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  1. Zielmann

    Conflicting Order Status in Tracker

    I just noticed that on the order tracking page, just above the order details, it says "Order Status: Complete - All items have been shipped", where down in the tracking data section, under Tracking Number, it says "Order has invoiced but not shipped yet". Just seems like a bit of conflicting...
  2. Zielmann

    PK Bronze Ace Stringing Pattern

    This past weekend, I happened to be at the local Goodwill, so I wandered back to the sporting goods rack while my roommate was trying on a few shirts. I found a Prince Graphite Comp and a PK Bronze Ace in used but playable condition. For $5 apiece, I couldn't pass that up. They just need a...
  3. Zielmann

    Free String Selection

    Just FYI, I have heard from a few people who have actually gone and bought racquets from a different website because they can't find your free string listing. I heard it again today, so I decided to check to see what was going on. I was surprised to see that the free string option doesn't...
  4. Zielmann

    Mismarked Listing

    Was browsing the racquets on TW, and found that in the Dunlops, there are two frames listed as the AG 4D 500. One is the Tour, but the word 'Tour' has been omitted from the name on Dunlop's racquet page. However, the frame is properly marked when you view the frame details.
  5. Zielmann

    When's the last time you've hit with a super-cheap frame?

    Was out hitting with the family the other day (none of them are that great, but it was fun anyhow). Just for fun, I decided to switch frames with my sister. And I'm talking like a cheapo Wilson frame that you'd find at any big-box department store. But this thing is probably 10 years old now...
  6. Zielmann

    Need a Clarification Here...

    Okay, I feel kinda dumb to have to ask this, as my knowledge of racquets as a whole is pretty good. But I've heard people tell me conflicting things in this regard. It's about whether or not you should remove broken strings right away, or take them to the stringer still in the frame. A couple...
  7. Zielmann

    NotAtTheNet = Great Seller

    I don't think he had even had the slightest idea he might sell anything until I contacted him about a racquet I saw in a picture of his (in an unrelated thread). Got the racquet I want at a great price. Shipping was very quick as well.
  8. Zielmann

    What's there to do after college?

    I'm going to be a senior in college next year (21 years old right now), and I'm trying to figure out how I can keep up with my tennis. I didn't play on the school team here. We're a D3 college, and I just didn't have the time to devote to the team. I have hit with them and could definitely...
  9. Zielmann

    Has ANYBODY else ever used the More Control DB (MP or OS)?

    Just curious, really. A couple threads have come up mentioning the frame. I actually still use my MC DB 800's. I like 'em. Yeah, I know that there's lots of hate out there for these frames, but i was just wondering if anybody else ever seriously used these frames (especially if you still...
  10. Zielmann

    Prince Power Levels Seem off to Anybody Else?

    I'll start by saying this: I realize that prince's power level rating is just to give a guideline as to how a racquet will play. Basically, they're just a way to compare racquets within the brand. Today, I demoed the Prince O3 Hybrid tour and the Speedport tour. The Hybrid tour is listed...
  11. Zielmann

    Should I look into some new racquets?

    Okay, here's my situation: I currently have three different racquets. One's an old Prince Precision Response Titanium. One's a Prince More control DB midplus, the other is the same but the oversize version. I have to say, though, that the Precision Response is my favorite of the three...