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  1. Zielmann

    DonDiego's claim to racquetholics 7 kingdoms crown thread

    Are you sure you wouldn't prefer that they surrender their racquets so you can try them all?
  2. Zielmann

    Dunlop 2017

    Check out this link from a link posted in another thread that looks potentially promising. At least there's mention of a Tour, 3.0, 5.0, 6.0, and 7.0, so the numbering scheme may not be entirely dead. Just gotta see if/when they launch or hit the US. The Tour specifically sounds like it might...
  3. Zielmann

    Prince Classic Response 97: Need Help From TW Staff Please

    There have been a few threads about how people set up this frame. From those, it seems it's not uncommon to add a little lead at 12 or 2/10 just to give it a little more pop. So it's possible that sort of solution might help in your case, too. I've got two PCR97s, but haven't leaded them at all...
  4. Zielmann

    Future racquets from Dunlop

    That Revolution NT Tour, though. 97", 314g unstrung, 62RA, 18x20 pattern...
  5. Zielmann

    Custom Paint Job - Wilson Pro Staff 95

    Awesome! Not surprised it was that low of weight knowing that it was just masking tape. If it were other materials, it could have worked out to be more. At least we found where 4 of those grams went :p On that note, I'd wager that the thickness of the paint overall now is quite a bit less than...
  6. Zielmann

    Custom Paint Job - Wilson Pro Staff 95

    It wouldn't be exact, but you could tape up the handle about the same as before, remove the tape, and then weigh the tape by itself.
  7. Zielmann

    Custom Paint Job - Wilson Pro Staff 95

    Your first weigh-in has paper or plastic over the grip to protect it. I don't see that in the later weigh-ins. That's probably a large part of the 'missing' 30 grams.
  8. Zielmann

    So Fed reached 2016 Wimb SF with an unrecovered knee ?

    Don't discount a young player entirely due to having a weak mental game. I seem to recall a young player with lots of potential named Novak Djokovic having major issues with his mental game early in his career. I think it's fair to say he's overcome that issue.
  9. Zielmann

    Federers Knee Injury Was Not From Playing Tennis

    The bath incident was the start of the knee issue.
  10. Zielmann

    Looks like Prince has made an effort to revive its Shark

    I know they've got the Response Classic, but it's been out a while now... why not a Textreme Response? Warriors are white (minus the limited editions), Tours are green and orange, and now the Shark is blue. They could use a red one, and that'd be about perfect for a revived Response.
  11. Zielmann

    Unorthodox Stringing technique?

    I can't imagine how 11m would be enough string to allow a pre-weave of an entire frame plus enough slack for pulling. I mean, if it's working for them, more power to them I guess? I really don't suspect it could cause any issues for the frame or strings. It just sounds like a complete mess to...
  12. Zielmann

    Unorthodox Stringing technique?

    Are they like, threading all the mains, tensioning one at a time in a typical balanced center-out method, and then pre-weaving all the crosses and tensioning those one at a time? Or do you mean that they're both threading the mains and weaving all the crosses prior to pulling anything? If it's...
  13. Zielmann

    Apologizing for hitting the net cord

    And a shot that barely goes out was just a few millimeters from being an excellent shot... moot point. Hitting the net cord is a mistake. You don't apologize for winning the point because of an opponent's mistake.
  14. Zielmann

    Apologizing for hitting the net cord

    Do you apologize when you make an unforced error and lose a point? Do you apologize when you take advantage of a poor shot by the other player and hit a winner? No. The convention is that you apologize when an obvious mistake by you is what wins you the point. This really isn't a difficult...
  15. Zielmann

    Can Tennis ever be an everyman sport?

    Not that this is unexpected, but this thread is extremely tennis-biased. Unless you're an ex-player yourself, you don't just go shoot hoops with your kid on the weekends, plop them into high school tryouts, and wind up with a kid worthy of a significant college scholarship and potential NBA team...
  16. Zielmann

    Apologizing for hitting the net cord

    They are an extreme example. Just like your case where a net cord gives somebody who has no chance at the ball an actual shot at returning it. But the two cases are very different. To state it plainly: you apologize when your own mistake wins you a point; you don't apologize when the other...
  17. Zielmann

    How much is a 10 year old racket limiting my play?

    Yeah, this depends entirely on what the racquet is. But even then, it's more a question of if the racquet fits your needs, more than anything else. But go get some fresh strings in that thing, at the very least :p (For the record, the frame i feel gels with me the best still is the one I got...
  18. Zielmann

    Apologizing for hitting the net cord

    The convention has never been to apologize if the net causes your opponent to hit the ball out (or not go over). Generally it's more expected when you the net intervenes and creates essentially a winner or otherwise unplayable ball, winning you the point. The difference is that the net cord...
  19. Zielmann

    Apologizing for hitting the net cord

    This is where what nytennisaddict said comes in. In tennis, you can be playing from behind the entire point, only to hit that weak forehand on the run that clips the net cord and drops right in front of the net where the other person has no hope to catch up to it. By all accounts, had that shot...
  20. Zielmann

    Apologizing for hitting the net cord

    This is a big part of it. To add to that, in those other sports, there's no guarantee that a point is scored every time the ball/puck/whatever goes into play. In tennis, somebody has to win each point.
  21. Zielmann

    First Wimbledon Ball Photos...

    Thank you. This is what I came to this thread expecting, and was rather disappointed until your post :P
  22. Zielmann

    how does it play? liquidmetal radical (djokos frame)

    Simplest explanation: The mold is the metal device the frames are made in, which basically determines the physical dimensions of the racquet. The layup refers to how the graphite is placed into the mold (how they layer it and distribute the weight within the hairpin).
  23. Zielmann

    Any other 12pts HL racquet besides RF97A?

    Steel is significantly more dense than silicone rubber, so you can get more weight into the handle this way than with silicone alone.
  24. Zielmann

    Any other 12pts HL racquet besides RF97A?

    sorry, dupe.
  25. Zielmann

    Any other 12pts HL racquet besides RF97A?

    PCG100 and Burn FST 99S are both up there, too.
  26. Zielmann

    Brands that have disappeared from the TW range!

    Looks like they might have moved their remaining stock on these to the Used section. I see an Ace of Diamonds listed there, indicating it is in unused, still in bag condition.
  27. Zielmann

    White Racquets?

    TT Warrior is exactly what I had in mind for a matte white frame. Never had one, but I have seen some after a bit of use. Personally, I used the More Control DB's for a long time, and my experience with those is that the glossy white half still looks fine. Minus all the paint scratches and chips...
  28. Zielmann

    White Racquets?

    In my experience, matte white paint jobs will show dirt pretty easily. If it's gloss white, it's less likely to be an issue.
  29. Zielmann

    @Brittany...Speedport replacement

    The Textreme Premier 105 is supposed to be the successor to your speedport red, so that could be a good starting point for you.
  30. Zielmann

    Effects of Power Pad

    I believe that, functionally, all they really do is dampen vibrations a bit, slightly changing the feel you get on contact. Others might claim otherwise.