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  1. Grunge123

    Am I being Friendzoned?

    I need some advice, I have known this girl from my university now since September. I've always found her attractive, but at the time I liked someone else (It didn't work out with that person ) so I didn't want to make a move. Anyway I have gotten to know her very well since December, we're both...
  2. Grunge123

    100 greatest players of all time Does anyone know if there is a more up to date list, Because I definitely think Murray should be on there. Also why is Gustavo Kuerten so high on the list? Murray should be above Roddick. Anyone agree with this list, and if there is a...
  3. Grunge123

    Murray against big servers

    Murray has a great record against big servers such as Roddick, Karlovic, Isner, Tsonga, but what is it about Raonic's game that bothers Murray so much??Murray is meant to be a great returner, but I've seen Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, and Ferrer return Raonic's serve better than him. Why is that?
  4. Grunge123

    Good and bad Matchups for the big 4?

    Sorry if this thread has been done a thousand times, I just like to know people's opinions. Just list 3 for each, Good Matchups for Federer Ferrer, Youzhny, Haas Bad Matchups for Federer Nadal, Berdych, Gulbis Good Matchups for Nadal Berdych, Gasquet, Robredo Bad Matchups for...
  5. Grunge123

    Who are some of your least favorite ATP players?

    Mine are Raonic, Donald Young, Almagro, Fognini, Granollers
  6. Grunge123

    Who has had the best career out of these guys??

    Tommy Haas Nikolay Davydenko David Nalbandian David Ferrer Tomas Berdych Robin Soderling Jo Wilfried Tsonga Fernando Gonzales Gael Monfils Donald Young
  7. Grunge123

    What rank would the following be if they were still playing and healthy?

    Soderling Blake Roddick Nalbandian Ferrero Ljubibic Sorry about all the threads, this will be my last.
  8. Grunge123

    Will Murray's win% be under 70 this year?

    Most of the time each member of the big four has a win % of the year with 80% or over, and Murray is currently at 71. Do you think he could go over 80 by the end of the year of finish under 70.
  9. Grunge123

    Who is the worst Matchup for each of these Players?

    Here's my opinion Djokovic's would be Federer Nadal's - Djokovic Federer's - Nadal Murray - Nadal Wawrinka - Nadal Del Potro - Djokovic Berdych - Nadal Ferrer - Federer Tsonga - Murray Dimitrov - Nadal Raonic - Federer Nishikori - Murray Isner - Federer Hewitt - Nadal Gulbis -...
  10. Grunge123

    When will Murray beat a top ten player?

    As a Murray fan I found the Tsonga match hard to watch, I just don't think Murray's ever going to regain his 2012 - 2013 form. Hell even his 2008 - 2011 form was better than this. What I find strange that his best form and results have come on clay this year???? How would you rate Murray's...
  11. Grunge123

    Which of these young guys do you think will win slams?

    Dimitrov, Gulbis, Raonic, Nishikori, Kyrgios, Janowicz, Young, Tomic, Pospisil, Dolgopolov etc I can see Dimitrov winning between 2-4 slams. I mainly see him contending for Wimbledon and US open. Gulbis - nope maybe another semi final but that's it Raonic - I can only see him winning 1...
  12. Grunge123

    Do you think Murray will win a title this year?

    I think the only chance he has is if he plays in a small tournament like Bangkok or Tokyo. As a Murray fan I've got a feeling that he might not make it too London, he hasn't beaten a top 10 player since Wimbledon last year. Even if he does qualify for London I can't see him beating anybody other...
  13. Grunge123

    Top 10 current Claycourters/Grasscourters/Hardcourt specialists?

    Who do you think are the top 10 current Claycourters, This is just my opinion feel free to debate and disagree 1. Nadal(Obviously lol) 2. Djokovic 3. Federer 4. Ferrer 5. Wawrinka 6. Del Potro 7. Almagro 8. Tsonga 9. Berdych 10. Fognini I would probably put Murray at number 11...
  14. Grunge123

    Why does Murray struggle so much against Raonic?

    I was just wondering why does Murray struggle against Raonic so much, He has a great H2H against other big servers Isner, Querrey, Karlovic, Roddick, Tsonga etc It's weird because Isner struggles against Murray the most out of the big 4, but Raonic finds him the easiest to beat out of the big 4...
  15. Grunge123

    What are some of these guy's best surfaces?

    We all know that Nadal's best surface is Clay. Murray's Grass. Djokovic's hardcourt. Federer's Grass(I personally think he's better on hardcourt though) Nobody talks about the other guys and their best surface Ferrer Tsonga Berdych Wawrinka Del Potro Gasquet Dimitrov Isner Raonic...
  16. Grunge123

    Do you think Murray will beat a top 10 player on Clay this year?

    I don't think he will personally. It's funny how he puts up a fight against guys like Nadal and Djokovic on clay, but gets dismantled by guys like Berdych and Wawrinka on the surface.
  17. Grunge123

    How many titles do you think Roger Federer will win this year?

    I can see him winning 3-5 titles, I think he will play better than last year, but not as good as 2012. I think if he's in good form he will make a grand slam final, but that's just my opinion. I think he will win Indian wells, Halle, Cincinnati, and Basel.
  18. Grunge123

    Best and Worst Surface of each of the top 10

    Rate the best and worst surface for each player in the top ten. Here's my opinion 1. Rafael Nadal Best Clay Worst Grass 2. Novak Djokovic Best Hardcourt Worst Grass 3. David Ferrer Best Clay Worst Grass 4. Andy Murray Best Grass Worst Clay 5. Del Potro Best Hardcourt Worst Grass 6. Roger...
  19. Grunge123

    Out of the big four put their best years to their least

    Don't count their early years, only count them when they got successful Roger Federer's best years 1. 2006 2. 2005 3. 2007 4. 2004 5. 2009 6. 2012 7. 2003 8. 2010 9. 2008 10. 2011 11. 2013 Rafael Nadal 1. 2010 2. 2013 3. 2008 4. 2011 5. 2012. (he was having a great year...
  20. Grunge123

    Who's better on clay Tsonga or Murray?

    I think this is a tossup in my opinion, Tsonga can definitely do more damage to guys like Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal on clay. However I think if murray and Tsonga were to both play in Roland Garros I would pick Murray in 5 sets
  21. Grunge123

    Top 10 best and worst returners of today.

    Only include people who in the top 100 Best returners of today 1. Novak Djokovic 2. Andy Murray 3. David Ferrer 4. Rafael Nadal 5. Lleyton Hewitt 6. Nikolay Davydenko 7. Roger Federer 8. Del Potro 9. Marin cilic 10. Tomas Berdych Worst Returners of today in no particular order 1...
  22. Grunge123

    Predictions for who you think will win the Grand slams and masters 1000s this year

    Hey guys, I'm new on here and this is my first thread, these are my predictions for the big tournaments this year. Post your predictions, Also if you want, post your year end rankings Australian open 2014. Djokovic will beat Nadal French open 2014 Nadal will beat Djokovic Wimbledon Murray...