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  1. rovex

    SoleCourt Boost Sizing

    Hello I see you have this shoe listed on the site. What's the sizing on these compared to the Barricade 2018? Thank you
  2. rovex

    Federer prototype shoes in Monte Carlo

    For all you Niketards!
  3. rovex

    I know Murray's next coach

    My source is someone through twitter, I will announce it soon enough.
  4. rovex

    Djokovic is the unbeatable GOAT

    Someone had to give YodaKnowsBest the recognition he deserves.
  5. rovex

    Hit for Japan @ Indian wells

    Possibility? .
  6. rovex

    Players and hotel reservations

    Do players reserve room(s) for how far they think they will go in a tournament? And what if they go further than expected, how do they keep rooms if the hotel is full and someone else is expected to take their rooms?
  7. rovex

    Murray slump version 2.0

    This is just the start. Wimbleon will likely turn things around for the Scot. unfortunate considering he could rack up points from here to then. Long Live Slump!
  8. rovex

    Which is better for Murray: winning Olympic gold at Wimbledon in 2012 or Wimbledon

    I find this an intriguing question. Murray could potentially be the only British man in history to win an Olympic gold on his home turf for ever. While it's far more likely that a Brit wins wimbledon due to it being a yearly event; but hasn't happened for a hundred thousand years as federer soo...
  9. rovex

    Dolgopolov vs Soderling - Australian Open 4th round

    Dolgo going to make it tough for soderling, very impressive against Tsonga and is in his first 4th round in a slam. Is an upset on are hands?
  10. rovex

    Do pros get paid more for racquet or clothing contact?

    No idea. 10 ideas
  11. rovex

    Baghdatis vs Melzer

    This match is worth watching, tomic nadal wont be.
  12. rovex

    Dolgopolov vs Tsonga - 3rd round

    The talented dolgopolov and fearsome Tsonga meet again. This is going to be a 5 set thriller.
  13. rovex

    Verdasco AO outfit the greatest of all time

    I have never seen verdasco soo good in all my life! :twisted:
  14. rovex

    Bring on the sleepless nights!

    for those of you in Europe that is.:twisted:
  15. rovex

    verdasco's Adizero shoes stolen!

    Verdasco mentioned on his twitter: From Adidas HQ: They found them now though. :P
  16. rovex

    Is there REALLY nothing like Australia?
  17. rovex

    Davydenko shoes

    In Doha vs nadal, what are they?
  18. rovex


    Has anyone realised how good looking this guy really is? and his hair is GOAT worthy
  19. rovex

    Wozniacki switches to Yonex

    It's been confirmed guuuyyyss.
  20. rovex

    More compete player, Murray or Djokovic?

    Murray at the net is better imo and he edges it.
  21. rovex

    Paris Bercy 2010

    I'm going on the Tuesday night session and just wanted to know other people's experiences going to Bercy as it is my first time.
  22. rovex

    When are we going to see a muray -djokovic match up?

    These guys haven't played for over a year, Murray playing the new djokovic would be a tasty match I reckon. world tour finals perhaps?
  23. rovex

    Bellucci switches to Adidas

    Not big news, but he's quite talented and a good prospect for the future i think. I'll try and find a pic.
  24. rovex

    Is Murray considered the second favorite for the US Open?

    And especially if he manages to beat Federer today, the Scot would surely be justified as at least the second favorite behind Federer but ahead of Nadal and Djokovic.
  25. rovex

    Is this the point of the year (so far)?
  26. rovex

    Best down the line forehand?

    Let's be honest, i've seen many and i personally think Verdasco's is just ridiculously good. His match against Sod in Barcelona this year only emphasises that. It really is incredible.
  27. rovex


    Is wearing a Quicksilver hat at a press conference at the Swedish open today I'm quite sure Adidas won't be best pleased! :)
  28. rovex

    Has anyone else noticed this about Federer?

    It's not important really, but ever time Federer loses a match, in his post-match interview he always wears his usual RF hats. Now, i'm guessing it's sort of a safety blanket to hide his sorrows. What does anyone think?