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  1. FourOutOfFive

    Wilson Ultra Tour Grommets?

    Hi TW, According to the website, you won’t have any Ultra Tour grommets in stock until 8/16? Is this a typo or is Wilson seriously taking that long to supply grommets? If the latter, is there anyway possible Wilson could be contacted to potentially accelerate the process? That is an absolutely...
  2. FourOutOfFive

    Wanted: 2013 Wilson Blade 18x20 4 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2 sizes

    Looking for a 2013 Blade 18x20 in any of the three grip sizes listed above. 8.5/10 or better condition would be excellent Located on the east coast USA. PM me if you have an offer. Thanks!
  3. FourOutOfFive

    Cheapest way to secure buttcap to racquet?

    I have some new racquets coming in that aren’t in my grip size, so I ordered the correct pallets. Only problem now is I realized I need to secure the new buttcaps into the frame somehow, and a pneumonic staple gun that can get through the graphite costs at a minimum $150. I think that’s a silly...
  4. FourOutOfFive

    FS: (1x) Gamma X-ELS Stringing Machine (9/10)

    Item Description: Gamma X-ELS Electronic Stringing Machine Quantity: 1 Condition: 9/10 *Specific Time Used: Approximately 1 1/2 hours of use. *General Description: This is a blue Gamma X-ELS stringer in superb condition. I purchased it about 8 months ago and have only used it twice, since I was...