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  1. gsquicksilver

    New Federer Racquet Coming

    wow. better stock up now!
  2. gsquicksilver

    Reissued Wilson PS85 Grommets Availability?

    let's get some pics!
  3. gsquicksilver

    Reissued Wilson PS85 Grommets Availability?

    Chris, are these made by wilson or replicas? And will they fit st. vincents?
  4. gsquicksilver

    Reissued Wilson PS85 Grommets Availability?

    wait, are you saying the throat grommets are the old 3 piece grommets?
  5. gsquicksilver

    St Vincent?

    i really hope you get your money back bro. let us know if everything works out.
  6. gsquicksilver

    Wilson Prostaff

    not really. when you think about it logically, how big is a tennis ball? if skill is up to par, you really don't need much surface area on a racquet to hit that tiny ball. 85 is plenty big to hit such a tiny ball. :)
  7. gsquicksilver

    Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85

    do you guys notice that on fleabay, the number of PS85 listings have went way down since TW made them available again? haha!
  8. gsquicksilver

    Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85

    they don't make the old white buttcaps anymore. hence, using what they have now, the BLX
  9. gsquicksilver

    Reissued Wilson Pro Staff Original 85 on website?

    any day now guys...don't let us down TW
  10. gsquicksilver

    Is it cracked???

    you probably should post pictures on here to get a more accurate response.
  11. gsquicksilver

    Pro Staff 6.0 85 Grommets Availability

    Hi TW, just curious if there will be a new shipment in for purchase of the pro staff 6.0 85 grommets. thanks!
  12. gsquicksilver

    What made wimbledon slower?

    it's funny how during the period that the grasscourts were dominated by S&V's that many wanted to slow the courts down so that more rallies can happen. now that they've done that, people want to go back to fast grass to bring back the S&V. can't we all just get along?:confused:
  13. gsquicksilver

    Djokovic vs Safin : Who is better?

    thanks bro. did you get a chance to watch the match? imo, i thought that was one of safin's best matches where all cylinders were firing for him.
  14. gsquicksilver

    Djokovic vs Safin : Who is better?

    it's not a dumb statement. safin beat federer and federer gave all he got in that match. he simply was outhit by safin and overpowered that match. a normal match for fed during that time would have been a victory for him.
  15. gsquicksilver

    Djokovic vs Safin : Who is better?

    fed gave all he got in that match but he was simply overpowered and outhit by safin.
  16. gsquicksilver

    Djokovic vs Safin : Who is better?

    did you see the 2005 australian open semi where he destroyed federer? federer was playing out of his mind in that match and still couldn't beat safin.
  17. gsquicksilver

    Djokovic vs Safin : Who is better?

    at his best, no one could beat safin. however, he was a headcase and underachieved in his career.
  18. gsquicksilver

    Caption This...

    "hehehe...i'm a perv!" :mrgreen:
  19. gsquicksilver

    Roddick or Ivanisevic? Who was the better player and who had the greater career?

    talent wise, i'd say ivanisevic was more talented, but mentally, roddick is stronger. roddick sticks it out while ivanisevic would just fold.
  20. gsquicksilver

    Did not know that Jimbo Conners used a prince racquet????

    he still uses them. last i saw him hit was in the videos where he was hitting with roddick during the days when he was still coaching him.
  21. gsquicksilver

    The Used / Classic Racquet Market is DEAD !!!

    interested in selling the vacuum pro's?
  22. gsquicksilver

    New ProStaff 6.0 95 Deal!!! Let me know your thoughts :)

    the one near my house, they know racquet prices so their sticks are priced accordingly. damnit.
  23. gsquicksilver

    Rosner Max 1000? Max 200 G clone?

    how does it play virginia?
  24. gsquicksilver

    All rackets that made/partially has boron?

    dunlop boron XLT
  25. gsquicksilver

    PS 6.0 85 Grommets??

    i just received a few sets from TW this week. nope, they don't fit the st. vincents. they are indeed the same grommet sets that TW have been selling for the last few years. only way to make them fit a SV is to modify them by stretching and sanding down some wide grommets.
  26. gsquicksilver

    Caldon - Belgium: Mystery Rackets?

    i think those are overgrips.
  27. gsquicksilver

    Made in Belgium PS85?

    any insight whether this is legit or he pulled this out of his arse?
  28. gsquicksilver

    Made in Belgium PS85?

    it looks like it ends in B
  29. gsquicksilver

    Made in Belgium PS85?

    there this guy on the bay claiming his stick is made in belgium and that the first few batches were made by donnay. what do you guys think? item#200542268518