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    League Coordinator Problem

    Our USTA team is battling another team, whose captain is also the USTA league coordinator, for a spot in the league playoffs. I found out that this captain has called the captains of at least four of our other opponents and told them to put their best players in the lineup to help her win. I...
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    3.5 Ladies Foot Fault Question

    Hi all, I joined a 3.5 USTA team recently, and after the first two matches the co-captains have developed quite a reputation as co-b**ches on the court. I received an e-mail from them complaining that an opponent in the last match was "obviously" foot-faulting, so they instructed the team to...
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    Service Yips

    Hi all, During Wimbledon, Pam Shriver commented that Sharapova will always have problems with her serve because she gets the yips. Shriver said that once one gets the yips, they will never go away completely, and can show up again at any time. She said that Sharapova's chances to win...
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    Wilson NXT Tour or Tecnifibre Multifeel?

    Hi all, I play with a Prince Airstick OS strung with NXT Tour 18g, and I like it fine. I only play doubles and I need an arm-friendly string that gives me good touch at the net. I read an article in the latest issue of Tennis magazine that recommended Tecnifibre Multifeel for all-court...
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    New Balance WCT 820 Replacement

    Hi All, I am on my last pair of the 820s. I tried the 822s when they came out but they didn't fit me the same way. I really liked the light weight---I think it was 11.4 oz. Can anyone recommend a good replacement? Ones I have been considering: Wilson Wildcard II Wilson Tour Nike...