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  1. Rod Laver

    Better player between Soderling, Berdych and Tsonga?

    Tsonga for me but the soderling arguments in the thread are quite persuasive.
  2. Rod Laver

    To clay or not to clay - That is the question

    So fedr is hamlet? Whose his father, Sureshs?
  3. Rod Laver

    When was/is Federer's Prime?

    Some people have suggested 2003-2010 or 2012. I'd say the former. Peak for me would be 04-07.
  4. Rod Laver

    Calendar slam versus 4 in a row.

    4 in a row is 'easier' because you can win any of the 4 first and go from there. With the calender slam you can only win the AO first. In saying that, both are insane achievements.
  5. Rod Laver

    What’s your preferred take on a tennis match?

    Both are valuable. Neither tell the whole picture. If I had to choose just one obviously the eye test.
  6. Rod Laver

    Federer the GOAT at scheduling?

    It was kind of cool seeing him transition with the new racket.
  7. Rod Laver

    Federer the GOAT at scheduling?

    Ah I see. You mean him changing before 2014 could have helped. You may be right but 2013 may have been the very impetus he needed to make the change. He was still getting good results before that year and it's hard to change much when you're doing well (even not as well as before).
  8. Rod Laver

    Federer the GOAT at scheduling?

    Is that really an error? He needed to play matches to adjust too. Practise only goes so far.
  9. Rod Laver

    Raonic is better than Fed or Nadal

    Has anyone been so accurately inaccurate with their predictions? I want sureshs' views on the stock market.
  10. Rod Laver

    Who would win?

    Two sides of the same coin.
  11. Rod Laver

    Del Potro best chances, Clay or Grass?

    The faster court suits him better now with his playing style and stamina.
  12. Rod Laver

    Tomic News (Original Mix)

    Everyone needs a hero.
  13. Rod Laver

    Shapovalov to win US Open 2018

    Never a good bet. I had him last year..
  14. Rod Laver

    If Fed wasn't around - Who wins his Majors?

    You think Nalby takes 04 AO and Agassi 04 USO? Just interested to here why.
  15. Rod Laver

    First time in 2011...

    That could have been the most crushing loss for Nadal that year. Despite Novaks form he was still the underdog in that final.
  16. Rod Laver

    If Fed wasn't around - Who wins his Majors?

    Murray or Novak 2008 US? You're probably right but that would have been a close one.
  17. Rod Laver

    Who will have the most heart wrenching retirement speech?

    Kevin Anderson will fist pump at his retirement.
  18. Rod Laver

    The Official Sentinel Tribute Thread

    I prefer this tribute over sureshs'. He has turned heel recently.
  19. Rod Laver

    Where did it all go wrong?

    It helped some players just as much as it ruined others, Hewitt being a prime example.
  20. Rod Laver

    Do you watch Superbowl?

    Dw he just wants to make really really sure that people think he has no desire for men for some reason
  21. Rod Laver

    Federer 2017 vs Djokovic in 2014-2015 W and USO finals

    I agree. I think the only possible one is 2014 because Federers groundstrokes didn't seem to be as penetrating and consistent as they may be now. Add to Djokovic his questionable confidence after not winning a slam for some time and it may have been different.
  22. Rod Laver

    What was the career defining Grand Slam win for Both Rafa and Roger IYHO?

    Special mention to any of federers slams from 2004. That year put him on a stratosphere unlike many.
  23. Rod Laver

    Best player to never win a grand slam

    Good point but I certainly don't think it discounts him. From the stats shown Gonzalez is impressive with his win loss ratio alone. My pick is Mecir but I think an argument for many others is reasonable.