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    ATP Homepage: Sounds Delicious!

    Check out the homepage: "Djokovic dazzles in the dessert" haha. good stuff.
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    Weird question

    Why is Bob Bryan wearing Andy Roddick's jacket?
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    Serena Williams Hospitalized With Blood Clot Issue
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    Roddick pulls out of Delray Beach,0,1198711.story Smart move for him, probably.
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    Auction winner sees Graf naked

    Did you guys see this yet? Sorry if someone already posted: LAS VEGAS -- Andre Agassi didn't catch any heat from wife Steffi Graf over saying he'd show a nude picture of...
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    So, what will the (fixed?) draw look like?

    OK, major draw conspiracy theorists, we've had a lot of fun with this in the past, so let's not disappoint. What do you think the draw for the Australian Open will look like. Will Murray and Nadal be on the same side? What other (fixed?) matchups can we look forward to?
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    So, who do you think makes it to the YEC?

    Here's the current "Race" standings: 01 Rafael Nadal (ESP) 10885 (45) (--) 02 Roger Federer (SUI) 6115 (90) (--) 03 Novak Djokovic (SRB) 4775 (20) (180) 04 Andy Murray (GBR) 4045 (--) (--) 05 Robin...
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    Dish Network free Tennis Channel coverage?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows if Dish will be showing the tennis channel for free during the U.S. Open, as they usually have the tennis channel free for Grand Slams.
  9. Commando Tennis Shorts McEnroe's remarks are demeaning She also said that his "schtick is old". Tough words from a nobody. Yes, how dare J-Mac give his honest opinion on something.
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    ESPN U.S. Open Predictions

    Here: They seem to like Murray to win it all, and for Davydenko or Verdasco to go out early, with Nalbandian and Fish as the sleepers. Shocker.
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    McEnroe: WTA scheduling is too tough for women physically and mentally

    Don't know if this was already posted: It's interesting how the article makes it seem like he's supporting them by asking for less work for them, but if you look at his quotes, he actually seems to be ripping the WTA...
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    Fixed draw conspiracy theorists: What can we look forward to tomorrow?

    Even if you're not, just pretend for a second that you are a fixed draw conspiracy theorist. What will tomorrow's draw look like? Who will be in whose quarter, etc.? Can we expect Murray and Nadal to be on opposite sides or the same? How about Roddick and Djokovic? Soderling and Federer in a...
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    Cahill and Gilbert say Nadal is the definite favorite at the USO

    During ESPN2's Atlanta coverage today, Brad Gilbert said, "I don't know about a 'lock,' but Nadal is definitely the favorite." Cahill said the same thing. Is Nadal really the favorite? I realize he's won the last 2 slams and is in great playing shape as of late, but the favorite? On the one...
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    The Wimbledon poet is disappointing

    The link: You guys remember how Wimbledon, for the first time, has employed a poet to write a poem each day about SW19? It was billed as something that would be all-encompassing and would include highlights from each day's matches in the lines...
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    Clijsters forehand grip to serve?

    Does Kim Clijsters use a forehand grip to serve? I was watching her just now, and it looked like she clearly uses an eastern forehand grip on her service.
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    Should Roddick fans root for him to be in Fed's quarter?

    I'm being serious here. Yes, Federer is the king of grass, and yes, Federer has caused Roddick quite a bit of heartache in the Slams, particularly Wimbledon, but this might be Roddick's best shot to finally beat Federer. Perhaps a perfect storm is brewing here for Roddick. Federer has been...
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    Queens Draw

    Anyone know when it is?
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    Rankings shuffling between now and Wimbledon

    This thread really isn't earth-shattering or anything. I was just thinking about the shuffling in rankings that is likely to occur between now and Wimbledon. Here's the current rankings: 1) Federer 2) Djokovic 3) Nadal 4) Del Potro 5) Murray 6) Davydenko 7) Soderling 8 ) Roddick I...
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    Obsessions with surfaces: What about the U.S. Open?

    There's been lots of talk lately about different surfaces and what they're turning into and what they used to be like and whether they should change certain tournaments to different surfaces. This got me thinking: Wimbledon has slowed down; The Aussie Open has slowed, many say. What about...
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    Is this review of PD GT correct?

    Hey guys, I am a staunch supporter of the PD swirly. I think it's the last decent Pure Drive that was made. I might include the next gen, as I really like that racquet too, but then when it went to cortex, all hell broke loose. Well anyway, it's getting harder and harder for me to find good...
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    Who's more impressive? Ljubicic at IW or Berdych at Miami?

    I was just thinking about this today. You know what's funny? I think that Ljubicic by far was more impressive in Indian Wells than Berdych has been here, in that Ljubicic was just striking the ball so well and just got on a huge hotstreak, even though Berdych has beaten three top 10 players...
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    Miami 2010: Roddick v. Almagro - Quarterfinals

    The other one said "IW" so I made this one.
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    Early upsets should make for some interesting semi-finalists

    Nothing too earthshattering in this thread. Just wanted to express my sentiment that we could have some very interesting semi-finalists in Miami. I mean, for such a big tournament, this is a pretty neat situation, with #2 and #3 going down. Looking at the draw, it looks like even if the...
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    Roddick and Gonzales teaming up for Chile earthquake charity

    Oops, I mean Gonzalez; sorry. Didn't see this posted yet. Looks pretty cool. Good for them.
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    The result of a good draw and hard work

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not giving Roddick the Indian Wells title yet, but I believe this is a prime example of what a good draw can get you. I've always said, with respect to Roddick's chances at another Slam title, that it all depends on the draw, and that with a good draw, anything's...
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    Whatever happened to that one guy?

    Do you guys remember last summer when a guy came on the boards and said that Roddick gave him his racquet, and we kept asking him to put pictures up, and then he disappeared for forever and kept giving excuses about how he didn't have a camera, then his camera wasn't working, then he was going...
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    Who are your top 5 RIGHT NOW?

    Forget the rankings, I want to know your guys' opinions about who the top 5 or 6 players are as of RIGHT NOW. I just think it might be interesting to see how much they differ from the actual rankings and how much effect the Aussie Open has had on your guys' opinions of these players' current...
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    Pure Drive experts, I need your help (pics included)

    So, I bought a racquet from the auction site a few days ago---my racquet of choice, the Pure Drive so-called "swirly" edition. Now, this is my racquet of choice because I believe it's more solid than the later Pure Drives. Anyway, so the racquet comes in, and I notice it is playing much more...
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    Australian Open Draw announcement?

    Apologies if this already appears somewhere, but I searched fervently both on TW and on the internet in general, and while I understand that the draw will be released on Friday, I've found nowhere that details exactly when on Friday the draw will be announced. Anyone know? Thanks guys!
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    Taylor Dent Article

    in the University of Arizona student newspaper. It seems to really highlight Dent's comeback both through the eyes of Dent himself and his best friend, who is apparently a tennis coach at Arizona. We all know the story, but it's interesting nonetheless...