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  1. grhcan99

    Lead Tape at 12 Gets Mangled by Neos 1500 Supports

    For the upteenth time I have managed to get my lead tape installed at 12 on my C10 Pro's mangled requiring me initially to replace them after every restring. One other option I tried was to mark where the supports position against the frame and just start the tape from there. I'm quite sure...
  2. grhcan99

    Question for TW: Yonex Astrel 115

    Where is this racquet manufacured? China or Japan? Thanks.
  3. grhcan99

    Big Bubba 137 on Neos 1500

    Has anybody strung the Gamma RZR Bubba 137 on a Neos 1500? Am interested in getting one but just realized it might be too big for the machine. If not , how about the 117? Thanks for any input.
  4. grhcan99

    Men's Tennis Shoes with Wider Forefoot

    Hi TW, I'm looking for shoes that have wider forefoot. I'm currrently using the Prince T22 and it's perfect for my forefoot as it doesn't squish my toes (one of my toes complains if squished too tightly). But the T22 feels heavy and stiff. I loved Asics before but they have narrow forefoot...
  5. grhcan99

    Racquet Power Potential Tool

    So I was doing a compare between my Volkl C10 Pro vs the Yonex VCore Duel G 97 (330) and was surprised to see that of the 13 test locations the Duel G 97 is more powerful than the C10 Pro in 12 locations. And yet, you show the C10 Pro as having "low-medium" for power level in the spec page...
  6. grhcan99

    Racquet Finder Not Linked To Racquet Inventory?

    Hi TW, is the Racquet Finder not linked to your inventory? It keeps showing racquets in results that are no longer in your inventory (discontinued) even if "Current Models Only" checkbox is checked/enabled.
  7. grhcan99

    From Poly to Nat Gut

    First time I'm stringing Natural Gut (Babolat Tonic+ 15L). So if I'm stringing full poly 16g at 53 what would be the equivalent tension in gut? Is 58 good enough or should I start at 60? Thanks for any help.
  8. grhcan99

    Prince Tour 100 16x19

    No chance of a 16x18 at all? Not interested in the Phantom.
  9. grhcan99

    Free Shipping From Poland to Canada

    If I can buy a reel of string for US$99 from Poland and have it shipped directly to my house in BC Canada without paying any fees at all why can't TW? The place where I bought this string was a tiny store. Compared to this store TW is a giant. I love the staff at TW. They have such excellent...
  10. grhcan99

    Neos 1500 Base Clamp Moving?

    Would anybody know what could be causing my string clamp to "twist" when releasing tension? I just started noticing this about more or less 7 string jobs ago. My theory is the base clamp is no longer clamping tight and moving. Am I correct? The movement is not much and I could see if moving...
  11. grhcan99

    Wow! Upgraded Message Board/Talk Tennis Looking Really Good

    Kudos to TW for the Message Board upgrade!
  12. grhcan99

    Prince Tour 100 18x20 Grommets

    Will you be selling the grommets for this racquet?
  13. grhcan99

    Is Down?

    Is it just me or is the site down? I could not access it since last night.
  14. grhcan99

    Fake Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour?

    This looks nothing like the one sold at TW and another online tennis outlet. This is sold at Amazon Canada by SGKSPORTS. Fake? Here's the one sold at TW:
  15. grhcan99

    Babolat Pure Drive/PD+/Tour Grom 2015

    Hi TW, Is this referring to the Pure Drive GT Roddick+ ? If not, do you have one for the Roddick+? EDIT: Or for that matter, will a standard-length Pure Drive Tour grommet fit an old PD GT Roddick+? Thanks.
  16. grhcan99

    Difference Between Pre-Stretch and Waiting Before Clamping

    Is waiting for a certain duration before clamping a string produce similar results to using the pre-stretch function? Thanks for any input.
  17. grhcan99

    For Chris: Volkl C10 Pro 2012, 2015, 2018

    Hi Chris, I'm interested in getting the 2018 C10 Pro but worried that it might be the same as the 2015. I have the 2015 but I prefer the 2012 (glossy finish) in terms of overall playability. For some reasons the 2015 just plays stiffer and a bit sluggish. It's very subtle and not a deal...
  18. grhcan99

    Golden Set Snake Bite

    Anybody out there using Golden Set Snake Bite? I notice it tends to be quite "noisy". I've had a friend reporting it "pinging". Just today I played with a friend whose racquets I just strung with these as mains and I could here the noise it makes across the net. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  19. grhcan99

    Rotted Out Handle - Any Fix?

    My friend's previous 1st Gen RF97 has a rotted out handle at the butt cap end about 3/4 inch from the bottom of the handle causing the butt cap to loosen to a point where it's no longer usable. I have a pic but hard as I try to load the image from Photobucket it just wouldn't show. At any...
  20. grhcan99

    Issues with Racquet Compare Function

    I seem to have issues with the racquet compare function. Today I tried comparing the Volkl PB 10 Mid and the Volkl C10 Pro and I get an error saying, "Sorry! We could not find one or more of the racquets that you were trying to compare." I also can't get a decent session going with the Prince...
  21. grhcan99

    Using Cross Stringing Tool

    Let's say I use the Stringweaver tool. So I lift the mains, thread the string through and before releasing the mains I tension the cross. I do this for all the crosses. If this is possible, what will this do to the final stringbed DT? I'm thinking it will tighten it up a bit compared to...
  22. grhcan99

    Yonex VCore Tour G 330 and Tennis Elbow

    I've been going through this forum for days now reading up on everything about the Tour G 330. One thing that I was looking for but have not gotten any definitive info on is how the racket is for TE sufferers or those with sensitive elbows. I'm thinking of getting one but I string at really...
  23. grhcan99

    Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 330 Upgrade?

    Our store here in Vancouver BC has indicated that a new version is coming this September. I was looking to try it out but they said they don't have it anymore and just awaiting the new version. I tried searching for it here and on the internet but couldn't find anything. Anybody heard about...
  24. grhcan99

    Neos 1500 "Quick Click" Clamp Bases

    I just got my Neos 1500. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but am curious about what the statement "Quick Click" clamp bases lock at the flip of a lever. mean. I thought it means that it "snaps" into place when you lock it like what I've seen with the Gamma 6004. With the NEOS 1500 you...
  25. grhcan99

    Alpha Apex Speed Owners

    Is there any Alpha Apex Speed (latest model) owners around who wouldn't mind sharing their experience with this machine? I've looked and most of what I've seen were on the older model. I've inquired with Alpha (Greg) and he recommended the Axis Pro ($799). When I asked why he said that it's...
  26. grhcan99

    Flying Clamps for Fan-Shaped Patterned Rackets

    I've been searching this forum for information for a while now on how to deal with fan-shaped pattern rackets like the Wilson KFactor KZero but have not found anything conclusive. I have an Ektelon F. I also have a pair of Stringway double flying clamps. I had managed to complete the job...