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    Who Took it Harder?

    Nadal in the finals loss or Federer in the semi-finals?
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    Nadal needs some rest after the US Open

    I'm thinking Nadal should rest up after the US Open regardless of the result...he's logged a lot of miles this year and he'll finish #1 in the regardless...
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    Who has more riding on tomorrow's match? Djoker or Fed

    If Djoker wins tomorrow and wins the title he'll take over the #2 ranking, looks like Fed has more riding on the match tomorrow than Djoker...
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    Let's all just Move on from what happened Yesterday!

    Can't we all just move on to talk about tennis not what Djoker said yesterday!
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    I was Wrong about Nads

    I wanted to say I didn't see this coming and that I was wrong about Nadal. I did not think that Nadal would be a be able to de-throne Fed this year but he's proven to all his doubters me included that he can win a grand slam on another surface other than grass. Fed is in no way down and out...
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    Ivanovic hotter than Sharapova

    I think Ivanovic is hotter than Sharapova...wanted your input on this issue :)
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    Tired Of Nadal/fed Fan Feud

    I Don't Know About Anyone Else But I Am Tired Of The Nadal And Federer Fans Feuding On These Threads...can't We All Get Along...?