s playability? Maybe it´s just me, but after some restringings, I start having / feeling...
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    Grommets question - please help

    Hey pals. How often do you should change the grommets of your racquets? Why do one need to change the grommets. Does it have somethin to do with control loss? Well, ´d appreciate any input. BT
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    The "new" PC 600

    Hey all, I´ve seen many opinions on these boards about the PC 600 - I mean the one traded at TW. Well I am curious if it is a "real" PC 600. Can I have some feedback please? And the ones who have playtested it, please tell me how it feels, ok? TX Big
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    LM Prest MID x PC 600

    Maybe some of you can help me. I am thinking of buying those "new" PC600 from TW and wish to know if the racquet head shape is equal to the LM... Or it is more like a "leaf" shaped head. tx BT