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  1. B-Line

    Benoit Paire

    Hardly the poster boy for Babolat the way he's going through so many rackets?
  2. B-Line

    Love Means Zero

    Fascinating documentary about Nick Bollettieri and his Academy. As a Brit it's on my bucket list to visit. Anyone been there? or seen the doc?
  3. B-Line

    Cilic to win Wimbledon?

    He's getting closer and in good form? With that big serve and 'if' Federer goes out the draw early could he do it?
  4. B-Line

    Senior Tour - Racket Selection

    Is it me or are the former pros constantly changing their rackets? Every odd tournament there using different rackets. Just a thought.
  5. B-Line

    Rackets that play like the 2003 pure drive team standard.

    Hi Can anybody recommend rackets that play like the babolat pure drive team standard (2003). Thinking of getting the new version. Just wondered what peoples experience/thoughts were. Thanks :)