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  1. Minion

    Ever got to the point where you realise you totally suck at tennis?

    I'm at that point now. I'm fairly stubborn by nature, so it's taken me a while to come to this conclusion. I had a good run though, I tried and failed, and I enjoyed most of it, but the time has come for me to hang up my racquets for good. Anybody else got to that point? What did you pick up...
  2. Minion

    Serena Williams - intense training

    Happy Friday:D:D:D
  3. Minion

    A treat for Fedal fans, sort of

    I found this the other day. The commentary is really interesting. Nadal is rocking his pirate outfit, Moya doesn't quite pull it off though:) Amazing how young Stan the Man looks. And all these players are really good volleyers, it just seems natural to them - unlike he who shall not be named:p
  4. Minion

    The man, the myth, the legend!

    Anybody watch these? Well made and hilarious:D:p
  5. Minion

    Oh my god, Djokovic is the worst doubles player ever!

    I cannot fathom why a doubles specialist like Zimonjic would team up with Djoker, other than they're both Serbian. I mean, it is a sure loss. I watched the match last night against Mannarino / Halys - not exactly the cream of the doubles crop.;) Djokovic looks just about as comfortable at the...
  6. Minion

    I have a problem with my IG Prestiges

    I have 1 YouTek Prestige MP, 1 IG Prestige MP and 2 IG Prestige Pro's. All of them are 95' head size. A couple of weeks ago, the IGMP headsize looked a little rounder than usual, but I didn't pay much attention to it. Then over the weekend, one of my IGPP's also looked a little rounder as well...
  7. Minion

    Shadow swings vs hitting the ball.

    I like my racquets, alot. And often I will just take them and swing them around in the house. And I've noticed, that when I do FH shadow swings - it is completely different to how I swing when I play tennis, I mean, they're not even remotely the same. For example, when I do shadow swings, my...
  8. Minion

    What is your go to racquet when you're off your game?

    My main racquets are my IG Prestige Pro's. But, for the last two months I couldn't play that much, mostly because of the weather. So I lost a bit of stamina and timing etc... My go to racquet when this happens is my stock PD 2015. It is such an easy and predictable racquet to play with. Easy...
  9. Minion

    Pure Drive 2015 and Silicone

    Have anybody here added silicone into the handle of a PD 2015? I opened the trap door yesterday to have a look. I didn't notice a 'wall' at the end of the handle. So, I'm a bit worried that anything I add into the handle might end up rattling about in the frame itself. Any advice on how to fill...
  10. Minion

    I'm eating bagels on Friday...

    So, I decided to enter a provincial (state) tournament, which is held once every year. I entered sIngles and doubles. As luck would have it, I drew the no.1 seed in the 2nd round (i got a bye in the 1st). He won an ITF grade 2 national tourney in March this year, played some futures and...
  11. Minion

    Fognini - Inhuman Points

    I like this guy. I like his attitude, and I like his style of play. Here's a nice video someone made:
  12. Minion

    So, I'm playing a really good player on Sunday

    The story is this. I'm 39. I turn 40 this year (yikes). I got asked to play in the over 40's league this year, Div1. Shweet, I said. (Our leagues works like this btw: Super League, then Div 1-10). The gap between Super League and Div 1 is about the same as Div2 and Div6. The reason why there...
  13. Minion

    I served my best ace this weekend.

    Facing the sun, I hit the top of my bumper guard. The ball went fairly high, luckily no wind. The receiver saw and did not even move, assuming it's a goner. The ball lands in the middle of the service box, and spins back into the net. After a very satisfied 'Vamos', I prepared for my next...
  14. Minion

    Ok, I'm not a Federer fan anymore.

    Anybody who uses the word 'sick' to describe anything other than illness- or related, just sounds ******** and uneducated . Q. There's been a lot of talk about Nick Kyrgios. What are your thoughts about him? ROGER FEDERER: ...He's got sick power, and it's going to take him a long way...
  15. Minion

    Please explain Spin Effect string pattern for me?

