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  1. eunjam

    if there are kinks on the racket (strings) does it affect play

    umm....anyone who claims it can make a difference is the same person that say they can tell the difference between 30 frames/sec and 35 frames/sec.
  2. eunjam

    notorious string question please help

    obviously tw's player selection hasn't been fully updated. i don't think haas uses kswiss anymore.
  3. eunjam

    is gonzalez getting boo'ed?

    haven't been watching much, but was wondering if the NY'ers were giving gonzalez crap for not fessing up at the Olympics against blake. jsut wondering.
  4. eunjam

    Please help Need: Broken or discared machine

    why are you all over this kid? "Interesting request. But as a instructor myself, I would suggest learning to spell check before even beginning on a CAD drawing. You will get people to take you more seriously if your request is written correctly." he's obviously a kid......but he's stoked...
  5. eunjam

    FS / FT: Head Microgel Extreme Pro 4 1/2

    is this still available? i have a PD cortex 4 3/8 8+/10 condition, plus cash.
  6. eunjam

    Who are the best doubles team ever?

    johnny mac in his heyday with anyone else.
  7. eunjam

    Pro Supex String

    i use a dropweight. and i just read somewhere that prosupex is the same as weiss-cannon which is officially making their debut sometime soon this month.
  8. eunjam

    Hairline cracks ???

    don't do it.
  9. eunjam

    Your Best Tournament Win

    when i was 14, i entered the pre-qualifiers for the '84 olympics in los angeles. it was a huge draw. i was pretty decent then as a jr. and somehow got to the 3rd round, even beating a seeded div I college player in the 2nd round. i remember the guy was about to have a coronary because he...
  10. eunjam

    W-L records of Open Era Greats

    call me stupid.....but, i'd put a bet on that right now. as long as federer doesn't get injured in the middle of a tourney, i can see him pulling that off.
  11. eunjam

    how did donald young get so over-hyped in the beginning anyway?

    holy crap. i gave d young the benefit of the doubt. didn't even bother looking up his profile on wikipedia. i just assumed he was still playing jr's. thus....... he will not be the best american player at all. that's my prediction. he might go on a streak and do well....crack the...
  12. eunjam

    Pro Supex String

    gotwheels, i use 17g main 58lbs. and a cheap Syn Gut 17g 60lbs for cross on a PD Cortex 100 sq. in.(quite frankly, i don't even know the name of the syn gut. i traded for it.) i have used and searched for many different setups. but i have always used a 17g main poly/17 g cross syn gut at...
  13. eunjam

    how did donald young get so over-hyped in the beginning anyway?

    you're right. but yes, of course chang was more of a prodigy as he went pro at 16. querrey is 19 now....and young will not be pro before 18....if he even turns pro. he's kind of like a blue chip stock. lots of press and high profile, but......really hasn't done anything great recently.
  14. eunjam

    Ivanovic nBlade racquet specs

    ana is by far the hottest brunette on tour right now. HANDS DOWN.
  15. eunjam

    Pros using the new babolat pure drive with cortex

    and you know who richard parnell is?
  16. eunjam

    Guga's lead tape distribution???

    wesphi......all due respect .......but you need to know one thing..... thomas is a pro and he's done pro rackets at pro tournaments. don't dog or diss him because right now, he has about 25.784 billion percent more respect on the boards by the people on here than you. he's trying to...
  17. eunjam

    Pro Supex String

    i use the power poly soft and it is AWESOME. keeps tension pretty well but loses playability after about 7 hours. but it is currently in my setup for tourneys right now, that is, until i find a better co-poly.
  18. eunjam

    Do more people string their own these days?

    probably a little more, but not much more. it's all because of that thing that al gore, yeah, internet. this forum is definitely the biggest forum of tennis enthusiasts around in the world. thus you will hear or many people string their rackets...
  19. eunjam

    I met Murphy Jensen yesterday

    is murphy bald too?
  20. eunjam

    Injured Nadal to miss Marseille

    he's not gonna make it past 23 the way he plays. great player, great heart, but i bet his joints HATE him. time to dump his uncle and get a big name coach that can help him change his game.
  21. eunjam

    how did donald young get so over-hyped in the beginning anyway?

    i think michael chang did that at 14. oh and by the's all about querrey. donald who? he can't even win more than 2 rounds in a challenger.
  22. eunjam

    Maria Sharapova's looks

    no, she's not drop dead gorgeous. but i'm just saying.......99% of everyone guy who has a normal amount of testosterone in their body and are not gay would not say no if she came on. true true. but still edible.
  23. eunjam

    McEnroe won the equivalent of 21 masters series events

    nice.....but he's still a jerk.
  24. eunjam

    Hard Hitters

    you generate pace from their pace.
  25. eunjam

    Maria Sharapova's looks

    some of you may have voted above average and you wouldn't say 'no' if you weren't married, were not in a committed relationship, weren't extremely religious one way or another, and you were a total dog, and she had you cornered, was pressing up on you, and was reaching for...
  26. eunjam

    Sponsorships and Juniors.

    as long as you don't make $ you can take it.
  27. eunjam

    USTA Team Registration Fees Increase 17%

    i'm not griping. it is what it is.
  28. eunjam

    USTA Team Registration Fees Increase 17% need the USTA, more than USTA needs you. sad fact, but sometimes the truth hurts. i remember in the 80's it cost $10 to enter tournaments.
  29. eunjam

    Anyone Here From The UCI Tennis Club?

    is this club a bunch of asian guys?
  30. eunjam

    lost due to cramping...should i have just retired? advice please.

    sorry, but i was doing everything to try to continue my match and win. my opponent was cool about it and felt really bad. and you....yeah, i was lying. limping around, screaming in pain. not being able to put pressure at all on my right leg. i was definitely lying. especially...