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    Need some feedback on a family of racquets. The new pure strikes.

    Hello all, I've been thinking about trying the new pure strikes again. I was going to back in December but they were hard to get so I waited. Now I want to try 3 different ones. The pure strike VS, the pure strike 98 16x19 aka project, and the the pure strike 100 16x19. Looking for feedback on...
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    Asking for recommendations

    Hello all, I'm a middle of the pack 4.0 player in my region and I'm looking to change racquets. I've been playing with the old PS95S but then about in September switched to the new RF PS because I was given a deal with the my employing club. Although playing with it 5 to 7 days is starting to...
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    Advice for string in a new racquet.

    Hello All, So I'm getting tired of restringing my 4 PS95S. I string them every four days per racquet. So I decided well I'll try the new RF. I've already hit with my clubs demo for 5 hrs and so far no problem with tension or breakage. But I don't have all the feel I like in it. In my old 95S I...
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    Solinco Barbwire and solinco mulifiament hybrid ideas. Suggestions and Prior knowledge welcome.

    Hello all, For the past month I've been playing with a full bed of 16G Solinco Barb Wire in my racquets. I love the string but I'm thinking about trying it in a hybrid. Now I'll admit I'm not a great player roughly a mid 4.0. But my stroke is definitely one of a spin player. So the barb wire is...
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    Alu power rough 1.25 vs 4G rough 1.25

    Okay everyone. I've been playing with alu power rough for about a week now and I love the feel of it. I string it at 54 in the mains with Gamma tnt tour 1.27. However I seem to experience very little snap back after about 5 hours of play. So my question is should I try out 4g rough. I hit very...
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    Luxilon Alu Power Rough Hybrids

    Hello, I just put a full bed of 16L Alu Power Rough in my Racquet. Love it, although i'm looking for a multi for the crosses to dampen the stiffness. I'm gonna try Gamma TNT2 Tour 17G first. Any other suggestions? Also how much tension difference should be between the Alu and Multi?
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    Best comfort combo for Zo Verve?

    Anyone tried any comfortable strings with Gamma Zo Verve. It's not for me, I use a full bed of Volkl Cyclone 17. But my buddy is several years older and he can't handle verve by itself. Oh and it's the 17 gauge verve.