    I'm curious. I always thought the Mains were more important, to almost everything, than the Cross strings. PD 2015: 16 x 19 Wilson PS 97S: 18 x 17 Wilson Blade 98S: 18 x 16 How can these 2 Wilson frames produce more spin than the PD, or labelled as "Spin Effect" when they have denser mains? Or...
  16. Minion

    What happens to the Pro's racquets when they get new ones?

    I'm curious about this. A pro gets what, 6 to 12 new racquets every year. What happens to their current/old racquets? Does it get sent back to the sponsor? I'm sure Federer for example, who's been on tour for yonks, must've gone through hundreds of frames. Where are they now?
  17. Minion

    This seems familiar somehow...

  18. Minion

    Cross string for Kevlar 17g

    Hi all, please help. I've always preferred kevlar, and have settled on Ashaway Kevlar 17 as my main string. But I'm struggling to find a suitable cross string. This is for my PD 2015. It plays ok with 16g but I found 17g (1.25) works best for me. The cross must have the following...
  19. Minion

    Djokovic's team are the unsung heroes.

    Yes, Djokovic is good. Ok, that's an understatement. He has worked insanely hard to get where he is. He has grooved every stroke he has to near perfection, made sure he has no physical weaknesses by adjusting his diet, doing yoga etc... If there was such a term, Djokovic would be the perfect...
  20. Minion

    Forum broken for me.

    Something weird is going on. I can log in, but the login screen doesn't slide down like it normally does. So, i can log in, but i can't post anything. I tried on all my browsers. Any ideas? I'm not posting this from my usual location.
  21. Minion

    Has modern Racquets made us lazy?

    I've been playing with a Pure Drive 2015 for the last 4 months, and what a pleasure. An amazing frame, great all-round, and very comfortable. And so easy to play with. So, yesterday, I decided to play with my orig Max 200G. I played 3 sets of doubles. Both are strung with Ashaway Crossfire 2...
  22. Minion

    For all you drummers out there - Mike Portnoy

  23. Minion

    Houska Castle - Czech Republic

    Anybody here ever had the pleasure of visiting this gem? I would love to spend a night or two there.
  24. Minion

    If you could see 3 secs into the future, how would you do against a top 10 player?

    Simple. You can see 3 seconds into the future, so you will know exactly where the ball is going on every shot. So, how would you do against Fed, Djoko, Nadal, Murray etc...? I reckon, even with that ability, they would overpower and outlast anybody below 6.0. What do you reckon?
  25. Minion

    When did you become pedantic about racquet specs?

    When I played in school, I played with a Max 200G, also played with some Prince and some Pro Kennex sticks. But I never actually knew, or cared what the specs were, at all. Things like headsize, sweetspot, balance, swingweight simply did not exist for me. In fact, I didn't even care what it was...
  26. Minion this point, not a single seeded men's doubles team won a match?

    Am I seeing the draws right? Not a single seeded men's doubles team won a match so far. That is rather peculiar:confused:
  27. Minion

    What's with the Blade 98?

    I've never hit with one, nor have I ever owned a Wilson racquet. But I noticed something weird this weekend. I watched some superleague doubles, and the one guy - the top guy in his club, was hitting with a Blade 98 / 18/20 - the silver and black one. I have seen some hard hitting in my life...
  28. Minion

    IG Prestige Pro vs RF97 Autograph

    Hi, I play with the IGPP, have been for a while. Not a super heavy racquet, 360g strung, swing weight +- 325 - 330. I'm very happy with the racquet, but I've been reading some great things about the RF97 Autograph. I've never owned a Wilson racquet before, so I am utterly clueless about their...
  29. Minion

    Babolat APD 2013 very low powered?

    Hi, I'm looking at switching to a lighter, easier racquet to play with, and I was looking at the APD 2013. So, I went to the TWU 'Compare Racquet Power Levels' to see what's what. To my astonishment, I saw that the APD 2013 has almost the exact same power level as the IG Prestige MP?!?!?, and...
  30. Minion

    Uncle Toni can be mean....

    I'm not a Nadal fan, not at all. I like Rafa as much as I like Azarenka, but..even if it is true (and it is), isn't family supposed to be a bit more supportive and at least try and boost your confidence, rather than outright saying to the whole world that his charge is second best:confused: Or...