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  1. PascalMariaFan

    How do I increase grip size without affecting weight too much?

    I'm playing with a 4 5/8 grip (the biggest size I could find), with two replacement grips on it and an overgrip. The problem is it's way too small (fingertips touch my heel pad when I hold the racquet), and pretty heavy too. My question is, what's the best method of increasing the grip size...
  2. PascalMariaFan

    Progression in Federer's technique

    Have you guys noticed the progression in Fed's technique? It was stiff when he was younger, then it got smoother and more attractive up until about 2007. From then on I think he progressively started holding the racquet more loosely, as well as further down the grip, probably to get more wrist...
  3. PascalMariaFan

    Baseliner vs baseliner matches don't have to be boring Granted these two are proactive baseliners who use angles and come into net.
  4. PascalMariaFan

    Improvements you've noticed in players' games

    At the Australian this year I noticed Almagro standing on the baseline to return serve and consistently hitting winners off the backhand return by using the opponent's pace. Makes him a lot more dangerous on hard courts than when he would stand 4 or 5 meters behind the baseline to return. Very...
  5. PascalMariaFan

    Calming nerves

    Any tips for calming nerves? I play an attacking, smooth game in practice matches. But in competition I start to push, my strokes become wooden and my follow through disappears. I think the reason that it's difficult for me to play aggressively is because I'm winning matches by pushing...
  6. PascalMariaFan

    Pro players' technique

    What are some technical aspects of players' games that you've noticed, positive or negative? I'm watching Djokovic now, and I think the main reasons he has the best groundstrokes is because of his exaggerated upper body rotation and racquet head speed. I know his coach talked about him...
  7. PascalMariaFan

    Best single handed backhand ever
  8. PascalMariaFan

    is anyone keeping the race standings?

    cant be found on the official site i understanding the reasoning behind this, nonetheless looking for race points
  9. PascalMariaFan

    Anyone else anticipate Federer finishing no.4 next year?

    Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray are currently playing as good, if not better than Federer, and improving rapidly. Anyone else see Federer becoming the "weak" player of the big 4? Being knocked out regularly in the semi final stage of the big events by the other 3.
  10. PascalMariaFan

    Nalbandian has played 6 optionals this year

    And reached the final in 4 of them. Shame he's chosen to play so few optionals in his career.
  11. PascalMariaFan

    Did you notice that

    Scheuttler's backhand is identical to Agassi's
  12. PascalMariaFan

    Hewitt vs. Blake at their best

    Do discuss.
  13. PascalMariaFan

    If Sampras and Agassi played an exhibtion

    The money would be absolutely insane. Just in case they're ever strapped for cash.
  14. PascalMariaFan

    In a couple years time

    I'd like to see Djokovic, Tsonga, Berdych, Murray and Gulbis composing the top 5. Of course I'd rather someone more talented than Djokovic, but it's unlikely he'll be knocked off from no1.
  15. PascalMariaFan

    I never understood the Safin myth

    The idea that this guy is an outstanding talent. From what I've seen of him over the past 5 years; good timing on the ground strokes, apart from that, totally clueless. No point construction, no variation. Just constant predictable baseline bashing. When his opponent isn't making unforced...
  16. PascalMariaFan


    I love how their explanation for the improved level of play in today's game is that the players are "bigger and stronger" and the technology is better. But they never mention the infinitely improved technique. Commentators just won't admit that this generation are better tennis players than...
  17. PascalMariaFan

    Imagine if Roddick played Roddick

    Roddick never makes the first attack, just rallies the ball passively cross court. The only reason his matches are somewhat bearable is because his opponent is eventually forced into being aggressive. Now imagine if Roddick played Roddick. They'd be too afraid to be aggressive, as that...
  18. PascalMariaFan

    Nalbandian is the only player on tour

    who misses warm up serves. and i don't mean a few, but almost every serve. what is he hitting them at, maybe 70 mph?
  19. PascalMariaFan

    dream line up

    If you were scheduling a line-up of exhibition matches for royalty, with the intention of entertaining them as best as possible. What would your line-up be? Of course, all players at their peak. With the surface magically interchangeable between matches. Mine would be something along the...
  20. PascalMariaFan

    Talent vs. No talent

    If you find highlights of a talented player putting the beat down on a no talent, post them here. The highlights of the 2006 Shanghai TMC RR between Nalbandian and Roddick I find to be the ultimate showcase of a talent making a mockery of a...
  21. PascalMariaFan

    Judging from the comments of some fans

    You get the idea that Roddick has improved significantly as a player. I didn't see Roddick win Dubai, but from the comments you read, you'd definitely get the impression that the guy went up a level or two in his play. And then I watch him at IW and Miami and not surprisingly he's still...
  22. PascalMariaFan

    Did you see Nadal hit that backhand moonball?

    What an embarrassment to the game of tennis. Play with some integrity or **** off, I say.
  23. PascalMariaFan

    Agassi's drop in 2006

    Agassi ends 2005 as world no.7 with only 17 tournaments played. Goes 16-2 during the US Open series, narrowly misses out on clinching his 9th slam at the US Open. He had the game to match anyone. 2006 rolls around, and he decides it's his last season as a professional. He barely plays...
  24. PascalMariaFan

    Do you ever feel like

    Federer is the only player who really understands tennis. The way he varies his game according to the opponent he faces, how he trains every part of his game equally, and never attempts anything during matches he hasn't perfected in training.
  25. PascalMariaFan

    What happened to the OOP Ferrero-Nalbandian is gone.