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  1. TennisCanada1

    Vapor 9.5 laces

    Are these available for sale anywhere? I've been using 9.5 laces on my Vapor x for some time now but I need new laces at this point. The vapor x laces are too short.
  2. TennisCanada1

    Vapor X Alternatives?

    I've been using vapors for years and years, with the exception of a short stint with the Asics Solution Speed 2s, which felt amazing. I'm interested in exploring alternatives now that the 9.5s are gone. I like the X, but I'm open to exploring. The issue is that while everyone under the sun...
  3. TennisCanada1

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - You should be happy

    I see all of you complaining about the RA. With all due respect, don't you realize that we aren't in the 90s anymore, and that the modern game has moved on to stiffer frames? Sure, the pocketing, touch and flex feel from a low RA is great, but it isn't viable in today's game. If your goal...
  4. TennisCanada1

    Babolat 9 pack vs 12 pack

    How much bigger is the 12 pack? Coming from a Head 12R Monstercombi..
  5. TennisCanada1

    Pure Drive 12 pack

    Hi TW, Is this being released in the Pure drive version? And I see it's a 9 pack..are there plans for the 12 pack?
  6. TennisCanada1

    Babolat 2020 Bags

    Hey TW When are new bags coming?
  7. TennisCanada1

    New Ultra Tour V3.0 RA

    Hi TW, can you provide the RA?
  8. TennisCanada1

    Star 5 message

    I have a message that came up for the first time saying "Clean clamp tube and teeth" how do I get rid of this? How can it even tell if they're clean? It makes no sense.
  9. TennisCanada1

    Yonex Bags

    Are there any new bags coming out? I got the newest bag and hate how it's upside down.
  10. TennisCanada1

    Cleaning Star 5

    How can I clean the inside of the base (inside those narrow tracks)? I bought this machine second hand, and there is a ton of dirt and even hair in there.... Is it possible to do without unscrewing? If not, how does one unscrew this thing? I was thinking of getting some kind of narrow stick and...
  11. TennisCanada1

    Star 5 - stiff

    I went from a Gamma 6900 ELS to a Babolat Star 5 thinking it was an upgrade, but when I strung on the Star 5 at the same tension, the stringbed feels incredibly stiff and the strings seem tight. The strings barely move. Is the Star 5 really an upgrade? I've read reviews that it overpulls but I...
  12. TennisCanada1

    Are these tennis socks?
  13. TennisCanada1

    Denis with the Fire PJ
  14. TennisCanada1


    Have to ask the question now - Will TW try and carry Uniqlo since Federer is now sponsored by them?
  15. TennisCanada1

    WTB: Head Liquidmetal Instinct

    Looking to buy more than 1. Shipped to Canada.
  16. TennisCanada1

    Pros using Lacoste shorts

    What model are they using besides Novak? (Paire, Bautista Agut, Chardy, Mahut) They all have relatively short shorts, but there are really only two models available for sale by Lacoste: 1) The Novak collection 2) The sport drawstring shorts, which are quite long. Are they custom made for the...
  17. TennisCanada1

    Short length

    Hi TW, Could you verify that these: are shorter (if that even is the case) than these?: The...
  18. TennisCanada1

    Lacoste 7 inch shorts

    Has anyone purchased these? How do they compare to the Nike 7 inch court shorts?
  19. TennisCanada1

    Tennis Sunglasses

    Hear me out.. I am looking to get prescription glasses for tennis (clear lenses-I will replace the original lenses with clear ones) I read on this forum that Chung, Istomin and Tipsarevic use the Oakley Flak Beta. I purchased them, but I didn't get the memo that all Oakley lense changes need...
  20. TennisCanada1

    Tighten clamp base on Gamme 6900els

    how do I tighten the actual clamp base?
  21. TennisCanada1

    Is my racquet cracked?

    I can't tell if the graphite is cracked, or if it's just a paint chip.
  22. TennisCanada1

    Yonex Bag

    Hi TW Will you be carrying this bag? If so, when, and in what colours? Thanks
  23. TennisCanada1

    Yonex Bag

    Hi TW Europe Will you be carrying this bag? If so, when, and in what colours? Thanks
  24. TennisCanada1

    Yonex Bags

    When is the next new Yonex bag coming out? Is there a catalogue? Anything new in 2018?
  25. TennisCanada1

    Yonex Bags

    When is the next new Yonex bag coming out? Is there a catalogue? Anything new in 2018?
  26. TennisCanada1

    Quiz - Healthy or Unhealthy and why?

    For the following three foods, are they healthy or unhealthy (based on what you see) and what is your reasoning? 1. Grilled Chicken with Veggies 2) Beef wrapped in Zucchini 3) Egg fried Rice
  27. TennisCanada1

    Yin Yang / Flame Dampener Weight

    Has anyone weighed either of these wilson dampeners? I don't have a small scale but I'm curious to know. I want to know how much SW it would add.
  28. TennisCanada1

    Achilles Tendonitis..

    I had pain for the first time in my achilles, and didn't really act on it until the point where it hurt when I would step when I would play. Probably about 3-4 weeks and it got worse over time. I took the last month off. I haven't played tennis or anything. It doesn't hurt when I walk at all...
  29. TennisCanada1

    Sorry for asking this, but..

    I just upgraded to a Gamme 6900 ELS and I want to use the prestretch function to prestretch my strings. How do I actually use the function?
  30. TennisCanada1

    Will this work with Eagnas Flash 767e? The progression 2 and this machine look very similar. Any chance it works? I hear amazing things about this machine but I want a proper stand, not a table.