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  1. Rod Laver

    Ranking Roddick's years on tour

    Been thinking about Roddick's career and what were his best and worst years on tour. The most appropriate criteria I thought to use would be 1) success and 2) level of play. By those standards 2003 seems like his best year (feel free to disagree). Where would you rank each of his full years on...
  2. Rod Laver

    Courier vs Murray

    Who is the greater player out of Courier and Murray and who do you think would win more often then not had they played? I understand Murray's career still has much more mileage in it but at this stage I do see some parallels between the two. Both year end #1's, won 4 and 3 slams respectively...
  3. Rod Laver

    Best player/s to never win a particular slam

    This can include slam winners or non-slam winners. I was first thinking of Lendl who is probably the best player to never win Wimbledon. But what about Roddick? 3 finals, all against Federer, one which he could have potentially won. Other players who come to mind are Bjorg at the USO, McEnroe...